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This Comprehensive Sofia Travel Guide Will Make Your Trip Hassle Free!

Sofia, to various people, is merely a lovely name for girls. To us, Sofia is among the best-kept mysteries and most impressive jewels of Europe. It has a vested terrestrial location, resided in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, on the crossings between Asia and Europe, which is revealed in the vibrant traditions and culture of the daily life of Bulgaria. We have explored the detailed Sofia travel guide that will make the tourists available with the places to visit and what to do there in practice to make it a memorable trip.

World-class gourmet eateries, Hotels, throbbing nightlife, and effective prices pull millions of visitors each year. Here are a few attractions worth visiting

1. Central Mineral Baths

Central Mineral Baths

With its picturesque ceramic potpourris on the frontage, is a monument in the hub of Sofia, a town is very well-known for the springs of minerals in the region. The mineral bath was initially formed in the year 1908 in the Neo-Byzantine trend; the building possesses a vast pool and two different sections for women and men with small mineral pools. Petko Momchilov was the architect; he is among the most acknowledged architects of the Bulgarian era.

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2. Boyana Church


It is an ancient Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral, among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. “It comprises of three infrastructures. The church in the east was created in the tenth century, then expanded by Sebastocrator Kaloyan at the inception of the thirteenth century; he commanded a 2nd two-story construction to be constructed beside it. The frescoes in this 2nd cathedral, drafted in the year 1259, turn it among the most significant acquisitions of ancient portraits. The association is finished by a 3rd church, created at the opening of the nineteenth century. This place is among the most exhaustive and supremely protected masterpieces of east European ancient art. If you are confused about what to see in Sofia and where to visit so that a maximum level of travelling satisfaction can be delivered, then it is the perfect destination to visit while you are in the town.

3. Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha Mountain

It is a high mountain topping Sofia and the pristine scenery park on the Peninsula of Balkan. The place is house to lots of 30 species of Tulips, Balkan endemics, and numerous birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles. All over the year, this park draws thousands of bird-lovers just because of its more than 200 diverse species of birds, out of which 120 species nest within the territory of the park. It appears distant from the city center but it is hardly a car ride apart from the inclines and it is just at a walking distance of 10 minutes to make you reach the center of its greenery. Trekkers and also groups resembling for a perfect weekend stroll visit to Vitosha range to rest and move apart from the bustle of city life. If you look at any of the Sofia tourist guide, then you will come to know what importance does this place holds in the natural beauty of the capital city.

4. Royal Palace

Royal Palace

It was incipiently served as the home of the Prince and then after – of the Emperor, was one of Sofia’s first symbols, following its promulgation capital of the 3rd Bulgarian Kingdom. In the year 1816, the infrastructure was throbbed and deserted for various years, but in the year 1873 it was reconstructed as a government building, and during the battle of Liberation, the place even employed as a hospital. After announcing Sofia as the capital city of Bulgaria, it turns the royal family palace. Now these days, it houses the Ethnographic Museum and the National Art Gallery.

5. Banya Bashi Mosque

Banya Bashi Mosque

It was created by Mimar Sinan – a great architect of his era. Its construction work was finished in the year 1576, through the years the Ottomans had authorized the town. This is the only working mosque in the capital city Sofia, and it is not authoritatively open to visitors but demurely clothed tourists may tour outside of prayer rooms.

6. Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Created in the year 1912, this Cathedral is a Neo-Byzantine vogue Bulgarian Orthodox church; it was formulated in respect of The Liberator Alexander II and also to honor the Russian soldiers who had sacrificed their lives while fighting in the War of 1877-1878 between Russo-Turkish when Bulgaria was freed from the rule of Ottoman. The Cathedral is the country’s most prominent church, and among the Sofian symbols, it provides the cultural and spiritual viewpoint to the town.

7. Central Sofia Synagogue

Central Sofia Synagogue

It has rightly been expressed as the delight of the Jewry of Bulgaria. It has signified the Jewish alliance of Bulgaria for about a century. It is the 2nd most prominent Sephardic temple in Europe. It is the only Jewish home of prayer in Sofia. After filtering a huge assortment of what to see in Sofia, we have included this place in the hot list, so that the tourists can experience the delight of the Bulgarian Jewry that is resided here at this historical place.

8. Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

Being among the biggest synagogues in Sofia and on striking appearance from beside the whole length of the stroller Vitosha Boulevard. The cathedral was constructed in the mid-nineteenth century in the spot of an ancient temple. Its purpose was to assist as Sofia’s main spot of prayer and a place for formal spiritual celebrations. It was throughout such a ceremony in the year 1925 that a bomb dropped in the dome of church erupted and destroyed about 200 people. This deed of terrorism was continued till now, the ferocious in the history of Europe. The cathedral was instantly remodeled and restored to its earlier glory.

9. Slaveikov Square

Slaveikov Square

Around the indicative Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, you can get the handicrafts store with all varieties of Bulgarian memorial things: jewelry, gilded table clothes, lace, handmade toys, Russian dolls, ceramics, imitation icons, wooden items, artifacts as well as paintings. Some suggested relics to purchase are Bulgarian Rakia and wines – schnapps packed in ceramic amphorae.

Also, explore the open book fair Slaveikov. Here you can check a broad variety of Bulgarian as well as foreign books out-of-doors. A few other open stores to have a glance at are the Zhenski Pazar, an open bazaar dealing with cheap clothes, flowers, broomsticks, and even parts of machines you never even think survived, and Graf Ignatiev Street, which is an excellent market for food.

Established in the underground Balkans region, Bulgaria is among the most affordable spots in Europe with lots of history, panoramic landscapes, and various cuisines to strive. By following the Sofia travel guide that we have discussed above will let you travel in Bulgaria with ease, acknowledging the regional currency, Bulgarian LEV, is meriting only insignificantly half the cost of the USD or the EUR. If you wish to celebrate on the best benevolence, there is, you can get through these activities and places to visit in Europe.

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10 Best Castles in Luxembourg That Are Replacements For Sheer Magnificence!

With varying rich history and prominence in its heritage and culture, Luxembourg does have a lot of things you need to venture into. The most important aspect of Luxembourg is the wide range of castles and palaces that litter the entire place around. The close-knit community that resides in this small country further make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. The stately palaces and the beautiful castles are the perfect depictions of the beautiful history and architecture of the place around. The archaeological history of the place is also often depicted through the castles in Luxembourg.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best castles in Luxembourg that not many people are aware of.

1. The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace

The very first thing to look out for when it comes to the wide range of castles around the place is the Grand Ducal Palace. It was used as a grand base by the Grand Duke to run his official duties. Located in the heart of the Luxembourg Palace itself, the palace is known for its extensive reverent beauty around. It dates back to the time of the Second World War and was the one that didn’t undergo any kind of dilapidation during the Nazi ruling. The exterior of the palace showcases the beautiful imprint of the Flemish Renaissance from the 16th century itself. There are guided tours that are held during the summer months.

Location: 17 Rue du marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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2. Bourscheid Castle


Next on the list is the Bourscheid Castle which is located in Bourscheid itself. It is believed to be one of the oldest castles in Luxembourg, one whose archaeological evidences date back to the Roman times. The entire place is home to a keep, a palace as well as a chapel which is encompassed all around with four different towers. The building was acquired back in 1972 which is believed to have undergone a lot of architectural transformations over the years. The evening view of the castle with the entire area being lit around is believed to be something completely out of a movie.

Location: 1 Schlasswee, Bourscheid, Luxembourg

3. Vianden Castle


The Vianden Castle in Luxembourg is one of the most popular castles around the entire country of Luxembourg. It was built between the times of the 11th and the 14th century to commemorate the contributions of the Court of Vianden and has been named after the same as well. It is one of the largest castles West of the Rhine. The castle initially had Romanesque designs but then witnessed some more inscriptions of the Gothic realms in the form of intricate stone carvings, color user etc. The castle recently underwent a complete restoration which has restored it in its former glory.

Location: Montée du Chateau, Vianden, Luxembourg

4. Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle

The Beaufort Castle in Luxembourg is yet another one of the monumental places around the country. It is one of the oldest European medieval castles which stands out from the medieval fortress which was predominantly guarded around by the large moat. The ownership of the castle has been handed down from people to people and now is completely desolate and without any kind of owner. It also was a residence for quite some year altogether. It is considered as the National Monument of Luxembourg even with the kind of desolation it has undergone.

Location: Montée du Chateau, Vianden, Luxembourg

5. New Castle Of Ansembourg


Don’t get deterred by the similarity in the name, the New Castle of Ansembourg is yet another one of the amazing castles around that is a must visit. It was built back in the year of 1639 as a residence and is located in the Valley of Seven Castles. It was primarily known as the “House of the Ironworks” following the first owner who worked as an ironworker. The property was finally inherited by the Marchant family back in the year of 1719 following which is undergoing a number of changes to its outlook. It is also believed to host a wide range of festivals and events the entire year round and the castle garden further add to the beauty of the place. They are open daily.

Location: 10 rue de la Vallée, Ansembourg, Luxembourg

6. Esch-Sur-Sûre Castle


As hard as it might be hard to pronounce, the Esch-Sur-Sûre Castle gets its name from the town it is located in. The historic value of the place is believed to hold a lot of protective importance around. The river Sûre which furthermore encapsulates the entire place, further adds in a layer of protection. The very first tower of the castle was built back in the year of 927 in a typical Romanesque style with a bit of an addition of Gothic style to it. The castle is preserved as an important historic treasure and is lit up during the evenings.

Location: Rue de Lultzhausen, Esch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

7. Ansembourg Castle


Don’t be confused because the New castle of Ansembourg and the Ansembourg Castle are two different establishments. It is located about the village of Ansembourg and is home to the Count of the region. While the correct dates behind the establishment are still a bit confusing, it is believed that the first towers date back to the years of 1135. The library in the castle is home to over 6000 books which was retrieved by the Government of Luxembourg. The castle itself is out of bounds for visitations but the lush green gardens around are accessible.

Location: 10 rue de la Vallée, Ansembourg, Luxembourg

8. Larochette Castle

Larochette Castle

Next, on the list of the castles in Luxembourg include the Larochette castle. It is located in the central part of Luxembourg in Larochette itself. The construction of the castle dates back to the 11th century which was then destroyed because of a fire around 500 years later. Even with the infliction of this tragedy, some of the major aspects of the castle’s architecture was intact. This is what helps the visitors witness the beauty of the place around. The deep well found engraved with the stone walls further add to the beauty of the place. If legends are to be believed, it is said that this is the place a dragon was born. Visit the castle on Good Friday if possible.

Location: 4 Rue de Medernach, Larochette, Luxembourg

9. Walferdange Castle

Walferdange Castle

The penultimate one on the list of castles in Luxembourg is the Walferdange Castle. It is a new castle in comparison to the prior ones. It was built and completely constructed in the year 1824. The majestic and grand approach of the castle was what attracted the attention of the royals following which they made it into a royal residence. The castle was also renovated by the Prince Henry of Luxembourg and also does host a varying amount of Literary Disciplines.

Location: Walferdange, Luxembourg

10. Château De Septfontaines

Château De Septfontaines

The last but not the least on the list of castles around Luxembourg is the Château de Septfontaines. It was built in 1783 by popular designers Jean-François and Pierre-Joseph Boch. The castle was used as a family base for these designers who made their own factory a few minutes away from there. The castle was later occupied by the French troops and was later sold out. The castle is not open for public visiting but does host a few conferences and meetings too.

Location: 326 rue de Rollingergrund, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The rich history and heritage of Luxembourg simple add to the grandeur of the country. If you are planning to visit to Europe and heading to Luxembourg any time soon, ensure that the Luxembourg Castles tour definitely make a part of your itinerary.

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10 Magnificent Bhutan Rivers To Explore At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Bhutan also popularly called as the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is an inland country situated in the East Himalayan Mountains of Central Asia. This small country covers an area of around 38 thousand square kilometers and has a large population of around 8 lakh people. Bhutan is renowned for its culture, rich history, and ancient traditions. It has a remarkable landscape and diverse wildlife that attracts a huge number of tourists each year. The magnificent Bhutan rivers contribute to the beauty and grandeur of the country. The glaciers in Bhutan are an important and inexhaustible source of aqua for the several major rivers in the country. Bhutan is like a paradise for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. It is frequented by tourists from all over the world who come to bask in the splendor of the beautiful riverside. The rivers in Bhutan are filled with mysteries, and the people share a sacred relationship with them. After flowing throughout various regions of the country, all Bhutan Rivers eventually make their way into the Brahmaputra River in India.

Here we share the most popular Bhutan rivers that you must explore at least once on your next trip to the country. Take a look:

1. Wong Chhu

Wong Chhu

Wong Chhu or the Raidak River holds popularity as a cross-frontier river and a branch of the Brahmaputra River. The entire length of magnificient Raidak River is 370 kilometers. It flows through three countries which are Bhutan, Bangladesh, and India. Raidak River begins from the Himalayan glaciers in Tibet. The river covers some renowned and major valleys of Bhutan comprising Paro, Thimphu, and Haa. A very important aspect of west-central Bhutan, it makes its ways into Bhutan through the westernmost border of the country.

Eventually, it drains into the Brahmaputra River. Besides that, Raidak River is extremely well known for adventurous activities related to rafting and kayaking. The most preferred spot for these adventurous sports is in Paro or Thimphu because it has a large number of options to choose from. In addition to that, the Wang Chu river has a Tala Hydroelectric Power Station as well.

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2.Torsa Chhu

Torsa Chhu

Torsa Chhu also referred to Kambu Maqu, Machu and Amo Chhu emerges from the Chumbi Valley in Tibet, China. It makes its way into Bhutan where it is renowned as Amo Chu. Additionally, it is the smallest river system in the country. Out of its total length of 358 kilometers, 113 kilometers lies in Bhutan. It becomes an important part of Bhutan through the country’s western parts. Torsa Chhu flows past the tea estate of Dalsingpara and the Jaldapara National Park. The charming landscape is perfect for family outings, and its wildlife sanctuary has a large variety of animals. It eventually flows into the northern part of West Bengal in India. Furthermore, it also flows through the only nature reserve in Bhutan, the Torsa Strict Nature Reserve. Other major towns situated on its banks are Phuntsholing, in Bhutan and Cooch Behar, in India. Torsa Chhu is becoming extremely renowned almost everywhere in the world because of its pristine and remarkable landscape.

3. Kuri Chhu

Kuri Chhu

It is indubitably the most renowned rivers of Bhutan. In addition to that, it is a major river of Eastern Bhutan. The river has led to the creation of a picturesque valley with precipitous hills and high mountains. Kuri Chhu emerges as the tributary of Bhutan’s biggest river. Tangkhar Chhu, the Chuneygang Chhu, the Kilung Chhu, the Rong Chhu, the Nye and the Dungkhar Chhu are the main tributaries of Kuri Chhu. Furthermore, Kuri Chhu exists as a popular destination for whitewater sports such as kayaking as well as rafting. The river offers various runs covering different distances. The lower run is apt for both rafting and Kayaking whereas the middle run and the upper run can only be utilized for kayaking.

4. Jaldhaka River

Jaldhaka River

The Jaldhaka River also referred to as Dichu River is a cross-frontier river that emerges from the Bitang Lake situated in southeastern Sikkim. The Jaldhaka River flows through Bhutan and the Kalimpong, Cooch Behar districts of West Bengal, and Jalpaiguri. The Jaldhaka River is created by the conjunction of three streams. Moreover, Jaldhaka River is undoubtedly one of the best destinations of the valley where tourists can also indulge in birdwatching and trekking.

5. Ha Chhu

Ha Chhu

The Ha Chhu river is located in west-central Bhutan. In addition to that, it is Raidak River’s tributary. The river begins in the south-facing slope of the main Himalayas, and its source is situated to the southern part of the exotic Chomo Lhari. There a number of rocky outcrops along this river. Most of the Ha Chhu catchment area is under temperate mixed, alpine and sub-alpine forests. Furthermore, Ha Chhu has a remarkable fish culture that attracts a lot of travelers to the river.

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6. Paro Chhu

Paro Chhu

It is known as the most renowned rivers of Western Bhutan, it’s a tributary of Raidak. Running through the Paro Valley, it covers the major towns of Bhutan and some popular monasteries. Moreover, the monasteries reflect the most supreme and finest architecture of the country. Beneath the Dzong, the spectacular Paro Chhu is spanned by a conventional bridge enveloped in wood widely known as Nyamai Zam. Below the town, the river flows towards the only international airport of Bhutan. Furthermore, the Paro Chhu is a great spot for Kayaking, and the lower area of the river is perfect for intermediate kayakers. Whereas experienced kayakers can move towards the Wong Chhu.

7. Tang Chhu

Tang Chhu

The Tang Chuu is Mo Chhu’s tributary located in Western Bhutan. The river emerges from the Himalayas close to Thowadra Gompa and receives multiple hill streams. Afterward, The Tang Chuu joins the Mo Chhu river. The Tang Chuu features a scenic pool which is called as the Burning Lake or Membartsho. In addition to that, the Tang Chuu is very renowned for trout fishing. In fact, it is the best destination for tourists who love outdoor fishing.

8. Manas River

Manas River

The Manas River in Bhutan is a trans-frontier river situated between southern Bhutan and India. The river has derived its name from a serpent God in Hindu mythology known as Manasa. Additionally, The Manas River is the biggest river system in Bhutan, and it has a length of 377 kilometers. The river features great ecological diversity and has varied climatic conditions because of the huge elevation range. The Manas River valley consists of two major reserve forest areas which are the Manas Wildlife Sanctuary and the Royal Manas National Park. These spots consist of a biosphere reserve, an elephant reserve, and Project Tiger Reserve. In December 1985, it was declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The river has great economic importance. Being a rich natural resource, it is used by farmers for irrigation purposes. The river enhances the beauty of the surrounding environment. Manas River is indeed a perfect tourist spot for wildlife and nature enthusiasts.

9. Mangde Chhu

Mangde Chhu

Mangde Chhu, also known as Tongsa river flows in central Bhutan making its way across north-south. Mangde Chhu rises in Wangdue Phodrang district in Dzongkha. The eastern slopes of the Black Mountains are drained by the river paving the way for the eastern borderlines of Royal Manas National Park and Black Mountain National Park. Shemgang, Taama, Bataase, and Surey rice fields are the major towns and areas through which the Trongsa road passes. The Buddhist Monastery in Trongsa, Trongsa Dzong is situated high above Mangde Chhu. Moreover, it is connected by a succession of beautiful paved courtyards, stone stairs, and corridors.

10. Mo Chhu

Mo Chhu

Mo Chhu or Sankosh River is a major river in Bhutan. The river emerges in the Gasa DzongKhag district close to the border between Bhutan and Tibet. Mo Chhu is known as Paro Tsang Chhu when it comes in contact with Pho Chhu. This confluence occurs close to the Punakha Dzong in Punakha District. In the country, these points of convergence are not considered favorable, and three chortens (Buddhist shrines) have been built for the purpose of cleansing the unclean aura. Punakha Dzong affords a view of this natural river. The bridge built upon it provides an outstanding view of the surroundings. The riverside is known for its excellent fauna and the flowers embellish the environment. A trip to Bhutan remains incomplete without paying a to this magnificent and pristine river.

Bhutan is indubitably one of the most exquisite and magnificent places in the world. Bhutan rivers enrich and add to the beauty of the country. In addition to that, the fauna of Bhutan is enthralling, and the sublime beauty of the surroundings is unexplainable. Furthermore, there is hardly a place in the world that can beat Bhutan in terms of its pristine beauty and elegance. On your next trip to Bhutan, make sure that you explore the various rivers of Bhutan and get engrossed in the serene environment.

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10 Magnificent Islands Near Queensland For Surreal Views And Watersports

It is said that the Great Barrier Reef can be seen even from the moon, but the best views are of course the ones underwater! The technicolor corals come in all shapes and sizes and form the most beautiful and magical forests under the water. These disappearing forests surround thousands of islands building a chain which is the Great Barrier Reef. The reef lies adjacent to Queensland, and the islands near Queensland are the perfect places to witness the wonders of the reef. The incredible islands also have virgin white sand beaches and transparent waters that shimmer under the tropical sun. The magnificence of the islands of Queensland also stretches on land where rainforests thrive!

The islands close to Queensland are perfect for day trips and overnight stays, and for indulging in a range of water adventures. Here is the list of top ten islands that showcase the best of Queensland.

1. Whitsunday Island

Whitsunday Island

The Whitsunday Island is one of the most photographed island beaches in Australia. Its swirling beaches where the white sands and aquamarine ocean mingle create a hypnotic image. Thanks to its scenic beauty it is among the most popular islands near Queensland. The main attractions on the island are the Whitehaven beach, Hill inlet, Cid Harbor and the Gulnare inlet. The island also has camping grounds where visitors can stay overnight and enjoy the pristine beauty of the island. There are seven campgrounds including at Whitehaven Beach, Dugong Beach, Nari’s Beach, Chance Bay and Peter Bay. Day visitors often snorkel or swim in the area around the beaches or even enjoy strolling down the picturesque beach.

How to get there: You can take a boat from Airlie Beach and Shute Harbor

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2. Fraser Island

Fraser Island

Fraser Island is one of the rare UNESCO World Heritage-listed islands, and this is because of its unique geographical and ecological features. Fraser Island is about 122 KM long and happens to be the largest sand island in the world and the indeed the largest of the islands around Queensland. The unique feature is the rainforest that grows on the sand! Not just rainforest, it also has freshwater dune lakes further inland which make it an extremely rare and vital island. Visitors can take enjoy this beauty by camping overnight and partaking in activities like hiking, and angling. Day visitors to the island visit attractions like shipwreck of S.S.Maheno, and see the Australian Dingo.

How to get there: Take a ferry from River Heads to Kingfisher Bay

3. Heron Island

Heron Island

One of the most popular islands off the coast of Queensland is Heron Island. The island is a coral cay and is famous for its rich biodiversity which includes the Heron reef surrounding the island that supports over 900 fish species and about 70% of the coral species found on the Great Barrier Reef. The island has a few establishments including the Heron Island Resort where about 100 people can stay at a time, the Research Centre and a ranger’s station for the Capricornia Cay National Park which protects the zone. Activities on the island include hiking, reef walking, snorkeling, diving, and turtle watching and conservation. It is also a good area for birding and has been designated as an Important Bird Area.

How to get there: Gladstone is the nearest city and you can take either a boat, seaplane or helicopter to Heron Island

4. Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island

If you wish to enjoy the island life without compromising on the comforts of urban life, then you should head to Magnetic Island. It is one of the closest islands off the coast of Queensland and very near to the city of Townsville. The island has a lot of options in terms of hotels, backpacker hostels and guesthouses. About 2,500 people call the island their home, but over half of the island is a national park that is home to over 800 koalas. It is North Australia’s largest colony of Koalas, but there are 160 other animal species you can spot and if wildlife is not for you then there almost 23 beaches and bays waiting to be explored.

How to get there: Take a 20-minute ferry from Townsville

5. Fitzroy Island


The Fitzroy Island is a green jewel peeking out of the azure blue waters. It is one of the most beautiful islands around Queensland and is a part of the Great Barrier Reef system. The island itself is fully covered by rainforest and has its reef system which is protected by the Fitzroy Island National Park. Like most islands in the region it is maintained by a private resort with 100 rooms, but even if you don’t want to spend a night there, it is worth a visit for snorkeling and diving. The island also has glass-bottom boats for those who don’t wish to go underwater. The island is small at 3.3 sq km but has four walking trails crisscrossing the whole island.

How to get there: Take a 45-minute boat ride from Cairns

6. Great Keppel Island


The Great Keppel Island is a part of the larger Keppel Group and one of the most popular islands near Queensland. The island has facilities both for day visitors and overnight tourists, and there are guesthouses and hotels where you can spend the night. The island is known for its white sandy beaches; it has 17 of them! And the coral reefs around the island which are part of the Great Barrier Reef. The island is surrounded by clear waters that are ideal for snorkeling, and diving. You can also indulge in water sports like jet skiing, wakeboarding, tube rides and waterskiing. You can also find adventures inland by taking a hike to the highest point of Mount Wyndham.

How to get there: Reach Yeppoon (30 KM from Rockhampton) and then take a 30-minute ferry

7. Daydream Island

Daydream Island

Even right you are probably daydreaming about visiting the vast expanse and go underwater to witness the magic of the Great Barrier Reef. If so, then the Daydream Island is where you should go to! One of the prettiest islands near Queensland, it is a part of the Molle island group and a part of the larger 74 Whitsunday Islands in Australia. The island is just 1 KM long and has beautiful coral reef surrounding the area. There are two resorts on the islands, one of which caters to overnight guests. The island also has a living reef which is a large aquarium created by marine biologists and has over 50 species of corals and over 80 marine species like rays, crabs, sea cucumbers and more!

How to get there: Fly or take a boat to Hamilton Island and then take a 30-minute ferry

8. Lizard Island

Lizard Island

Lizard Island is one of the few islands near Queensland which have private and exclusive access to the resort that maintains the island. The island is remote and almost 240 kilometers off the coast of Cairns. Lizard Island is a luxury resort and caters to celebrities and anyone with a lot of extra cash to spare! The island has 24 private beaches with virgin white sands and crystal waters. You can go on a one-hour boat ride to Cod Hole, which is rated among the top ten dive sites in the world. The remoteness from mainland Australia has ensured that it remains unspoiled, and you can witness incredible hard and soft coral in all hues and colors.

How to get there: Fly from Cairns by chartered flight

9. Lady Elliot Island

Lady Elliot Island

The Great Barrier Reef is deteriorating in several places, but the Lady Elliot Island is standing strong and has been recognized as a Green Zone, which means it is an important conservation area. The island has a wealth of fauna, it is a breeding ground for Green and Loggerhead turtles which come to the beach between November and March, and it is also a significant seabird nesting site. Over 100,000 birds nest during the summer including species like buff-banded rail, Brown Booby, and Silver Gull. If you are lucky, you would even be able to spot a humpback whale between June to October. No matter which season you turn up, there are great animal sightings and year-round diving opportunities to view the corals.

How to get there: Fly from Bundaberg

10. Moreton Island

Moreton Island

The Moreton Island is one of the biggest sand islands near Queensland and is a popular day-trip tour from Brisbane. There are a lot of things to see on the island including the beautiful beaches, the infamous Tangalooma Wrecks, the quaint Cape Moreton Lighthouse, and the relics of the Aboriginal occupation and World War Two. If you are interested in activities, then you have your hands full! You can participate in sand tobogganing, which is ideal because the island itself is sand! Then there is dolphin feeding, island fishing, boating, snorkeling & diving, four-wheel driving, surfing, bird-watching, and of course walking along the beaches!

How to get there: Take a 75-minute ferry from Brisbane

Are these islands near Queensland making you daydream about an island vacation? Do not miss going to one of these islands and exploring the Great Barrier Reef on your next adventurous Australian vacation. Call TravelTriangle and plan an unforgettable holiday Down Under with all your adventure-loving BFFs.

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Restaurants In Greenland: 10 Mouth Watering Places To Sink Your Forks In

A country of which 80% part is covered with snow and with only a small part of agrarian land, the Greenlanders are still known as some of the most creative population when it comes to their cuisine. The gastronomical delights are all about fresh and organic meat which is available in plenty from the natural resources. The topography of the place allows farming for fresh vegetables and fruits only at some places. This is the reason why the restaurants in Greenland mostly offer various fish species such as halibut, cod, redfish, rockfish and Arctic char, livestock like reindeer, lamb and muskox. For the more adventurous ones, don’t miss out on tasting the delicacies made from seal meat and the skin of smaller whales.

There are many restaurants in Greenland where you will find the traditional and authentic food of the country and also some of the popular International cuisines too. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Restaurant Mamartut, Ilulissat

Restaurant Mamartut, Ilulissat

Among the many Greenland restaurants, this one is a must visit because of the home cooked style of Greenlandic food available here with the freshest of ingredients. The fishes are from the local fish factory and the sea mammals come almost daily from the ice fjord located closeby. Apart from this, they also have a small vegetables and herbs garden. In summers, you can enjoy your meals at the outdoor seating area overlooking the garden. The restaurant is most popular for its lunch buffet which they serve every Tuesday and Wednesday in between the months of June till September. Their Greenlandic Tapas and Whale Carpaccio are absolutely a must try from the menu.

Location: Sermermiut Aqq., Ilulissat 3952
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. H8 Oqaatsut, Diskobay

H8 Oqaatsut, Diskobay

For a cosy and authentic experience of the Arctic country, head to this quaint and homely Greenland restaurant which is accessible only by boats and prior reservation, this will certainly be one unique experience. The restaurant is a part of a youth hostel where you can spend a night or two. The place is run by a couple from Ilulissat and they serve only freshly cooked meals prepared as the locals would do. This is one of the best places get up close and personal with the natives and their cooking style and also maybe learning a new recipe too.

Location: 3952 Oqaatsut
Cost for two: INR 1500 for breakfast
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Charoen Porn Restaurant

Charoen Porn Restaurant

This authentic place famous for Asian cuisine tops the list among Chinese restaurants in Greenland. The name means “the road to happiness” and a meal at this diner will surely leave you happy and satiated. The restaurant also serves some of the best Oriental preparations from Thai and Malaysian cuisines. You will also find here vegetarian curry dishes and an exclusive children’s menu apart from the local delicacies. Excellent service and mouth watering food makes this a must visit place in the capital city of Greenland.

Location: Aqqusinersuaq 5, Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 2000
TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Reviews

4. Restaurant Roklubben

Restaurant Roklubben

Nestled on the shores of Ferguson Lake, this place is a haven for tourists both for its culinary delights and the splendid location making it popular as one of the most talked about Greenland restaurants. The restaurant is situated at a distance of about 5 km from the town of Kangerlussuaq. There are free bus services from the centre of the town to this place at regular intervals. To ensure authenticity and freshness, the owners keep changing the menu according to season. Their Greenlandic buffet consists of local delicacies prepared from the freshest of raw ingredients and is available on every Sunday from February to November.

Location: Lake Ferguson, Kangerlussuaq
Cost for two: INR 7000 for Buffet
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

5. Sarfalik, Nuuk

Sarfalik, Nuuk

This is by far one of the best vegan restaurants in Greenland which is a part of the upclass hotel Hans Egede. Although there are not many options available in either vegetarian or vegan food but the staff and chef are friendly enough to rustle up something from the fresh green ingredients they have. They also have a seperate lunch restaurant which is a recent addition. Their selection of wine, champagne and beers is something to relish and enjoy in the cold weather. If you are looking for some fine dining experience with an excellent view, then head to their brand new addition which is named A Hereford Beefstouw. Located on the 5th floor of the hotel, this diner specialises in perfectly cooked steaks just the way you like it.

Location: Aqqusinersuaq, Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 3500
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

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6. Restaurant Icefiord

Restaurant Icefiord

Located at one of the most stunning spots at Ilulissat, this restaurant is a part of Hotel Icefiord. From the big glass windows of the diner, you can watch the breathtaking view of the ever changing confluence of icebergs. Apart from the traditional Greenland cuisine, this place also has a Thai take away menu. This is also one of the vegan restaurants in Greenland which cater to the needs of their customers by allowing some variations in the menu. They will customize their Thai rice noodles with some salads and curry instead of the usual serving of chicken and shrimps. The attached bar is also worth visiting for spending some serene moments sitting in the balcony with a drink in hand and enjoying the gorgeous sight in front.

Location: J. Sverdrup Aqq. 10, Ilulissat
Cost for two: INR 2250
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

7. Nanoq, Aasiaat

Nanoq, Aasiaat

Nanoq restaurant in Aasiaat is famous for International and Asian cuisines apart from the Greenlandic local food delicacies. Overlooking the harbour and located at the centre of the town, this place offers a relaxed ambience to relish the delicious food that is prepared with much love and attention towards every detail. They also cater to any special needs and dietary restrictions and are more than willing to make changes in the menu accordingly.

Location: Sannerut 7-9, Aasiaat

8. Inuit Cafe

Inuit Cafe

A very simple interior but still this place can be termed as one of the best restaurant in Greenland in terms of food quality, choices and prices too. Located in the centre of the town of Ilulissat, this cafe serves a variety of tasty dishes from European, Asian, Oriental, American cuisine and then some more too. You can get pizzas and burgers too and their selection of desserts which includes different varieties in cakes is not to be missed. They also serve very good coffee and other drinks. Although there are not many Indian restaurants in Greenland, this comes close to the best option available when you are travelling there.

Location: Kussagajaannguaq 22, Ilulissat
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Cafetuaq


Located at the Katuaq Cultural Centre in Nuuk, this is one of the best restaurants in Greenland where you will find a variety of tasty dishes from all over the globe. If you are not in a mood for a full fledged meal, then there are also plenty of options as snacks. Their hot and cold beverage menu is also something to note about. The best part is that they also serve some good vegetarian fare and the veggie burger and the salads are absolutely must try. It offers the perfect ambience with some lip smacking food and customer friendly staff for you to have a relaxing time here.

Location: Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 3200
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

10. Farmer’s Grill and Takeaway

Farmer's Grill and Takeaway

Located at Imaneq in Nuuk, this is not really one of those Indian restaurants in Greenland but with such limited choices available, the menu options here is sure to give you a happy satisfying smile. They have a variety of choices in burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries, hotdogs, coffees and shakes. The takeaway also has a kid friendly menu. The prices are quite pocket friendly and the food is absolutely delectable. What else does one need on a holiday!

Location: Imaneq 30, Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 1200
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

A trip to the largest island in the world will not be complete if you do not try the offbeat food options in Greenlandic cuisine which are available across the country in various restaurants in Greenland. To make the most of your vacation to Greenland, get in touch with TravelTriangle today and we will plan out the perfect itinerary for you for a fun and adventure filled holiday.

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Slovenia Nightlife: Don’t Miss Out On These Experiences When The Sun Goes Down

Natural heaven of snow-capped peaks, turquoise-green streams, and Venetian-style coastline; Slovenia adds to its beauty with amicable architecture, enticing rustic culture, sophisticated cuisine, and its renowned Slovenia nightlife. The magnificent natural beauty of Slovenia, together with its awe-inspiring architecture, makes it a splendid place to spend your vacation days in the sun. Obviously, it’s an entirely another story after the sun sets down, as Slovenia’s nightlife offers numerous ways to have a good time as the night falls.

Present State Of Nightlife In Slovenia

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia was a city where most of the buildings were barracks until Bohemian natives of the city made those buildings their own and turned them into state of the art establishments with their extraordinary skill of the arts. You can enjoy music; from heavy metal to new dance numbers, classical old songs or local music in the presence of colorful lights in the nightclubs. There are a number of clubs and pubs where you can enjoy the rocking ‘Slovenia’ nightlife. Ljubljana with its cafes, bars, restaurants and a river meandering through the city, is no less than a fairytale. This place has a lot to offer and you’ll never run out of things to do.

The nightlife of the Slovenian capital Ljubljana is world-known. But the nights of other cities of Slovenia is also attracting people towards it. If you don’t have a taste for loud music and the pubs, then you can go to the cities by the beach and chill out on a beach bar in a calm and relaxed environment. There is live soft music going on in these bars with the wind making the atmosphere a pleasant one. Or you can go on a sunset boat ride to embrace the beautiful Slovenian sunset.

As the sun sets on Slovenia, the night owls and party animals wake up to the delightful and lively nightlife. With plenty to be enjoyed, from buzzing dance club to chic clubhouse and celebrations; you won’t have any desire to miss out ‘Slovenia’ after-dark! Here is a ‘Slovenia’ nightlife guide with a list of some of the best places to explore the nightlife in ‘Slovenia’, and additionally giving a little understanding concerning how to enjoy themselves to the fullest in these parts.

1. Pub Bled

Pub Bled

If you want to enjoy the Bled ‘Slovenia’ nightlife then you must visit this pub. Pub Bled is situated at the top of the popular Ostrajja Peglez’n restaurant. It is a famous drinking spot and has varieties of beers and cocktails (they are of the finest quality). The bar is a stronghold for tourists, youngsters, local hipsters, and people young at heart; all dancing to the rhythm of music most nights. This place is filled with life not only at nights but also during the daytime. Pub Bled is a café during daytime with beautiful views enjoyed by the visitors across Lake Bled, to the castle at the hilltop. Pub Bled is one amongst the best nightclubs in Ljubljana, ‘Slovenia’.

Address: Cesta Svobode 19a, Bled 4260
Timings: Sun-Thu, 9am-1am; Fri, Sat, 9am-3am

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2. Žmavc


any tuned-in native to make a list of their most loved bars, and they are relatively sure to put this place on the list. Camouflaged in quality graffiti outside, the smallish bar inside is filled day and night with youngsters and people young at heart. There is a pretty garden rooftop for summer evening drinking. Try to arrive before the actual arranged time to catch a table as this place is on pretty much everybody’s must-visit list, so there will be pretty tough competition. Žmavc is additionally an astounding spot for a morning espresso when the crowds are still dozing off the hangover of the night before.

Address: Rimska cesta 21, Ljubljana 1000
Timings: Mon-Fri, 7.30am-1am; Sat, 10am-1am; Sun, 6pm-1am

3. Nebotičnik


There’s no better place in the city to appreciate a cocktail (or a brew or a stogie) than the bar and lounge at the highest point of the Nebotičnik building. This was Ljubljana’s tallest building for a considerable length of time after it was built in 1933 and, however it has now been renovated all around, it appears as though it could be a piece of the set for a King Kong film. On a fine day, get a table on the porch and enjoy the views – of the Old Town, Ljubljana Castle, and rambling Park Tivoli – which are the best views nearby. On the floor only underneath, there’s a flashy club and lounge which is a most loved Ljubljana’s beau monde; it’s open Thursday to Saturday evenings, and reservations are recommended.

Address: 12th floor, Štefanova ulica 1, Ljubljana 1000
Timings: café/bar: Sun-Wed, 9am-1am; Thu-Sat, 9am-3am.
Club/Lounge: Thu-Sat, 10pm-3am

4. Dvorni Bar

Dvorni Bar

Having an attribute of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – a wonderful café and lunch venue by day (two courses €7.90 Monday to Friday) and one of the most popular wine bars in town after sunset, Dvorni Bar is a spacious, L-shaped venue on the river’s west bank just a walk away from Ljubljanica. You don’t have to go all the way to Slovenia’s wine growing regions to try the local vintages, as Dvorni Bar offers some of them. This Bar has about 100 varieties of wine and holds a wine tasting gathering every month (normally the second Wednesday).

Address: Dvorni trg 2, Ljubljana 1000
Timings: Mon-Sat, 8am-1am; Sun, 9am-midnight

5. Secret Garden Bar

Secret Garden Bar

The ‘Secret Garden Bar’ is a part of ‘Hotel Galleria’ in the Old Town. It starts next to the hotel’s lobby and extends to include the charming outside ‘secret’ gardens on four interconnected terraces. Built in the 17th century, the hotel has been renovated a number of times, yet it has still managed to keep its architectural charm intact. Just below the terraces is a secret ‘Roman-era tunnel’ which was used to transport weapons in the past. The weapons were moved to a fortress where the castle is now situated. Even though it has an ancient history, the bar in the present time focuses on the native produce and serves their guests with customary alcoholic drinks. The bar also features drinks from the most acclaimed Kmetija Tomazic winery. Small garden shows, encouraging local Slovenian artists are also hosted by them.

Address: Gornji Trg 3
Timings: Mon-Sun, 7 am- 9 pm; Garden open during warm weather

6. Craft Room

Craft Room

Craft Room is a new addition to the Krakovski Nasip promenade riverside. This is the best place to explore if you want to learn about the flourishing craft beer culture of ‘Slovenia’. The bar is run by a friendly pair of ladies (one of them is a certified beer sommelier). From them, you can collect information about the place and also enjoy the little anecdotes shared by them. If you are in a dilemma as what to taste, the ladies are always at your service giving you the best recommendations. Regular events such as wine tastings and workshops on home brewing are hosted by them. Special discounts are also offered on food, beer pairings, and coffee takeaways.

Address: Krakovski Nasip 16
Timings: Mon-Fri, 9am -7pm. Sat 10am -5pm, Sun 12 -4pm

7. Centralna Postaja

Centralna Postaja

Stylish and sophisticated, Centralna Postaja on pedestrian Trubarjeva cesta is famous for its hospitality and also for reaching out to the hearts of everyone. The place is an amalgamation of a cocktail bar beautifully decorated with graffiti, a club hosting DJs at weekend, café providing natural fruit teas, as well as a restaurant with menus attracting the food lovers. Art lovers will especially love the gallery, which is a part of Centralna Postaja. Exhibitions can be held by anyone in this gallery. Apart from all these, Centralna Postaja also has an information center where you can plan your next outing in ‘Slovenia’. With so much to explore and enjoy, one might never miss home.

Address: Trubarjeva cesta 23, Ljubljana 1000
Timings: Mon-Wed, 8am-1am; Thu-Fri, 8am-3am; Sat, 9am-3am

8. Gig


If you want to visit a sleek and modern bar, Gig is the best option for you. The Gig is only a few minutes’ walks from Preseren Square and features a bare brick interior, a refined list of drinks that includes a good selection of craft brews and boutique spirits. Apart from the classic pub snacks and meals, Gig is famous for its good value lunches during weekdays. The fish and chips lunch paired with one of their aforementioned cold beers is preferably the best for people who are hungry and in confusion as what to pick. The bar also hosts shows and DJs on Fridays.

Address: Mala ulica 5
Timings: Mon-Thu,7-12am. Fri- 7-3am, Sat- 9-3am.

9. Sunset Boat Tour

Sunset Boat Tour

Get onto a boat and enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine or rather glasses of wine. Some of the boats offer wine tasting which is produced in various Slovenian regions as you enjoy the beautiful views of the sea. Enjoy the beautiful sunset and if you are lucky enough then you may get a chance to see the illusory ‘Green Flash’ out on the distant. In the boat, you will get plenty of food options. And if you want you can hire a boat for a private tour.

Address: Ljubljana

10. Metelkova Mesto: Experience The Art & Craziness

Metelkova Mesto

Metelkova Mesto is a cultural center. It was formerly an army barrack and now has become one of the centers of attraction of Ljubljana. In Metelkova Mesto you can experience a variety of art practices and events. It houses a huge number of clubs which regularly hosts a number of concerts, DJ nights, and club nights. You can enjoy the music of DJs from all around the world here. The Metelkova Mesto cultural center also hosts exhibitions, art performances, and special festivals. There are a number of events taking place every day in the center. The center receives a mixed crowd of students, music fans, tourists and other professionals enjoying the Slovenia night.

Address: Metelkova ulica 10, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Timings: Open 24 hours

11. Vinoteka Movia : Watch The City life Go By

Vinoteka Movia

The ‘Vinoteka Movia’ wine bar and a store is home to some of the finest wine made by one of the planet’s best wine producer, ‘Aleš Kristančič’. ‘Vinoteka Movia’ is located in the Slovenian wine area of ‘Goriška Brda’ and owned by the Kristančič family. Here wine is made without any filtering or refining. The most famous wines are of the brands ‘Movia and Vila Maria’. These two brands have been awarded by the ‘South-Eastern European’ wines.

Address: Mestni trg 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

12. Jazz Club Gazo

Jazz Club Gazo

‘Jazz Club Gazo’ situated opposite to the National Museum and just beside the ‘Opera Ballet Ljubljana’ is a famous club for Jazz music. Here you can enjoy the performances of both local and international musicians. The music session starts at 9:30 pm every day and there are jam sessions every Monday. Adding to that, you can also enjoy a jazz brunch every Sunday.

Address: Slovenska cesta 58, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Timings: 9 AM – 2 AM

13. Ljubljana Castle : Enjoy The Views Atop

Ljubljana Castle

Another way to enjoy the ‘Slovenia’ nightlife is to see the whole capital of the country from high above. Go to the Ljubljana castle at the top of a 375-m hill situated at the east of the Old Town. The castle is an architectural mixture. The Castle was rebuilt in the early 16th century after it got damaged in an earthquake. You won’t be charged any money if you just wander around the castle, but to enter the ‘Watchtower’ and the ‘Chapel of St George’ you’ll be charged with money. To know about the Slovenian history, go to the ‘Puppet Theatre’ and enjoy the ‘Time Machine’ journey. The castle is open till 11PM on most days so you have a chance to get on to the Watchtower and enjoy the stunning view of the Slovenian capital in the night.

Address: Grajska planota 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Timings: 9 AM – 11 PM

If you visit Slovenia, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the country. The people of Slovenia are loving and friendly. Don’t forget to enjoy the vibrant nightlife of ‘Slovenia’. And also make sure to visit the cafes and bars which are the main attractions of Slovenia nightlife. Plan an international trip to Slovenia and have the life of your time.

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7 Villas In Townsville Where One Can Enjoy A Comfortable Stay While Holidaying At Australia!

When you think of holidaying in style, then you definitely have to holiday in one of the luxurious villas in Townsville, Queensland. Townsville is a place for a family holiday, or with a large groups of family friends etc. You can also spend your honeymoon here which makes it a place for everyone! Townsville is one of the best places to holiday and it is more of a romantic and fun get away from your daily mundane lives.

Let’s assume you have decided to holiday this time in Townsville but where are you going to stay? Presenting you the best luxurious villas in Townsville. Your stay in the villa with top of the class service at your word. You have a whole new experience and world which opens up to you. A one-time stay in these villas will guarantee you detox from your mundane lives. You have great features like pools, steam rooms, spa rooms, best of multi cuisine food, gyms (of course), and a lot more of other amenities.

So here is a list of all those villas which you can rent for your large family and friends. We are sure you will be addicted to the peace and calm you deserve!

1. Lotus House

Lotus House

This is a luxury stay in the Horseshoe Bay. You will find that this villa to be a very luxurious one. Now here are the features: You can enjoy TV with various digital channels. You will also have a proper kitchen, a private pool, a washer or a dryer with you. Since this is a beach front property, the whole villa is styled accordingly. You also have a furnished balcony with Patio. There is availability of free toiletries also and a private yard to relax. Housekeeping is done weekly and you can spend the rest of the day at the beach or in the pool. You also have free Wifi in the house. You are 100 meters away from Coral Sea and 2 miles away from Magnetic Island National Park. You get 3 bedrooms in this villa with four bathrooms.

Rating: 4.4/5
Location: Lotus House, 21 Pacific Drive Horseshoe Bay QLD
Tariff: 120 AUD per night
Check in and Checkout time: Check in starts at 2 PM and check out before 10 AM

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2. Pure Magnetic Villa 8

Pure Magnetic Villa

A 3.5-star property, this villa is very close to the Magnetic Island and Coral Sea. Again this is a beachfront property and it has all the amenities a luxurious villa has. You have a kitchen, washer/ dryer, a balcony, a microwave, a fridge and 2 multiple bathrooms. Also, this place is fully Wi-Fi enabled and laundry facilities. You have a soaking tub, coffee maker too. You can expect weekly housekeeping. This Villa is a 15-minute drive from Magnetic Island National Park.You can also ask for an extra crib or rollaway beds for an additional charge of 20 AUD.

Rating: 4.2/5
Location: Pure Magnetic Villa 8, 9 The Esplanade Nelly Bay QLD
Tariff: 120 AUD
Check in and Checkout time: Check in starts at 2 PM and check out before 10 AM

3. Villa Kembali

Villa Kembali In Townsville

Villa Kembali is in Horseshoe Bay, and within a 5-minute walk, you will reach the Horseshoe Bay Beach. This beach property includes a kitchen, a pool, a washer and dryer, a private yard, a sitting area, free toiletries and a hob. You also have a library, a terrace, an outdoor pool. This whole property is smoke free and there is a dining area too. This property has 3 different bath rooms. And it also houses a TV. The whole house is Wi-Fi enabled and in the evening you can have live barbeque in the garden. It lies within 20 minutes from Coral Sea and Radical Bay. You also have self-parking allowance.

Ratings: 4.1/5
Location: 19 Pacific Drive Horseshoe Bay QLD
Tariff: 100 AUD
Check in and Checkout time: Check in starts at 2 PM and check out before 10 AM

4. Palm Waters Holiday Villas

Swimming pool View

The Palm Waters Holiday Villas are just 400m away from the Strand Beach! They have an outdoor swimming pool and also a barbeque area. There is free parking available too. This property is five minutes away from the Reef Headquarters and Entertainment Center. It is also a 10-minute drive from the Townsville International Airport. All the villas have a TV, a kitchen with an oven and a refrigerator. Also, it has a separate lounge and dining area. These villas have laundry facilities too. You have free Wifi everywhere in the house. The maximum children per villa or rather a holiday home is just 3. You can ask for a crib or a rollaway bed. Here is some additional information which you may require while booking the villa:

Rating: 4/5
Location: 13/36 Landsborough St, North Ward, 4810 Townsville, Australia
Tariff: INR 9,000
Check in and Checkout time: Check in starts at 12 PM and check out before 9.30 AM

5. Island House

Island House In Townsville

The first thing about Island House is it is one of the top rated holiday home or villa. This property features an outdoor swimming pool, a patio, and the guests can do snorkeling and cycling. This home has 4 bedrooms, a flat screen TV and a kitchen which has dishwasher, an oven, washing machine and a microwave. You even have a toaster. This villa is fully air conditioned and has 3 bathrooms with a bathtub. You also have barbeque after you hike and do some fishing. This property is the best among all the properties in Nelly Bay
You also have laundry services and free shuttle services. You also have a bus stop just in front of the house. The Magnetic Island Marina is just 800 meters away. The Magnetic Island National Park is also around 3.5 kms away. Here is some extra information which might be of some use to you while booking this villa:

Ratings: 5/5
Location: 14 Yates Street, 4819 Nelly Bay, Australia
Tariff: INR 80,000 for 5 nights
Check in and Checkout time: Check in starts at 2 PM and check out before 10 AM

6. Rambutan Villas

Pool view

The Rambutan Villas in Townsville are best suited for someone who is travelling in a group. They are very spacious and very luxurious. With a total of 4 bedrooms in the villa, it has two bathrooms, a flat screen TV, air conditioning, lounge, dining room and a kitchenette. These beach houses are quite large and they have that boho inspired style in them. Also, one villa can house of up to 9 people. This is close to Magnetic Island. Here are some additional details which you can look for quick info:

Ratings: 5/5
Location: 113-119 Flinders Street, Townsville 4810 QLD Australia
Tariff: $452 per night
Check In and Check Out Time: check in is at 2 PM and check out is at 11 AM

7. Beautiful Modern Luxury

Luxury Villa

Beautiful Modern luxury is a 5-star property with free Wi-Fi, air conditioned house. You have a dishwasher, an oven in the kitchen. You also have 3 bathrooms and a flat TV. 3 different bedrooms. You also have a garden with a nice view. These villas are 3 kilometers away from the Reef HQ. You also have a spa and a wellness center. A barbeque is also there. You can also play golf near the property.

Rating: 5/5
Location: Primrose Street, 4810 Townsville, Australia
Tariff: INR 40,000 for 5 nights
Check in and Check out Time: check in is at 2 PM and check out is at 11 AM

Thus these are some of the best villas in Townsville. These are the solution for a perfect getaway from the boring life of yours. Bring together your family and enjoy your days off with great service at your disposal. You can have the homely vibe and still holiday! Be sure to carry your IDs for sure, because while checking in, they would be thoroughly checked. Any friends meeting the guests are not usually allowed into the bedrooms. In fact, a lot of villas do not allow that so make sure you follow the rules and enjoy your time. Also, make sure you book in advance as these holiday homes and villas while planning your holiday at Australia.

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Greek Street Food: 9 Lip-Smacking Dishes That Will Make You Go Drooling

Greek street food is wealthy in aromas, flavors, and influences and it’s been entitled one among the world’s hale and hearty cuisines. No wonder Greece is known to be a hub for foodies. The rich taste of the Greek cookery is to be savored at each bite. It takes you on a sensational journey back in time to the land of Ancient Greek gods and heroes who once created the delicious recipes that we tend to rejoice these days. An early version of a cookery book was apparently written by Archestratus in 350 B.C. The Ancient Greek cookery has been formed by the country’s wealthy and disruptive past, the various victories and influences over the centuries resulted during a vivacious fusion of ingredients and tastes.

The Greek food incorporates traces of each the East and West. Foods like yogurt, nuts, sesame seeds, and rice were at first introduced by the Persians. Ingredients like sauces and pasta were being introduced to the cooking scene after the Roman invasion. With the conquest of the ‘Arabs’, spices began to rule the kitchens and several of those, like cumin, cinnamon, and cloves are still commonly utilized in the preparation of dishes till at the present time. The cooking heritage of the empire supplemental freshness, variety, and refinement to the Greek preparation, as a result, a number of the ‘Greek and Turkish’ dishes are virtually identical each in preparation and style.

Read on to know more about different delicacies that you can try while exploring street food in Greek and pick the ones that entice you the most from the lot:

1. Souvlaki and Gyros

Roll food

Souvlaki is an all-time classic, juicy, tasteful and best enjoyed hot. For the most part finished with a generous layer of tzatziki (yogurt, garlic plunge), the Souvlaki comprises little bits of meat either pork or chicken flame broiled on a stick. It is served enveloped by warm pita bread, embellished with tomatoes, onion, and fries, dressed with Tzatziki. You can have the alternative to pick which garnishes to incorporate and there is likewise a choice of different sauces. Tzatziki is anyway ordinarily Greek. Souvlaki or souvlakia in plural is additionally regularly served alone, with cuts of bread or flame broiled pita, sprinkled with crisp lemon for additional flavor. It can likewise be served with potatoes and different vegetables.

There is another prevalent dish called gyros which is made of vast bits of meat cooked on a pivoting stick. It is typically presented with tomato, onion and with a velvety sauce made of cucumber, yogurt, and garlic. The meat is then cut utilizing an electric blade, set on warm pita bread and embellished the very same route as the souvlaki. The gyros meat served in Greece is generally pork or chicken, a few shops serve hamburger supper kebab.

Where to try: Street Souvlaki is definitely one place you need to get your Souvlaki and Gyros

2. Loukoumades


The basic sweet chomps are one of the features of Greek cooking. Usually alluded to as the Greek doughnuts these mixture balls are served newly broiled, absorbed nectar, sprinkled with cinnamon and walnuts. In Greece, it is a part of their daily menu, as it is served regularly after meal or family dinner. In spite of the fact that they are served all around the year, Loukoumades are extraordinary amid the winter months. The advanced form of Loukoumades can be delighted in finished with generous layers of chocolate Nutella and frozen yogurt as an afterthought. There are many options to choose your favorite toppings like chocolate, chopped almonds, honey syrup, and cinnamon.

Where to try: Head over to Krios Loukoumades for the best Loukoumades in the city.

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3. Koulouri

Street Food

Koulouris is the most famous morning Greek tidbit that is round formed bread garnished with sesame seeds. Particularly they are perused rolls made like a ring so they look something like bagels. They are mostly made of yeast-risen batter that is formed into log ropes and after that contorted into circles. Koulouris are made in various sizes and sold in the city and you should have it fresh. In some places, Koulouris is made quite soft, but in other places like Cyprus, they are found to be crunchy and even harder. In Greece, you will encounter various little merchants selling Koulouris for breakfast stacked with bins in their hands. This staple Greek tidbit, normal in taste and wealthy in nutrients started in Thessaloniki where it was first introduced by refugees who came from Asia Minor. Today it is viewed as a conventional Greek item, with a history which goes back to the Byzantine Empire.

4. Bougatsa

Tasty Street Food

Bougatsa is a Greek pie that comprises of a phyllo pastry covered with a filling of minced meat, cheddar, or semolina custard. This sweet pastry, prepared between layers of phyllo, decorated with sugar icing and cinnamon is a superb breakfast dish and can be delighted in best when served hot. The recipe was first made in the city of Serres where it was included in the Greek cooking by the foreigners originating from Constantinople. The general population of Greece gave the name Bougatsa implying that it was an appetizing or sweet pita wrapped well inside the cake. The essential distinction that the Bougatsa has with different pies is that it isn’t rolled on flour with a rolling pin; rather it is spread out piece-by-piece with oil and margarine. It would be a mesmerizing moment to spent time in Greece Island, on a beautiful evening with friends and eating Bougatsa.

Where to try: Mpougatsa To Neon

5. Tiropita


Tiropita is the most popular cheese pie or pita in Greece. While it is famous street food in Greece, it is also a popular dish people make at home. The traditional version of Tiropita contains feta, eggs, homemade phyllo, and olive oil. Most often Tiropitas is shaped like a sail or single serving ones that come in various shapes. Tiropita can be consumed as a snack for breakfast and also as a meal. It can also be served with a seasonal salad like with tomato, cucumber or cabbage. One will find this savory delight in all bakeries of the country. It comes in different shapes and sizes, however most ordinarily it is prepared on a huge plate and afterward cut into squares. This famous Greek cheese pie is a must-try.

6. Spanakopita


Spanakopita is a titbit, appetizer or light lunch and is especially liked by the children. This exquisite pie is like tiropita, the fundamental distinction is that the filling contains spinach, spring onions, and feta cheddar. This spinach and feta pie has old root and presumably has been affected by the Ottoman Cuisine. It is mostly found in Greek street food stalls as well in all restaurants of Greece. Usually sold in stores too, where it will be presented with tepid which is conventional in Greek cooking. It is an ideal tidbit and an entrancing dish that is ensured to light up your day.

7. Chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted chestnuts are a Greek winter delicacy and a much-loved snack. They are very much popular and versatile. Chestnuts can be consumed on their own or by roasted, oiled or baked in the oven. They can be served as a spoon sweet, in jams and spreads and is very much tempting with cakes and also in sweetbreads. One will go over various chestnut-merchants broiling new chestnuts on their little versatile charcoal braziers which they serve in paper cones. Chestnut season customarily begins in October, filling the fresh harvest time air with the sweet scent of the simmering chestnuts.

8. Dried fruits

Dried Fruits

Another mainstream Greek tidbit which you can purchase from the small road sellers is a variety of dried foods and nuts. The most widely recognized dried organic products are apricots, figs, and raisins, while apples, pears, peaches, and batter are less dried. The blend of solid summer sun with ideal soil conditions creates a sweet item which is amazing. Generally utilized as a backup to Greek yogurt and nectar, dried foods and nuts are a foundation of Greek gastronomic legacy. The demand for dried fruits has increased due to the shift of consumers to healthy sacks. These fruits can be eaten fresh and dried. They are great in taste as well as a healthy snack anytime.

9. Falafel

Authentic Greek Falafel

A persistent evolution in food and the craving for something new have extended the Greek culinary scene to new skylines with a presentation of innovative foods. Among the established Greek street foods top choices, guests can likewise appreciate the much-cherished new pattern of falafel, a brilliant option in contrast to the souvlaki, the advanced frank presented with a rich choice of garnishes and additionally the American most loved hotcakes, and many more.

Healthy Greek Salad Food Salad

Greece has seen an ascent in imaginative, flavorful, shoddy and solid choices to take into account all preferences. Some of the top choices for street food in Greece (Athens) are Souvlaki Tou Kosta, famous for its juicy, mouth-watering souvlaki and homemade tomato sauce, the Souvlaki Tou Kosta is a perfect street food destination. Feyrouz is a hotspot for oriental-infused street food I the Capital. Street Work, is an Asian food joint specializing I stir-fry with three branches in Athens. Grexico has brought Mexican flavors to Athens. It caters to vegans and vegetarians too.

One of the most fascinating ways in which to find Greece is through its cooking. Greek street food in Athens offers a wide-spread menu of delicacies. You can find the lips smacking culinary of Greek in other parts of the world also, for example, Greek street food in Melbourne is also quite popular. Make sure you try this lip-smacking street food on your trip to Greece.

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10 Castles In London That Will Bring All Your Fairytales To Life In The United Kingdom

There are various places which are worth visiting in London and also around London. In the middle of London, there is the House of Parliament, Westminster Abbey and also the Big Ben-the clock tower. A person could get a spectacular view of the entire city from the Thames River. The castles in London and also the castles around London are famous around the world. Castles in London England are some of the best castles which are the most beautiful and popular in the whole world. Here is a list of castles in the London area. Have a look!

London is the capital of the United Kingdom (UK) and England. The people in London and also the people, who visit London, love to spend time visiting various castles in the UK.

1. Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

It is not located exactly in Central London but it is on the boundary of London. Hampton Court is not exactly a Royal Palace from inhabitant but yet it has a lot of Royal history especially of Henry VIII and his wives. Henry made a few changes in the palace by making a giant hall of medieval style, enlarged the kitchens and also built a Royal Tennis court. There is a maze in which a person could get lost easily.

Location: Molesey, East Molesey KT8 9AU, UK
Opening Time: Open from 10 am to 4:30 pm

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2. The Tower of London

The Tower of London

It is the oldest fortresses in London. It had been built after the Norman Conquest of England. It was made for royalty and he needed a safe palace for living in. It is a very defensive castle along with two defensive walls and also a moat. It gives the feel of a castle to the visitors. It is the home of English Crown Jewels and it has hosted many historical events among which a particular event was the execution of 112 people including Lady Jane Grey and Anne Boleyn. Today it has become a very popular attraction among tourists.

Location: St. Katharine’s & Wapping, London EC3N 4AB, UK
Opening Time: Open from 9 am to 4:30 pm

3. Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace is famous in the world and known as the birthplace of Queen Victoria after which the entire Victorian era was named. A person walks through the Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park will lead to the Kensington Palace.
The Palace is currently the residence for many royal family members who include Prince Harry and William. Some parts of the apartments which are under use are closed but other than that the whole palace is open for public people to visit. There is also an amazing café to visit here.

Location: Kensington Gardens, London W8 4PX, UK
Opening Time: Open from 10 am to 4 pm

4. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

The first place that would come to a person’s mind after thinking about the British Royal Family would be the Buckingham Palace. The Queen creates knights, receives ambassadors, and holds the banquets in State and all the other Royal duties also take place in the palace. Due to its so much usage, it is not open the entire year for the public. A person could visit during the months of July and August. The world famous guard ceremony takes place in the Buckingham Palace, which is the most important landmark in the United Kingdom.

Location: Westminster, London SW1A 1AA, UK
Opening Time: Open from 9:30 am to 3:15 pm on scheduled days.

5. Hever Castle

Hever Castle

Hever Castle is at a distance of one hour from London by train. It is a double-moated castle. In the olden times, Henry VIII’s 2nd wife Anne Boleyn used to stay here. This castle has 3 floors which are filled with antiques, books of prayers which belonged to Anne Boleyn and also a collection of Tudor portraits. David Starkey considers these portraits as one of the best collections of Tudor portraits which come after the National Portrait Gallery. The castle is spread in an area of 125 acres and there are total 3 mazes to get lost at this place. A water maze in which the idea is to get to the center without getting wet, a tower maze which is similar to children’s adventure playground and a yew tree maze which had been planted in 1904.

Location: Hever Road, Hever, Edenbridge, TN8 7NG, UK
Opening Time: 12 pm to 5 pm
Entry Fees: For Adults: £17.25, For the child: £9.75 and For the student: £14.50

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6. Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle is located in Kent. It could be reached in a short time of 2 hours from London. It has been built since the 19th century. This castle is spread in an area of 500 acres of amazing parkland and it has a great range of activities during the whole year. It has a dog collar museum, 2 playgrounds, falconry displays and also the castle was once the home of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon who was his first wife. People usually get lost in the maze and it is actually a lot of fun to even get lost and you will be rewarded for the efforts that you put in at the end of the maze.

Location: Maidstone ME17 1PL, UK
Opening Time: 10 am to 3 pm
Entry Fees: For Adults: £24.90 and For Senior citizens: £21.90

7. Highclere Castle

Highclere Castle

This castle is the most famous one for being the filming location for the Downtown Abbey which was a popular drama series of the British period. Julian Fellowes was the creator of this series and he had this castle in his mind at the time he wrote it. There are a lot of things to see in this traditional castle that is set up in an area of 5,000 acres in West Berkshire. In this castle, there are many Egyptian artworks and Egyptian jewelry which is kept for display. This castle is still a residence and so it is open only for 60 to 70 days in a year for the public people to visit.

Location: Highclere Park, Highclere, Newbury RG20 9RN, UK
Opening timing : Morning: 10:30 am to 1:30 pm and Afternoon: 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm
Entry Fees: £120 per person

8. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

This castle is the largest castle in the entire world and also the oldest one. This castle is the home of the Queen. The famous attractions of this castle are Queen Mary’s dolls’ house which is very famous in the whole world, The State Apartments which has been furnished with the Royal Collection and also the private apartments of George IV are worth seeing. If you have some more of spare time after seeing the castle then you should definitely check out the Windsor town. It is fun to walk along the River Thames.

Location: Windsor SL4 1NJ, UK
Opening timing : 10 am to 4 pm
Entry Fees: For Adult: £21.20, For Under 17: £12.30 and For students and senior citizens: £19.30

9. Clearwell Castle

Clearwell Castle

This castle is located in the Forest of Dean. It is a perfect castle in London for weddings. It is like a fairytale for the couples. It has a 75ft long aisle which is long enough to make a grand entrance. In the ballroom, the leaded glass windows are very beautifully decorated. The wedding is incomplete without a photo shoot. The grounds are an ideal place for the wedding photo session.

Location: Clearwell, Coleford GL 16 8LG, UK
Opening timing : 5 am to 12 am
Entry Fees : £94 per person

10. Pendennis Castle – Cornwall

Pendennis Castle

It has been set up on the Cornish coast. This Tudor castle is a perfect wedding place for the people who are looking for a perfect romantic wedding. If you want you can even take your wedding inside the castle and get it decorated with flowers, candles, and tapestries. The grounds are ideal for drinks and photographs before taking the dinner in the Royal Artillery Barracks.

Location: Castle Dr, Falmouth TR11 4LP, UK
Opening timing : Open on Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm
Entry Fees: For Adult: £10.50, For children: £6.30

This is the perfect list of London castles tour. The people have to spare a lot of time to enjoy and visit castles in London. On your trip to London, after sightseeing of the usual hotspots around London, do ask your guide to take you to the tour of these castles. They might take some time but they will be worth it. Also, let us know about your experience.

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The Orient Express : All You Want To Know About This Famous Luxury Train

Established by Compagnie Internationale des Wagons-Lits in 1883 , ‘Orient Express’ was the name of a luxurious intercity international train which used to primarily run between London and Istanbul going through Paris, Vienna, Prague, Venice, Budapest, Bucharest, Varna, Sophia, and finally reaching Constantinople. After the services were stopped, Orient Express became a common name for international intercity trains.

Many trains used to run on the same route between the mid-1900s and early 2000s. Today, these trains are being operated by numerous companies. The most prominent of these running the Orient Express in the modern day is the Belmond ltd or formerly the Orient Express Hotels Ltd.

Venice To Paris and Paris to Venice

There is perhaps no traveling or literature enthusiast in the world who hasn’t heard about the iconic Orient Express train. Originally dating way back to 1883, the Orient Express was a passenger service train which used to run between London and Constantinople or the Modern Day Istanbul.

In the late 1900s, after having served the passengers for numerous years, the name ‘Orient Express’ was started getting adopted by various train services that would run on the original Orient Express route or even a part of it. Today, a train service known as Venice-Simplon Orient Express runs between the cities of London and Venice on the historical path that will give rise to the same excitement that one could feel while traveling in the original Orient Express.

In order to make the tour easier for you, we have listed down the various routes covered in the Orient Express railway journey. We have also mentioned the estimated prices of each in case you’re wondering how much does it cost to go on the Orient Express.

1. London To Venice

London to Venice

Retracing a part of the original route of the iconic Orient Express, the train services start in London and end in the historical tourist city of Venice. It is a 2-day and 1-night journey with a prominent stopover in the city of Paris.

You are served some of the most delicious 4-course meals accompanied by fine alcohol and dishes made by the best chefs in the world. You can enjoy your luxury meals in this super luxury train while enjoying the European Alps as you tread along the historical route connecting some of the best tourist destinations in Europe.

Duration: 2 days and 1 Night
Average Price: INR 211018 per person sharing

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2. Venice To Paris And Paris To Venice

orient train

If you are a romantic couple who enjoys luxury in the lone time, then perhaps this is the best thing for you to do in your holidays. Linking the two of the most beautiful and prominent Romantic Cities of Europe as well as the world, this overnight journey in the super luxurious, Venice Simplon Orient Express will ensure you two have a time of your life. Have a 4 course-luxurious meal created by the best chefs in the world and drink some of the finest European liquor in the bar while you enjoy a romantic moment with your loved one.

Duration: One Night
Average Price: INR 196296

3. Paris to Istanbul (and vice versa) via Budapest and Bucharest

Paris to Istanbul

Perhaps the most iconic one on the list, this route traces the second half of the route of original Orient Express. This tour includes a day’s stay in Budapest as well as one day in Bucharest. The company conducts this journey only once a year, the train leaves Paris for Istanbul and comes back and then returns on the Journey only the next year.
Happening once in a year through some of the most Iconic European landscapes makes this route exclusive and more expensive.

Duration: Six Days and 5 Nights with 3 onboard the Train
Average Cost: INR 1200000 for per person sharing cabin Suite.
Some other routes include :

  • Venice to Paris/London via Prague
  • Venice to Paris/London via Budapest
  • Venice to Paris/London via Vienna
  • Innsbruck to London/ Paris
  • Venice to Innsbruck

If you want to keep your journey brief and don’t want to miss out visiting the prominent places, then go through these list of places that are sure to make you undergo an unforgettable experience.

1. Budapest


The capital city of Hungary is an iconic place, which is rich in history as well culture. Popularly referred as one of the cultural centers of Europe, this place is a must-visit for its iconic architecture and aesthetics of the buildings. A significant place for travel enthusiasts, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go and enjoy this lively and magnificent city.

2. Prague


Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic has come out as a major tourism center in Europe. Having suffered considerably less damage during the Second World War, the condition of most of the original monuments here is intact. The city is also known for its architecturally brilliant buildings with Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo motifs to name a few.

3. Venice


You can’t exclude this place from the list. Perhaps the most prominent amongst all the cities in the list, the city of Venice is truly a heaven for lovers and travelers alike. No city can be compared to Venice owing to the huge amount of admiration and popularity that it receives. The place still remains one of those destinations that don’t need an introduction.

4. Paris


Renowned as the city of love, this amazing place is consistently coming under one of the most-visited cities in the world. With some of the best places to visit, great nightlife, and perpetual romantic vibes, the city has justifiably stolen the heart of its visitors.

5. London


Financial Capital of the world, this historical city needs no introduction. A home to the towering Big Ben, the ever so Gothic Westminster Abbey, and the Buckingham Palace, London is one place everyone dreams of and no one in the world would possibly like to miss going to.

6. Bucharest


Last but definitely not the least, Bucharest, the capital city of Romania finds a lot of significance in European history which can be easily recognized in its architecture. Consistently being rated amongst the best cities to visit in Europe, it has to be a must-visit place on your itinerary.

When planning a Europe tour, journeying via railways that too by taking the Venice Simplon Orient Express train will be a decision you will never regret. Going through the above-mentioned routes and witnessing the glory of different places in your stopovers will make you undergo an experience that you’ll cherish for life.

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