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Villas In Moscow: 7 Places That Offer Unparalleled Luxury In The Heart Of Russia

Moscow is known to be one of the busiest cities of Europe. We can give you endless reasons to visit this captivating capital – the architecture, the art scene, the night life – there are thousands of things for one to do in Moscow. Next time you are there, try staying at one of these villas in Moscow. Moscow, now, is a mix of ancient and modern architecture and culture. It has stood through times and has many a stories to tell you. After all, the city is 800 years old! Be it the museums which have been witness to the glorious past of this whimsical country or the glittering lanes of the Red Square.

While you are exploring this stunning capital, why not stay at a place which makes you feel right at home? The villas in Moscow are not very many, but each one stands out in its own unique way and provides with scenic views and lots of love and warmth. So, let’s explore the best villas of Moscow to help plan your long-awaited trip to this quaint wonderland!

1. Russian General Holiday Home

Russian General Holiday Home

The villa/holiday home is 43 km from Moscow, in a place called Zavety Il’icha. You are sure to feel at home at this villa, which is like a replica of what Russian homes really look like. The villa has two bedrooms, a kitchenette with microwave, a flat-screen TV, a seating area and 1 bathroom with a shower. You can head out to Khimki, which is home to Lev Tolstoy park, the famous author. If what you are looking for is some sumptuous food and entertainment, you could also visit the Mega Mall. Or, you could just laze around in the garden of this simple yet elegant villa and gorge on some delicious continental breakfast, and take in all that mother nature has to offer.

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2. Guest House Skazka

Guest House Skazka

At this yet another holiday houses in Moscow, which is located 44 km from the capital, there are a lot of facilities that can keep you occupied for your entire stay. It is located in Ivanovka, which is known for its museum, a tribute to Sergei Rachmaninoff (the famous Russian composer). Take time out and visit the place. It’s the only one of its kind. You could also try your luck at fishing since it has a lake nearby or even try hiking.Besides that, the villa has a private pool, a kitchen and lake views. The rooms, six in total, are all air-conditioned. It has a cosy living room with a TV. The holiday home also offers free toiletries, so you can pack light and has a total of 4 bathrooms, enough for a big group.

3. Villa Marybelle

Villa Marybelle

This well-known villa of Moscow, is located in Zaozerye, just 15 km from Moscow. This mesmerising beauty has a private beach area, since the Moscow River is situated nearby. The spacious and elegant interiors of this villa is quite breath-taking and so is the exteriors. The villa keeps you warm during the winters too with its fireplace, in front of which you can sit and sip on your hot cocoa or vodka. It has a quite spacious living room, which comes with a TV and DVD player.
It is a self-catering villa though and you have to cook on your own. So, go ahead and try those MasterChef dishes that you wanted to try all along; the kitchen in equipped with a stove, oven, and microwave.

4. Villa Ozero Krugloe

Villa Ozero Krugloe

As you reach Villa Ozero Krugloe, the lovely garden with a riot of colours welcomes you. The villa, 46 km from the capital, is stunning in its appearance and offers the best of facilities. It has a private beach area, barbecue facilities and a garden. Some of the rooms, also have a patio, which overlooks the garden. When you get up to such a view, there is nothing else you would want to do, but to soak in all the fresh air. You can head to one of the six bathrooms, which the villa houses, and have a refreshing bath in the hot tub! The place comes with a fully-equipped kitchen and a dining area. Another option is to go cycling around the town or even skiing if you are there in the winters. This place even has a children’s playground, to keep them busy, while you laze around and soak in the sun.

5. Roman Villa

Roman Villa

If ever there is something that describes Moscow in the best possible way, it has to be ‘Where history meets modernity’. Make a trip to the capital to know the real Russia. One of the well-known villas in Moscow, every room in the Roman Villa comes with a terrace or a balcony. Your typical city-type villa, the living area comes with a TV and a sofa. This is a self-catered villa, so they have provided a fully equipped kitchen, with an oven, a fridge, a stove, and a kettle. After a tiring tour of the city, you can laze around in the garden of this villa or you could have a nice swim in their indoor pool. If you need any information on getting around, the people at the reception will be happy to help you.

6. Villa Kadashi


Moscow, though under-rated as a tourist destination, in fact, has a lot of attractions, which might delight the true-blue traveler in you and provide you with plenty of photo-ops too. This one is a luxury villa in Moscow. Located in the middle of the city, it is an 11-minute walk from Zaryadye Park and 1 km from The Kremlin. Every room in the hotel has a desk, so if you are there on business, you could also use the desk as your work station. The villa also offers some rooms that come with a safety deposit box. All the rooms are air-conditioned. All the rooms include a private bathroom with a shower. The food here is delicious, where you can choose between continental or à la carte breakfast. Not just that, you could also make full use of the lovely garden which has BBQ facilities.

7. Villa Belaya

Villa Belaya

Yet another villa in the city of Moscow, Villa Belaya has free Wi-Fi. All in all, it has 4 bedrooms. The kitchen is equipped with everything including a dishwasher and an oven. There are also 4 bathrooms in the villa, which has a bath and a hair dryer.
Apart from that, they even have a sauna for rejuvenation or you could also enjoy a game of billiards, one of the facilities that the villa offers. There are also barbecue facilities or you could chit chat with the fellow guests at the shared lounge. If you need any assistance, they have a 24-hour front desk, where the staff can speak both English and Russian.

Be it the historical monuments like the Kremlin or the rejuvenating experiences of a Russian bath, Moscow is the place to explore on your next vacation. On every trip, you choose the best of hotels with all the modern facilities for you to stay. This time around, try out one of these villas in Moscow. The trip down the history and culture of this metropolis will turn even more memorable, we guarantee you that. These villas will make sure that you do not miss home (well, at least, not too much!) on your trip to Russia.

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10 Finger Licking Good Kallang Restaurants In Singapore

Singapore is a well-known tourist spot housing several interesting places waiting to get explored. One of such places is Kallang which is located in the central region of this country. One of the most iconic places in Kallang which draws everyone’s attention is the Kallang river which is the longest flowing river in Singapore which spreads from the Nicoll coast highway to the Pierce Reservoir. It is not only abundantly filled with several tourist destinations but it also hosts some of the best Kallang restaurants. The details of few of the restaurants in and around Kallang are given below.

Kallang is famous all around the world for featuring some of the most interesting historic landmarks. Other than those, it is also famous for housing incredibly amazing restaurants. Take a look:

1. Eat@Taipei Restaurant

Eat@Taipei Restaurant

This is one of the famous Kallang restaurants which serves delicious food from the Taiwanese cuisine. This Kallang Wave restaurant features so many delicacies that one will definitely be spoilt for choice. The popular Taiwanese street foods like Oyster Omelette and Crispy Fried Chicken Pop never fail to impress the diners. Some of the other must-try dishes here include Oyster Mee Sua served with Pig’s intestines, Matcha Soft Serve Toast, Spring Onion Pancake, Braised Pork Belly Noodles and Fried Tofu.

Location: 1 Stadium PI, #01-35, Kallang Wave Mall, Kallang, Singapore-397638
Cost for two: INR 2,800
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor reviews

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2. Thai Village Restaurant

Thai Village Restaurant

One can savour the mouth-watering delicacies from Chinese and Thai-Teochew cuisine at this Kallang restaurant. This restaurant opened its doors to all the food lovers in the year 1991 and since then it has been a favourite among all the visiting tourists as well as the Kallang locals. Their signature dish is the Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup is a gastronomic delight which never fails to satisfy any food lover’s taste buds.

Location: 2 Stadium Walk, #01-02/03 Kallang Indoor Stadium, Kallang, Singapore-397691
Cost for two: INR 9,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0
TripAdvisor reviews

3. Joyden Treasures

Joyden Treasures

Joyden Treasures is situated at one of the best locations in Kallang which is the Leisure Park. This Chinese restaurant in Kallang features exquisite Cantonese and Teochew cuisine dishes. Even the delicacies from the Chinese cuisine are served here but only during special occasions like some celebrations or weddings. A comprehensive assortment of seafood and meat-centric dishes are laid out here. Some of the savoury dishes which must be tried here by every food enthusiast include Phoenix Beancurd Skin Prawn Roll, Steamed Red Grouper dressed with Homemade Soy Bean Broth, Crispy Duck served with Lotus Buns, Jumbo Prawns in Dark Sauce, Salt Baked Crabs, Ee-fu Noodles, among many others.

Location: 5 Stadium Walk, #02-42, Leisure Park Kallang, Singapore-397693
Cost for two: INR 4,200
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0
TripAdvisor reviews

4. Coca Restaurant

Coca Restaurant

At Coca Restaurant one can have the most unique experience of dining on traditional dishes from the authentic Thai cuisine on a speedboat. This Kallang leisure park restaurant first started in Bangkok and established its presence in Singapore in the year 1987. Since then it has been a favourite amongst all the Singaporean diners. In this restaurant in Kallang Leisure Park, high-quality ingredients are blended together to give out an immensely flavoursome dish. In-house specialities at this restaurant include Handmade Dumplings served with Shrimp Paste, Fish Glue, and plenty of other seafood and meat delicacies.

Location: 5 Stadium Walk, #02-01 Leisure Park Kallang, Kallang, Singapore-397693
Cost for two: INR 7,000
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0
TripAdvisor reviews

5. Aji-ichi Restaurant

Aji-ichi Restaurant

This restaurant is located in one of the famous locations in Kallang which is the Kallang Wave Mall. The aim of this restaurant is to serve quality food at highly affordable rates. This concept was developed by the Aston group to attract diners of every class to try out the pocket-friendly dishes served here. Traditional dishes from the Japanese cuisine are served here and all the authentic ingredients used here to curate a dish is imported from Japan. All the delicacies are freshly prepared and are served in a classy yet simple setting. The signature dishes of this restaurant which impresses every gastronome are Lemon Lime Chicken, Prime Steer Ribeye, Grilled Fish with Herbs and Ieat Super Burger.

Location: #02-01 Kallang Wave Mall, 1 Stadium Pl, Kallang, Singapore-397628
Cost for two: INR 2,000
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor reviews

6. King – Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

King Long Beach Seafood Restaurant

As the name suggests, King – Long Beach Seafood Restaurant is the king of seafood restaurants. It is one of the best restaurants near Kallang and is the proud creator of the first and original Black Pepper Crab of Singapore which is the highlight dish of this restaurant. Other crab-based dishes are also served here which are attributed by a unique rich flavour. These dishes include Chilli Crab and Classic White Pepper Alaskan King Crab. This place also features some of the best seafood dishes like Live Geoduck Sashimi, Golden Stripe Live Lobster, Steamed Live Scottish Razor Clam, Portuguese Style Live Lobster, Australian Lobster Sashimi and BBQ Live Golden Phoenix Fish.

Location: 220 Stadium Blvd, Singapore-397803
Cost for two: INR 6,500
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0
TripAdvisor reviews

7. Ayam Penyet President

Ayam Penyet President

Ayam Penyet President is a chain of restaurants which aim at giving value-for-money dining experience. Authentic Indonesian cuisine dishes are served here which are made out of fresh and traditional ingredients. The taste of the Grilled Boneless MilkFish served here is the highlight of this place and one cannot get this dish anywhere else in Singapore but Ayam Penyet President. This fish is famous for being highly tender and juicy and is the favourite among the Filipino diners. The other must-try dishes of this restaurant are Avocado Juice, Iced Jackfruit in Coconut Milk, Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken, Smashed Fried Chicken, among many others.

Location: Kallang Wave 01-23, 1 Stadium Pl, Kallang, Singapore-397628
Cost for two: INR 4,200
TripAdvisor rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor reviews

8. Dragon Bowl Restaurant

Dragon Bowl Restaurant

This restaurant is counted among the best Cantonese restaurants in Singapore. A wide variety of Cantonese food is served here with a touch of contemporary style. The delicacies served here are made by using only the finest ingredients to give out the most authentic taste. They maintain high service standards by providing quality food in the most exquisite way. This is the best place to dine and celebrate with family and friends. It provides a very welcoming ambience and setting for major events like birthdays, anniversaries, business get-togethers etc.

Location: 12 Kallang Ave, 09, Kallang, Singapore-339509
Cost for two: INR 4,100
TripAdvisor rating: 4.0
TripAdvisor reviews

9. Ariff’s Restaurant

Ariff's Restaurant

Ariff’s Restaurant in Kallang serves authentic Indian food and is considered to be the best Indian restaurant in Kallang. Traditional Indian food delicacies like Cone Dosa, Curries, Mushroom Paratha, Kothu Paratha, Kambing Soup, Uthapam, Fish Fry, Onion Paratha and much more is served here. One can even relish sipping on the unique combination of juices offered here. The best part about this restaurant is that it is open 24 hours on all days of the week.

Location: 71 Kallang Bahru, Kallang, Singapore-330071
Cost for two: INR 2,000
Zomato rating: 4.0
Zomato reviews

10. My Spice Affair

My Spice Affair

This restaurant first started as a street food joint serving food from the Malay cuisine. It was started by Madam Salmah in the 1970s. People loved the food here so much that this street food joint soon converted and established as one of the best restaurants in Kallang. The recipes and the cooking procedures were all given out by Madam Salmah and even though the presentation techniques have changed and improved over the years, the recipe and cooking techniques remain the same. Because of this, the authentic taste of traditional Malay food is still maintained at this restaurant.

Location: 12 Kallang Ave, Kallang, Singapore
Cost for two: INR 2,100
TripAdvisor rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor reviews

From the number of cuisines to the variety of delicacies, Singpore has everything in plenty. A variety of lip-smacking delicacies from different cuisines are served in these Kallang restaurants. Plan a trip to Singapore with friends and family by booking a package with TravelTriangle. The vacation, and not only the food, is going to be unforgettable!

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Bengaluru Just Got Its Own Logo & It’s An Art Worth Showing Off On Your Instagram

If you’ve had love for Bengaluru for being the pretty city with pleasant weather that it is, here’s a good news for you. It has also become the first Indian city to have its own logo, and has joined the league of the popular cities like New York and Singapore across the world.  And believe us, the logo reflects every bit of beauty that will make you go wow.

The cute rolling font of the Bengaluru logo was devised by the bankers-turned-designers Rushi Patel and M Venkateswara Rao, who are also the founders of Nammur, a creative design start-up. Reflecting part English, and part Kannada, the new logo was finally chosen by a panel of experts from a crowdsourcing contest organized by the city’s Department of Tourism.

place where the new log was unveiled in bangalore

The contest received 1,350 entries and was unveiled by Priyank Kharge, who is the Minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology, and Karnataka State Tourism Minister at the Namma Bengaluru Habba, an open street festival held at the Vidhana Soudha.

Facing criticism for its potholes on roads, rising pollution issue, and frothing lakes, the Karnataka government decided to launch a logo for the city with an aim to rectify its image, and promote it as a major tourist destination across the world. So, the final logo that was chosen is red and white in colour, in sans serif, and with a typography that conveys a sense of fluidity, boldness, and vitality.

Apart from the two languages, the logo also has ‘Be’ and ‘U’ highlighted in the red colour, which reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city, and how the Silicon Valley of India is both globally and locally rich when it comes to its culture and lifestyle. And since the creators of the logo believe Bengaluru to be a city that allows you to be you, they chose to highlight the welcoming spirit of the city through the red letters. While the logo is already out, Nammur has also launched new merchandise that will represent the city.

logo of new york

While Bengaluru is the first Indian city to have its own logo, there are already a few others around the world that have had their own logos for quite some time now. Though the most popular ones are Berlin, London, Venice, Prague, Montreal, Singapore, Amsterdam, and New York City.

And while, it is a moment of pride for everyone, here’s also to hoping that the city retains its charm till eternity!

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Top 12 Rhodes Restaurants To Set Out On A Culinary Excursion

Restaurants in Rhodes, Greece are like a catalogue of the best flavours of Greece. From traditional recipes, to a modern reinvention, you will get too see the best of the culinary art right here! With so many restaurants located in a serene neighbourhood, you will also find some of the best places to eat in Rhodes lined on the seaside. From friendly cafes, to sophisticated villas that are converted into restaurants, there are many types of eateries, each one better than the first!

If this is your first visit to the city, here are some of the best Rhodes restaurants for you to add to your itinerary. Serving delectable meat, burgers, sushi, and especially Greek seafood, there is no better place to explore this culinary world than here!

1. Marco Polo Cafe

Marco Polo Cafe

Located in one of the most posh hotels of Rhodes, Marco Polo Cafe is the shining gem of the Marco Polo Mansion. The mansion dates back to the 15th century, which brings with it the most lavish Ottoman designs, and an air of class. While the gardens depict the lives of the royals, you will find the decor too matching to royalty, with a large collection of tapestry from all over the world. The food served here cannot be appreciated enough. Along with exquisite flavours, everything from the fresh produce to the presentation is beyond expectations. Since it is one of the best Rhodes old town restaurants, a visit here for any foodie is a must!

Must Try: Tagliata, Saffron Panna Cotta, Seafood Salad
Location: Agiou Fanouriou 37, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Mediterranean, European, Greek
Google Rating: 4.8

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2. Mavrikos


Famous for being one of the oldest restaurants in this area, Mavrikos enjoys a huge loyal customer base. What once started as just a dream, has today achieved a new level in the culinary world. The journey that started in 1912, is today one of the best restaurants in Rhodes, with some of the most important people of the world making it a point to dine here. What is commendable is that the recipes based on age old family secrets, still remain a mystery, adding an incredible value to all that is served here. At the same time, the restaurant also loves to experiment with modern techniques! They also have an excellent collection of wine, some of which are locally sourced.

Must Try: Calamari sautéed with beetroots and saffron, cuttlefish-ink risotto, grilled tuna with a colis of balsamic syrup, lamb in kumquat sauce
Location: Lindos 851 07, Greece
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Google Rating: 4.2

3. Kerasma


A fairly new addition to the cuisine culture of Rhodes, Kerasma was established in 2010. And in just a small period of time, it has risen to be amongst the best culinary experiences of the city of Rhodes! With an aim to bring a modern turn to the traditional delicacies of Greece, Kerasma has become one of the best restaurants in Rhodes. While here, their fusion dishes are a must, and if you are a seafood lover, you must try their grilled octopus dipped in honey. With a cellar rich in some of the most exquisite wines, you will be spoilt for choice for the perfect brew here!

Must Try: Lamb shank, tiramisu, gluten free options
Location: Leontos 6, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Google Rating: 4.7

4. Hatzikelis


Lauded by critics from all over the world, Hatzikelis enjoys a loyal patronage from the best of the world. With their signature dishes stealing the limelight almost all the time, they also have a few surprises up their sleeve for those flavour adventurers. Another plus point of this restaurant is their courtyard seating. Fragrant with bushes and flowers, and overlooking the beautiful ruins of the Church of the Virgin, it is one of the best Rhodes restaurants to plan a romantic dinner in the city. Famous for its seafood, it is no less that a sin to come here and not eat their special fish preparations!

Must Try: Shrimps in ouzo sauce, mussels, steak, cutlets, moussaka
Location: αλχαδεφ 9, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Greek
Google Rating: 4.4

5. Melenos Lindos

Melenos Lindos

With a historic air, and the beauty of the past, Melenos Lindos is a mystical place to visit in Rhodes. While the villa gives a 17th century feel, it is the rooftop restaurant that allures romantics into its comforts. The entire place lights up at night, while during the day, the gorgeous views of Aegean can be enjoyed from the rooftop. Look down onto the street, and the cobblestone streets lined with blooming bougainvillea is a stunning sight! They serve comfort food, warm and cosy, which at once make you feel at home. To have the best experience, you must visit it during sunset, although, it is recommended that you book a table for the same in advance.

Must Try: Lamb cutlets, beef fillet, moussaka, mille feuille
Location: Lindos, Lindos Rhodes 851 07, Greece
Cuisine: Greek, European, Mediterranean
Google Rating: 4.5

6. Nireas


Another restaurant in Rhodes that is known for its seafood is Nireas. A perfect retreat for the sightseeing tourists on a bright afternoon, the lush greenery, and the cool shade is perfect during the summers. The ambience of the restaurant is also very calm and soothing. While here, be sure to try some seafood, as they offer everything from squids to fish, and their preparations too are quite exciting. For those who love seafood, you would know that there is no better joy that fresh seafood, prepared with the best sauce. The experience is also enhanced by the prompt service and friendly staff!

Must Try: Seared Tuna with sesame seeds, crab cakes, tiramisu
Location: Sofokleous 22, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Greek
Google Rating: 4.4

7. Ta Kioupia

Ta Kioupia

Redesigning the flavors of traditional Greece recipes, Ta Kioupia is a restaurant in Old Town Rhodes that is gaining steady popularity. A gourmet restaurant of a kind, this upscale restaurant was opened with an aim to be the best at everything! The ambiance is elite and stunning, and cozy and comfortable at the same time. One of the finest Rhodes restaurants Greece, this place also boasts of an excellent menu, with seafood, as well as meat dishes, not to mention an excellent collection of wine! Located amidst the bustling of the Old Town, this is a quiet place to enjoy some delicate, delicious food. Enjoy!

Must Try: Tzatziki, kleftiko
Location: Greece, Menekleous 22, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Greek
Google Rating: 3.9

8. Taverna Kostas

Taverna Kostas

Do you have that one place back home, where your menu is decided, the seat is fixed, and so is the company? Taverna Kostas is that place among the many Rhodes restaurants, Greece. Homely comfort food, full of flavours, an ambience that will make you feel at home, and the staff that are like friends and family. If you are here for a few days, and visit this restaurant a couple of times, don’t be surprised if you see some locals here again and again. It is loved by all here, and is sure to tickle your taste buds too!

Must Try: Calamari, octopus’ salad, sea bream, moussaka, baklava
Location: Pithagora 62, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Greek
Google Rating: 4.7

9. Tamam


If you already have this restaurant on your list of must visits, you would already be aware that booking a table here in advance is a must! While the queue may seem unlimited, it is well worth the wait too. Tourists find this to be amongst the best restaurants in Rhodes for its excellent food, homely comfortable services, and an atmosphere of fun and energy. When it comes to the cost too, this restaurant charges the best prices! The quality of food surpasses the prices, and you will leave having had the best culinary experience of Rhodes! Do make sure you give this restaurant a try!

Must Try: Pork shank, steak, mussels, shrimp meal
Location: Leontos 1, Rodos 851 00, Greece
Cuisine: Greek
Google Rating: 4.8

10. Arhontiko


With an atmosphere of cruising along the sea, Arhontiko is set in a 17th-century villa that was initially the home of a Captain. With sea chests, pebbled flooring, and arches giving it the perfect sophisticated look, the soft cushion seating, the warm energy, and the simplistic design brings a sense of comfort to all! For a more romantic seating, head to their outdoor terrace, that offers guests incredible views of the Acropolis. Staying true to its theme, and religious to its reputation, this is among the best Rhodes restaurants with a view and is popular amongst seafood lovers. Serving delicious seafood preparations, there is nothing that you will order and regret. And surely, you are bound to come here multiple times during your visit!

Must Try: Grilled squid, steak
Location: Lindos 851 07, Greece
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Google Rating: 4.5

11. Meltemi


A favourite amongst locals, as well as frequenting tourists, Meltemi carries with it a unique reputation. While the restaurant may not seem very impressive from outside, you step in, and you would have entered a whole different world! The atmosphere is light, friendly, and energetic, the staff and service prompt and efficient, and the food… simply excellent! Greek food at its best, you must gorge on the seafood here, while overlooking the gorgeous waters, making it one of the loveliest Rhodes restaurants with a view. This beachside restaurant must be on your list of where to eat in Rhodes, and if it isn’t as yet, add it now!

Must Try: Eggplant saganaki, sea bass, mussels, tzatziki, stuffed squid
Location: 8,, Pl. Kountourioti, Rodos, Greece
Cuisine: Greek, Mediterranean
Google Rating: 4.3

12. Akti Ixia

Akti Ixia

A multi-cuisine restaurant in Rhodes, Akti Ixia is popular amongst travelers looking for a quick bite in the middle of the day, or maybe a quiet drink at night. From sushi to burgers, you can find it all here, not to mention excellent Greek dishes too! When the sun sets, the restaurant sparkles. Especially the poolside area. People usually like to take a short swim, before gorging on the delicacies that are served here. Apart from the exciting poolside area, there is another section right next to the sea which serves as the perfect place for a quiet meal with your someone special.

Must Try: Tortillas, sandwiches
Location: Leof. Iraklidon, Rodos 851 01, Greece
Cuisine: American, Mediterranean
Google Rating: 4.6

Greek cuisine is exciting to say the least! And with so many exciting options in Rhodes, you are bound to have a great experience here. So plan a trip to Greece with your friends and family and unleash the foodie in you! What are you waiting for? Go on and enjoy the most delish fare you’ll ever taste!

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12 Restaurants In Pietermaritzburg Where Delicious Local Food Is Served

Traveling to a foreign land brings joys as well as challenges when it comes to trying new things. For instance, finding and getting familiar with the taste of a local cuisine of that place can be quite challenging. Finding the restaurants that provide a space for temporary relaxation, food, and drinks just the way you want can be as joyful. In other words, we can say that the eateries are places where we all can have rejoice in the consumption of delectable cuisines and can consequently create a lot of memories to be cherished!

The great culture of Pietermaritzburg is sure to help you explore a wide variety of eateries to satiate your cravings at! Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg will not only let you have a taste of the local African dishes but will even serve you with internationally famous cuisines.

Following are some of the best restaurants in Pietermaritzburg known for their hospitable service and exquisite cuisine. These recommendations will surely leave your mouths watering and a desire to visit these places as soon as possible!

1. La Vitae

La Vitae

La Vitae in Pietermaritzburg has expertise in fine Italian Cuisine. Lavitae offers an assortment of Italian inspired dishes from the traditional classics to the cutting-edge modern recipes as well as comfort food that feed the spirit! They also have a wide range of wines to prepare the pallet for the delightful feast!

They are situated at the ground floor of the lively Invesco Center (corner Sanctuary and Armitage road). This central location, near the city, and N3 make travelling convenient and easy with secure parking.

Location: Chatterton Rd, Shop 10, Invesco Centre, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.4 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 1027

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2. Quincy’s Café and Restaurant

Quincy's Café and Restaurant

Quincy’s Café was opened in 1998 to fill a niche in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa for an upmarket bistro. It is situated conveniently in the Victoria Center and became popular immediately. The menu focused on quality morning meals and snacks, and though a dinner menu was available, it was set at a much lower key.

In 2001, when Quincy’s Café changed hands, they chose to keep everything basically the same but increased the attention to the dinner trade. Another menu was designed that focused on the night trade, while maintaining the vibe of the daytime menu.

Location: 157 Victoria Rd, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.2 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 345 4360

3. Tandoor


All things on the menu are accessible all times since their kitchen is open 24×7, so when you feel like Oxtail or Ribs at 7:30am after a hard night of partying, or possibly a cheddar and mushroom omelet after a movie or before bed, they will be always at your service.

They are completely air-conditioned and have a wide parking spot contiguous with the restaurant, and are 50m far from the Virgin Active Gym. There is an exceptionally rakish, stone topped bar separate from the eating area which is perfect for pre-dinner drinks or refreshment while waiting for a table.

Location: 319 Bulwer St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.4 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 8853

4. Mugg and Bean

Mugg and Bean

Mugg and Bean is a place where customers become regular visitors and then become friends. This is the essence of Mugg and Bean. This is what you can anticipate. You’ll be inspired by the authentic taste it of their seasonal specialties and endless beverages.

Location: 50 Sanctuary Rd, Woodlands, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.3 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 8278

5. Jayz Grill

Jayz Grill

They are a family restaurant situated in Pietermaritzburg just off the N3. They offer a full menu that caters to all preferences. You can browse through their site where you will find their day by day specials, full menu to oblige each taste, children’s menus, and their award-winning wine list!

If you are looking for buffet restaurants in Pietermaritzburg, then this place is for you. For more data on what they offer please don’t hesitate to visit their contact page, fill in their enquiry forms and they will contact you ASAP.

Location: Invesco Centre, Chatterton Road, Athlone, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.4 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 1185

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Olive & Oil Pietermaritzburg

Olive & Oil Pietermaritzburg

From as far away from a little town in Greece, down to the rough coastline of Morocco, the Mediterranean has been the greatest influence and inspiration for the food and hospitality for which Olive and Oil is famous.

Set up about 10 years ago by Jacqui and Nickos Itopoulos and later joined by Craig Storkey, Olive and Oil has been mainly a family-run foundation. The families are passionately engaged with the day by day tasks of the restaurant and consistently endeavor to exceed your expectations.

Location: Cascades Shopping Centre, 23 Mc CarthyDr, Chase Valley Downs, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.4 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 347 1131

7. El Sombrero Spur Steak Ranch

El Sombrero Spur Steak Ranch

In case you’re searching for the ideal restaurants in Pietermaritzburg to enjoy generous servings of tasty food with loved ones, then look no further than the recently renovated El Sombrero Spur family restaurant in Scottsville Mall. Here, they offer a diverse menu filled to the brim with passionately prepared dishes, such as mouth-watering racks of ribs, fat and juicy burgers, and tender barbecued steaks.

Nowhere else in Pietermaritzburg would you be able to appreciate these meals in as warm, vibrant, and family-friendly atmosphere.

Location: The Mall @ Scottsville, 50 Alan Paton Ave, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.2 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 9104

8. Sagewood Cafe

Sagewood Cafe

Sagewood Café in Pietermaritzburg has been made like an artisan-style bistro where harmony, service, and enthusiasm for quality food converge through locally sourced seasonal and fresh produce, and an expert chef, Gregg Oosthuizen. The bistro is situated inside Blackwood’s Home of Gardening and Touchwood Interiors, shaping a Lifestyle Center that consolidates food, nature, and design.

The deck and veranda along the Dorpspruit River offer a peaceful setting for families and friends to appreciate a break from the everyday clamor of ‘Pietermaritzburg life. There is a sheltered and well maintained kids’ play area in full view of the dining spot with the goal that the entire family gets the chance to unwind and make the most of their meals and surroundings.

Location: 97 Chatterton Rd, Athlone, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.4 out of 5!
Contact: +27 63 483 1950

9. Rosehurst


Dinner restaurants in Pietermaritzburg like Rosehurst offer stimulation for the entire family when they sit together for the meal. For teenagers and grown-ups, they provide an access to the web.

Furthermore, they have a well-known Play Canyon where the children can submerge themselves in a lot of physical, mental, and imaginative exercises.

Location: 239 Boom St, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.5 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 394 3833

10. Essence


Essence ventured into Hillcrest opening a store in Hillcrest Corner. Go and sit with some espresso and take in their unique antique collection that will take you back in the past. At the two stores they are open for breakfast, lunch, and supper.

Their menu offers something for everybody – regardless of whether it be salads or a healthy steak. Don’t forget to taste their Chocolate Brownies! Once you’ve tasted it you’ll definitely be back for another.

Location: The Square, 4 Chatterton Rd, Town Hill, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.1 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 9215

11. Rockafella’s Theatre of Food

Rockafella's Theatre of Food

A remarkably grand buffet and restaurant – Rockafellas – opened its doors in 2009 at the Golden Horse Casino. The exciting idea of returning in time offers Pietermaritzburg coffee shops a blend of incredible 30’s and 40’s aura and memorabilia exhibited in an environment of relaxed, swanky style. The theme makes a special, yet comfortable, jazzy, “bar” feel.

Location: The Golden Horse Casino, 45 New England Rd, Scottsville, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.3 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 9521

12. Boulder Creek Spur Steak Ranch

Boulder Creek Spur Steak Ranch

At Boulder Creek Spur family eatery in Pietermaritzburg, they pride themselves on the wholesome family fun that they are so popular for. They endeavor to provide the most relaxing family atmosphere for their customers. They want to give you the unique Spur tastes that many regulars have come to adore throughout the years.

Location: Shop 24 Liberty Midlands Mall, 50 Sanctuary Rd, Pietermaritzburg, 3201, South Africa
Rating: 4.1 out of 5!
Contact: +27 33 342 3923

The restaurants in Pietermaritzburg mentioned above are different from each other in terms of mood, location, and cost. When choosing a place to eat, don’t forget to check the menus of each restaurant before you go on a trip to South Africa!

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10 Castles In Bruges Which Reflects The Heritage And Grand Architecture Of This European Country!

Belgium is a western European country that is known for its grand architecture. The country is home to some of the most stunning castles that can simply blow your mind. Bruges which is one of the most happening cities in Belgium can be considered as one of the best places to visit. If you are to visit Bruges then you need to make sure that you plan for a grand trip. For that, booking a castle hotel is the best thing that you can do. The city of Bruges has numerous castle hotels where you can spend your holidays. If you are confused which one to choose then give this article a read in order to find the best one.

Bruges, Belgium is a place that is filled with castle hotels. If you are planning for a grand holiday trip to Bruges then you have every need to spend your holidays in a luxury castle hotel. You can get a plenty of options out there. But for you, we have shortlisted 10 of the best and the luxurious castles in Bruges where you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

1. Le Château de Strainchamps

Le Château de Strainchamps

This is one of the best castle hotels that you can avail in Bruges. With real hardwood floors and spacious rooms, this castle hotel can be an ideal place to spend your holidays in luxury. In order to enjoy your stay at this grand property, you can avail all the amenities that you need. Starting from free parking to Wi-Fi connection you can have it all at this place. Enjoy the delicious breakfast served to you every morning. Here at Le Château de Strainchamps, you can enjoy a pleasant stay with luxury service.

Location: Rue des Vennes 29, 6637 Fauvillers, Belgium

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2. Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel

Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel

This is yet another great option that you can go for. If you are planning for a luxury stay in Bruges then this can be an ideal place to stay for you. The best thing about this castle hotel is its rooms. The castle has got deluxe rooms that are furnished with all the facilities that you need. You can also enjoy their excellent service and relax in the sauna. The castle also has a restaurant where you can enjoy great food. Overall, this property is worth a chance and is also one of the best castles in Bruges, Belgium.

Location: Sellaerstraat 42, 1820 Steenokkerzeel, Belgium

3. Lodewijk Van Male

Lodewijk Van Male

This 3-star accommodation is known to provide you with a pleasant stay with celebrity-like treatment. Starting from free Wi-Fi connection to free parking you can enjoy all of it here. The castle also has a bar where you can spend your evenings and have a good time. The restaurant at the hotel is known to serve some lip-smacking food. The rooms are also furnished with all the required facilities that are required to make your stay enjoyable.

Location: Maalse Steenweg 488, 8310 Brugge, Belgium

4. Kasteel Gravenhof

Kasteel Gravenhof

This 3-star property is an excellent way of giving a great start to your holiday. The castle includes all the amenities that you need. The rooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with private luxury bathrooms. You can also avail a variety of services as well which include laundry service, banquet room, restaurant and bar/lounge. In short, this is a great place to stay in Bruges.

Location: Alsembergsesteenweg 676, 1653 Dworp, Belgium

5. Chateau Cortils

Chateau Cortils

If you want to have a wonderful experience in Bruges then staying here can be the best idea. With excellent services and comfortable rooms, you can have a pleasant stay at this property. You can also visit this property along with your pets. Well, this is something that not many accommodations will provide you with. Other than that you can also avail other needed facilities like free wi-fi connection, free parking, and banquet. Each of the rooms is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave for your personal need. You can also have a good time at the tennis court of the property. It can be said that this is a great property for families.

Location: Chemin de Cortils, 4670 Blégny, Belgium

6. Martin’s Chateau du Lac

Martin's Chateau du Lac

This wonderful property is located only half a mile from Brussels. The castle is actually located within a huge park that offers a lush escape into the lap of nature. You can witness the grand past of the castle in its rooms which offers panoramic views of the lake and four-poster beds. Other than that the castle also provides you with other luxuries which you can enjoy during your stay. This place is ideal for couples.

Location: Avenue du Lac 87, 1332 Genval, Belgium

7. Château de la Poste

Château de la Poste

The property is located in the glowing fields of the Belgian Condroz. The castle is known to have a glorious past which you can witness from the very ambiance of it. You can enjoy a lovely view of the 42-hectare park. It also has a treehouse and a loft cube in the adjacent forest. This is just perfect for the ones who would love to spend a night under nature. This is indeed one of the best castles in Bruges.

Location: Ronchinne 25, 5330 Maillen, Belgium

8. Chateau d’Hassonville

Chateau d'Hassonville

The best thing about the place is the castle’s resident Chef and his team who is known to serve delicious French cuisine to its guests. If you wish to spend a luxury holiday in Bruges then this could be the ideal place for you. The numerous salons with fireplaces and sunlit veranda are going to provide you with a pleasant feel. You can also avail all the required amenities that you want within the perimeters of the castle making it one of the best in the city.

Location: Route d’Hassonville, 6900 Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

9. Manoir de Lebioles

Manoir de Lebioles

Located at one of the picturesque areas of Belgium this castle is one of the finest places you can find to spend your holidays in Bruges. This is in fact, is one of the resplendent castle, hotels in the whole of the country. From the castle you can enjoy a lovely view of nature. Not only that, but you can also avail everything that you need to spend your holidays pleasantly. One of the specialties of the castle is the gold tournaments and house concerts which you can enjoy if you visit during that time of the year. Overall, with all the facilities it is a great place to stay.

Location: Domaine de Lébioles 1/5, 4900 Spa, Belgium

10. Dukes Palace

Dukes Palace

If you want to get the feel of staying in a real castle then this is the place that you should stay in. After all, this is one of the best castles in Bruges that you can come across. The castle has a medieval touch in it which makes it even more attractive to its guests. Starting from the walls to the rooms of the castle, everything has a touch of the glorious past. Along with the medieval touch, you can also enjoy all the amenities that a hotel should provide.

So these are some of the best castle hotels that you can avail in Bruges, Belgium. By choosing to stay in any of these properties you can transform your whole holiday experience in Belgium. Now that you know the best castles in Bruges, Belgium it will be easier for you to choose the next place for the historical walk. And before that make sure to plan and customize your vacation to Europe with TravelTriangle.

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Visit These 7 Churches In Greece To Marvel At Their Beautiful Architecture

Europe, with its dreamy architecture and lush green landscapes, is also known for its rich cultural history and tradition. Europe remains one of those few places on the planet which have refused to replace their roots. It believes and takes immense pride from where it comes from. Europe has its history replete with religious wars and strifes and this has the led to the construction of Protestant and Catholic churches all over the land. Further books and movies like Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons have increased the interest in children and the youth towards the Churches in Greece.

Each church has its own share of rich history and sacred atmosphere. Ancient churches of Greece are one of the major tourist attractions. These churches in Greece NY are one of its own kind. Buildings like this are not made anymore.

1. Church of Seven Martyrs

Church of Seven Martyrs

Located in the small isle of Sifnos in Kastro village this church is built according to old Cycladic architecture. Sitting on the top of an aisle in between the blue water, this church looks magnificent when hit by strong wild waves making a very beautiful picturesque sight. We might have seen this church in many movies, always pictured against a romantic setting. Sifnos is known as the land of 336 churches. This might be an urban legend or a myth. However, we find the land dotted with numerous small and large alike churches and cathedrals. All of the churches have their own history and splendid architecture. This church, in particular, is one of the most photographed places on the planet.

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2. Church of Megalochari

Church of Megalochari

Among the most important Greek churches in Greece, one is Church of Megalochari situated in Tinos island, a hill above Chora. It is known that this church is a place of origin of the icon of the Virgin Mary. It is the strong belief of people that this church is holy and the icon is miraculous. Many pilgrims come here to ask for help and they believe that their which are granted. Greece is an amalgamation of everything that is good and has its roots way back into the past. The perfect time to visit Greece is in spring and autumn.

3. Church of Ekatontapiliani

Church of Ekatontapiliani

The church from the time of Paleo-Christian era in the village Parikia located in Paros has a great architecture making it one of the famous monuments in Greece. It is dedicated to Virgin and Agios Nikolaos built around the 6th century. Greece’s temperature varies throughout its mainland. You can find mild winter showers and sunny summers. There are hardly any scenarios of extreme temperatures. So, visiting this church in northern Greece won’t be a big problem.

Timings: Open all day long

4. Church of Holy Cross

Church of Holy Cross

Greece particularly has its own share of beautiful churches and cathedrals. Greece is a land which has been made immortal by Iliad and Aeneid. One of the largest church in Santorini, this church is located at the main square of Perissa above the beach was built in the early 1830s. The structure of the church is huge with a blue dome and a large bell tower which looks beautiful in the evening as the sunsets by the beach. As a part of the country known for its contribution to the world of art, music, sculpture, music, literature, this church also reflects the aspects of this rich culture.

5. Panagia Karmiotissa

Panagia Karmiotissa

A church dedicated to the protector Saint of Chora island, Panagia Gremiotissa was built in 1797 AD. This hill is above the Aegean Sea and two more churches are situated on the same hill. This church comes in the list of top Athens churches of Greece. This is largely because of the fact that its architecture combined with the historical aspects appeal to the minds and souls. It attracts a lot of crowd everyday of the year, specially during spring and autumn.

6. Church Of Agios Dionysios

Church Of Agios Dionysios

Built during the early 1890s, this church was built with orthodox Greek art which is rare to find anywhere these days. Dedicated to the saint of Zakynthos island, Agios Dionysios made after his death is the landmark of the island. This church has its position high in the list of Greek Orthodox churches in Greece. As it is an old church, it feels like a ride back in time. The aura around the church is peaceful and serene enough that it can put worries out of your mind. At least while you’re there.

7. Agios Ioannis – Skopelos

Agios Ioannis - Skopelos

This church of Agios Ioannis is situated in a quiet and majestic place called Skopelos. Now, it is not one of those places which make it to the most visited tourist places, however, one should really go to find some peace and calm in this terrain. The movie Mamma Mia has brought forth this place in front of the whole world and the possibilities of adventure in this place seem endless. However, it is a small church which is really the main attraction. This church is located on the top of a hill. To reach the church is not really an easy task but it is really worth the effort. The view is splendid.

This list is not in any way enough to give you a picture of all the magnificent churches of Greece, nevertheless, this list gives you all the places one should not miss when in the country. Greece tops all the countries in Europe which are known for the rich cultural heritage of the past. Moreover, it is in Greece where all of the histories began. The crystal clear blue waters of Sifnos, reflect the bluest of the skies and that very sight is something one should travel to Greece for.

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10 Glam Wedding Venues In Hanoi That Are Perfect For Your Big Day

The capital city of Vietnam, located on the banks of the Red River, is a beautiful place with the perfect combination of old world charm and modern sensibilities. The magnificent architecture, vibrant nightlife, cosmopolitan culture, and delectable cuisine offer you just the perfect setting as a dream wedding destination. It has the hustle and bustle of a busy city along with the serene countryside with splendid locales featuring lush green mountains, traditional hamlets and the most famous Ha Long Bay. There are some of the most awesome wedding venues in Hanoi to make the most special day of your life truly memorable.

Here is a detailed list of the most famous places to host a destination wedding in a city which has a history dating back to 1000 years.

1. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Located about 45 minutes from the city center, this resort has an ideal romantic ambiance for those cherished moments from your wedding shenanigans. Right from wedding planning to get you groomed for the D Day and making sure that the guests are comfortable and well cared for; the resort offers all the facilities and services so that you can enjoy your special day to the fullest. You can choose from the various accommodation options available which include rooms, suites and luxury villas. The hotel has all the amenities for leisure and entertainment with a fitness center, a hanging garden, and a play world. The resort’s palm pool is the most spectacular place for a cozy setup before the wedding day. Overall, this can easily be termed as one of the best Hanoi wedding venues.

Location: Ngoc Thanh, Phuc Yen, Vinh Phuc, Hanoi

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2. Hotel du PARC

Hotel du PARC

This 5-star property is equipped to give you the perfect contrast with its location at the center of the city and the peaceful and sophisticated interiors. The hotel is one of its kind, offering the best of facilities that come from the Japanese management along with warm Vietnamese hospitality. It has five restaurants, a number of party halls and a total of more than 250 stay options comprising of deluxe, executive and presidential rooms and suites. One of the best hotel wedding venues in Hanoi, it has a business center, fitness club, spa and a shopping kiosk too for the last minute wedding shopping. The hotel is placed surrounded by verdant parks and picturesque lakes which adds to the charm of the property.

Location: Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

3. The Hanoi Club

The Hanoi Club

Nestled spectacularly on the banks of the largest lake in the city, this is clearly the best in Hanoi wedding venues. The sunset view on the lake is a sight to behold and offers the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. The hotel has some of the best stay options to choose from. There are rooms equipped with all the latest facilities and in addition, the hotel also has serviced apartments with a host of amenities. Both the options will give you exclusive access to the prestigious club with an array of services and features like swimming pool, gym, tennis and squash courts and a driving range for the golf lovers. It also has an electronic gaming center, spa with sauna and jacuzzi and a ProShop where you can even order things according to your requirements and taste.

Location: Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

4. J W Marriott Hanoi

J W Marriott Hanoi

Get ready to host the event of your life at one of the finest wedding places in Hanoi with the help of a dedicated planner who will guide you at every step so that you can have the best time with your loved ones. They offer different wedding packages with a custom menu, venue decorations, and the wedding planner services. The magnificent ballroom is large enough to accommodate more than 900 guests. They have in total 17 banquet halls to facilitate intimate affairs as well as the grand reception party. With a contemporary artful design, state of the art technology and a luxurious setting, this venue in Hanoi has all the features to turn your dream wedding day into a reality.

Location: Me Tri Ward, South Tu Liem District Hanoi

6. Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

Sheraton Hanoi Hotel

With the picturesque West Lake as the perfect backdrop and the hotel’s immaculate gardens along with a quiet and peaceful courtyard, this is the ultimate destination for a glamorous and unforgettable wedding. The hotel has an inbuilt team of experts to help you in the planning and execution of the most special day of your life. They cater to every tiny detail starting from floral arrangements, table settings, venue decor, professional photo shoot, customized menu, exclusive grooming for the special couple and much more. The outdoor reception area has a capacity of 1000 guests and there are plenty of other choices too with fewer numbers for more intimate affairs. One of the outstanding wedding places in Hanoi, this hotel offers an ideal setting to give life to your dream wedding vision.

Location: Nghi Tam, 11 Xuan Dieu Road, Tay Ho District, Hanoi

7. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel

If you love the old world charm and traditions, then this 100-year-old property located in the center of the old city of Hanoi can be your choice to host your dream wedding. With more than 350 rooms and suites and a number of wonderful banquet halls for reception and small parties, this hotel has all the modern amenities to make your special day the most memorable one. The highlight of the place is their three signature fine dining restaurants, luxurious spa, swimming pool and not to forget a unique underground tour which offers you some of the most interesting stories from the past era.

Location: Ngo Quyen Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

8. Crowne Plaza West Hotel

Crowne Plaza West Hotel

This is one of the places where you can have a grand wedding with the comforts and convenience of the most modern technology. The expert team at the hotel which caters to exclusive events is dedicated to work round the clock and be at your service for your every small or big requirement. They have one specific point of contact assigned for the entire wedding who will stand by your side right from detailed planning with an item wise list so that you can plan your budget effectively. You can choose from the different function room options and also customize the menu to suit the taste of your guests.

Location: Le Duc Tho Street, My Dinh Commune, Hanoi

9. Pan Pacific Hanoi

Pan Pacific Hanoi

Located very near to Truc Bach Lake and West Lake in Hanoi, this place in Hanoi has all the features and amenities to start your wedding life and make it an unforgettable day. They have plenty of choices in terms of banquet halls ranging from a maximum capacity of 450 guests to a minimum of 70 guests. The hotel offers various wedding packages which include lavish receptions to stylish cocktail parties customized according to your liking. The beautiful outdoors and the latest technology equipped modern indoors makes this place just perfect for a destination wedding.

Location: Thanh Nien Road, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

10. Hilton Hanoi Opera

Hilton Hanoi Opera

An elegant hotel with stylish indoors and splendid outdoors, it is an ideal property for a wedding venue. The poolside of the hotel is just perfect for hosting a breathtaking reception. Just a quick walk from the charming French quarters in the city of Hanoi, the hotel has traditionally designed rooms fitted with state of the art amenities. The in-house bakery and two dining options offer you and the wedding guests the best of culinary experiences.

Location: Le Thanh Tong, Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

There is a myriad of choices when you are looking for wedding venues in Hanoi on your trip to Vietnam. The capital city of Vietnam has all the perfect settings to make the most special event of your life a memorable one as well. Get in touch with the experts at TravelTriangle today so that they can help in selecting the best wedding venue and also plan a dream honeymoon trip for you.

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13 Cyprus Restaurants Offering The Best Of The Middle Eastern Cuisine

From the traditional Meze plates to Kleftiko, seasonal vegetables, and fish to moussaka the assortment of other dishes is ready to satisfy your appetite in Cyprus. You can really hog on something new every day here. It’s not a secret to anybody that Cyprus is a gastronomical paradise for foodies. Natives of Cyprus are exceptionally enthusiastic and solemn about their food. So, Cyprus restaurants are available in pretty much every corner to fulfill everyone’s taste and wallet, from traditional meals to five-star gastronomic delights at exotic locations.

Here’s our full manual to help you find precisely what you are searching for in Cyprus to relish the famous food and restaurants.

1. Piatsa Gourounaki

Piatsa Gourounaki

Fantastically famous, and all for good, the contemporary-style Souvlaki recipe meals are offering the absolute fresh Greek taste in the town, with welcoming hospitality to boost further the notoriety of the restaurant.
You can choose from the quantity of amazingly grilled meat skewers and after that head out to the tasty meze and sides, from Bouyiourdi, a broiler cooked feta and vegetables, and pickled peppers to Tirokafteri spicy cheese dip.

Must Try: Meat platter, Greek salad, souvlaki
Location: Faneromenis 92, Nicosia 1011, Cyprus
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Barbecue, Greek
Google Rating: 4.6/5

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2. Hill View Restaurant

Hill View Restaurant

The Hill View restaurant is in the town of Pano Pissouri, high in the mountains over the sea, which as the name recommends gives surprising perspectives of the small countryside town, the encompassing slopes, and the sea. Apart from this, the meal here is second to none and has won various honors for its top grade and marvelous local flavors. Head to this restaurant for amazing food and views.

Must Try: Lamb shank pie, soup, Sunday roast
Location: Pissouri Pissouri CY 4607, Pissouri, Cyprus
Cuisines: European, British, Greek
Google Rating: 4.7/5

3. Sienna Restaurant

Sienna Restaurant

The Sienna Restaurant is one of the best eateries in Paphos, giving a relaxing environment with its warm welcome. It serves both international cuisine and traditional Cypriot food. Situated somewhere near the Coral Bay, facing the shining Mediterranean Sea, it is an ideal area to appreciate the eating ordeal at Paphos restaurant.
The best ingredients, the best cuts, and the freshest foods are utilized to serve high-class meals. The Sienna is apparently the most exceptional restaurant compared to other restaurants in Paphos as it serves food for all the events, from a large family get-together to a romantic dinner for two.

Must Try: profiteroles, kleftiko
Location: Stadiou 60, Pissouri 4607, Cyprus
Cuisines: Mediterranean, European, Greek
Google Rating: 4.6/5

4. Ladi and Rigani

Ladi and Rigani

This authentic Cypriot Kebab House, arranged in the village square is a family-friendly open-air eatery serving a selection of kebabs and Cypriot Souvlaki. Appreciate the variety of typical Greek dishes here, consisting of the home-marinated chicken Gyro, Sheftalia, pita Souvlaki, and considerably more in its menu.
The mixed barbecue “gyros” that’s served here as a plated meal includes fries, a small salad, “tzatziki,” and Greek pita bread. It’s really a tasty food encounter.

Must Try: Doner Kebabs, Pita Souvlaki, Chicken Gyro
Location: Prevezis 15 Nicosia CY, 1065, Cyprus
Cuisines: Greek
Google Rating: 4.5/5

5. Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant

Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant

Flaunting of an astounding area, ideal by the legendary Baths of Aphrodite, on the border of the Akamas Peninsula, the Baths of Aphrodite Restaurant offers guests probably the most unusual perspectives of the west shore of the island from Latchi all over to Kato Pyrgos, Pomos, and past.
The eatery offers delicious local fish and traditional Cypriot meze dish. It additionally, makes an ideal stop for a strong Cypriot coffee or ice-cold Keo, after the descend to the baths and back up. This spot is extremely prevalent with voyagers and also makes for a magnificent place to watch the dusk behind the Akamas.

Must Try: Cypriot coffee, seafood
Location: Rd To Fontana Amoroza, Neo Chorio, Cyprus
Cuisines: Seafood, Mediterranean, European, Greek, Vegetarian-Friendly
Google Rating: 4.2/5
Facebook Page

6. Hobo Cafe & Restaurant

Hobo Cafe & Restaurant

The Hobo eatery in Paphos is looking over the Mediterranean mansion and the Paphos harbor. So, if you are not terrified of pelicans waiting by your plate, sit down on its patio, and try a regular serving of salad or any of the traditional European meals from the menu of this restaurant. It is a perfect venue while seeing the magnificent sunset over the sea.

Must Try: Steak
Location: Αθηνών avenue, Cyprus 14, Larnaca 6022, Cyprus
Cuisines: European
Google Rating: 4.2/5
Facebook Page

7. Maqam Al-Sultan

Maqam Al-Sultan

What could be superior to venturing off a shoreline and right into an eatery catering to a great quality and endearing meals? The spot of Maqam Al Sultan couldn’t be better, directly before the Phinikoudes shoreline. It’s an enthusiastic zone with a stunning view. On the broad menu is the thing that you would find in a Lebanese eatery, hummus, shawarma, moussaka, and falafel.
The lamb and chicken dishes are particularly suggested to try here. Lebanese food is known for fulfilling tastes without being overwhelming in flavorings, so, Maqam Al Sultan hits that one note. The staff is also cordial and welcoming. A visit here will surely win everyone’s heart.

Must Try: vegetarian mezze, fattoush, hummus
Location: Agkiras 7 | Phinikoudes Seafront, 2026 Larnaka City, Cyprus
Cuisines: Lebanese
Google Rating: 4.6/5

8. Kanalli Fish Restaurant

Kanalli Fish Restaurant

Kanalli offers a beautiful holiday view spot from its rooftop, the turquoise inlet and the little, updated harbor with forested peaks out there. It is an ideal location for romantic people to relish the meal while enjoying the sunset. The cuisine specializes in fresh fish, in particular, sea bass, red snapper, bream, and red mullet, presented with freshly prepared chips.
The handmade sweets are great as well, especially take delight in the moist carrot cake served at the restaurant.

Must Try: Seafood, salad
Location: E704, Pomos 8870, Cyprus
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Greek
Google Rating: 4.2/5

9. Fuamo Steakhouse

Fuamo Steakhouse

Presenting steaks and barbecues from a wide range of varied cuts, Fuamo Steakhouse is a meat eater’s treat with filet, T-bone steak, and rib-eye, all on offer beside the variety of the burger menu. With all the meat cooked in-house, cuts are marinated deliberately to suit every guest’s preferences and are broiled to ensure the most extreme volume of juices to remain inside the meat.
Every Saturday you can additionally enjoy live music here, the scene is a social, and fun experience.

Must Try: Steaks, starters, desserts
Location: Αθηνών avenue, Cyprus 14, Larnaca 6022, Cyprus
Cuisines: Steaks
Google Rating: 4.2/5

10. Artisan’s Burger Bar

Artisan's Burger Bar

Burgers have at no other time been related to the fine dining or high-class charge. However, Artisan’s Burger Bar plans to switch that propaganda with its chic, sleek eatery that wouldn’t look strange in a flourishing city, for example, Paris or London. This eatery is situated in the causal zone of inland Cyprus.
A state-of-the-art way to deal with the preparation of the small burger includes ingredients like melted blue cheese or figs that show up along the menu of progressively standard sauces that have traditionally asserted some authority in burger bars worldwide.

Must Try: Burgers, beef, fries
Location: Stasandrou 20, Nicosia 1060, Cyprus
Cuisines: American, vegetarian
Google Rating: 4.3/5

11. La Maison Fleurie

Twelve Hours in New York City!

This tremendous French eatery has been portrayed by some as a tad of France in Cyprus. There is a genuinely French environment spot when you venture through the entryways, and it will give a feel like you are at the center of Paris encompassed by great French cuisine, that perfectly speaks of French food.
In case that you are thinking to visit the La Maison Fleurie, the scallops with wild mushrooms and the lobster soup are a must to relish here!

Must Try: Oyster, duck, lobster soup
Location: Christaki Kranou 18, Limassol, Cyprus
Cuisines: French, European
Google Rating: 4.5/5
Facebook Page

12. Pyxida Fish Tavern

Pyxida Fish Tavern

Perceived as the best fish specialty eatery in central Nicosia, Pyxida is convenient for lunch. You can find here non-farmed or frozen scaly fish, for example, sea bass or a fish mezé that’s served with perfect style. This location is a change over the 1930s house. Continuously busy, even the economic atmosphere and genuinely high costs have not even dithered its success all thanks to the delectable food on offer here.

Must Try: Oyster, sushi
Location: Menandrou 5, Nicosia, Cyprus
Cuisines: Seafood, European
Google Rating: 4.5/5

13. Stou Roushia

Stou Roushia

Stou Roushia is one of the first and also amongst the best-priced Cyprus restaurants in the city. Their menu offers a couple of starters like Cypriot ravióli loaded with haloúmi cheddar, liver(meat or chicken) a cooked dish of the day, pulse-based soups, and quality barbecued foods like sheftaliá.
It’s not very reasonable but the servings are liberal, so worth the penny. Pick to sit between the charming wood-and-stone styled interior or shaded open-air tables on the adjoining path.

Must Try: Lamb chops, ravioli, sheftalia
Location: Nikoláou Laníti 26, old Larnaca
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Greek, Vegetarian, Vegan
Google Rating: 4.1/5

Eager to visit these Cyprus restaurants yet? Plan your trip with TravelTriangle and enjoy the scintillating and appetizing food in this Middle Eastern country. Also, do not forget to share it with your friends. Know of more delightful places in Cyprus? Share with us in the comments below.

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10 Best Castles in Luxembourg That Are Replacements For Sheer Magnificence!

With varying rich history and prominence in its heritage and culture, Luxembourg does have a lot of things you need to venture into. The most important aspect of Luxembourg is the wide range of castles and palaces that litter the entire place around. The close-knit community that resides in this small country further make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations. The stately palaces and the beautiful castles are the perfect depictions of the beautiful history and architecture of the place around. The archaeological history of the place is also often depicted through the castles in Luxembourg.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 best castles in Luxembourg that not many people are aware of.

1. The Grand Ducal Palace

The Grand Ducal Palace

The very first thing to look out for when it comes to the wide range of castles around the place is the Grand Ducal Palace. It was used as a grand base by the Grand Duke to run his official duties. Located in the heart of the Luxembourg Palace itself, the palace is known for its extensive reverent beauty around. It dates back to the time of the Second World War and was the one that didn’t undergo any kind of dilapidation during the Nazi ruling. The exterior of the palace showcases the beautiful imprint of the Flemish Renaissance from the 16th century itself. There are guided tours that are held during the summer months.

Location: 17 Rue du marché-aux-Herbes, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

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2. Bourscheid Castle


Next on the list is the Bourscheid Castle which is located in Bourscheid itself. It is believed to be one of the oldest castles in Luxembourg, one whose archaeological evidences date back to the Roman times. The entire place is home to a keep, a palace as well as a chapel which is encompassed all around with four different towers. The building was acquired back in 1972 which is believed to have undergone a lot of architectural transformations over the years. The evening view of the castle with the entire area being lit around is believed to be something completely out of a movie.

Location: 1 Schlasswee, Bourscheid, Luxembourg

3. Vianden Castle


The Vianden Castle in Luxembourg is one of the most popular castles around the entire country of Luxembourg. It was built between the times of the 11th and the 14th century to commemorate the contributions of the Court of Vianden and has been named after the same as well. It is one of the largest castles West of the Rhine. The castle initially had Romanesque designs but then witnessed some more inscriptions of the Gothic realms in the form of intricate stone carvings, color user etc. The castle recently underwent a complete restoration which has restored it in its former glory.

Location: Montée du Chateau, Vianden, Luxembourg

4. Beaufort Castle

Beaufort Castle

The Beaufort Castle in Luxembourg is yet another one of the monumental places around the country. It is one of the oldest European medieval castles which stands out from the medieval fortress which was predominantly guarded around by the large moat. The ownership of the castle has been handed down from people to people and now is completely desolate and without any kind of owner. It also was a residence for quite some year altogether. It is considered as the National Monument of Luxembourg even with the kind of desolation it has undergone.

Location: Montée du Chateau, Vianden, Luxembourg

5. New Castle Of Ansembourg


Don’t get deterred by the similarity in the name, the New Castle of Ansembourg is yet another one of the amazing castles around that is a must visit. It was built back in the year of 1639 as a residence and is located in the Valley of Seven Castles. It was primarily known as the “House of the Ironworks” following the first owner who worked as an ironworker. The property was finally inherited by the Marchant family back in the year of 1719 following which is undergoing a number of changes to its outlook. It is also believed to host a wide range of festivals and events the entire year round and the castle garden further add to the beauty of the place. They are open daily.

Location: 10 rue de la Vallée, Ansembourg, Luxembourg

6. Esch-Sur-Sûre Castle


As hard as it might be hard to pronounce, the Esch-Sur-Sûre Castle gets its name from the town it is located in. The historic value of the place is believed to hold a lot of protective importance around. The river Sûre which furthermore encapsulates the entire place, further adds in a layer of protection. The very first tower of the castle was built back in the year of 927 in a typical Romanesque style with a bit of an addition of Gothic style to it. The castle is preserved as an important historic treasure and is lit up during the evenings.

Location: Rue de Lultzhausen, Esch-sur-Sûre, Luxembourg

7. Ansembourg Castle


Don’t be confused because the New castle of Ansembourg and the Ansembourg Castle are two different establishments. It is located about the village of Ansembourg and is home to the Count of the region. While the correct dates behind the establishment are still a bit confusing, it is believed that the first towers date back to the years of 1135. The library in the castle is home to over 6000 books which was retrieved by the Government of Luxembourg. The castle itself is out of bounds for visitations but the lush green gardens around are accessible.

Location: 10 rue de la Vallée, Ansembourg, Luxembourg

8. Larochette Castle

Larochette Castle

Next, on the list of the castles in Luxembourg include the Larochette castle. It is located in the central part of Luxembourg in Larochette itself. The construction of the castle dates back to the 11th century which was then destroyed because of a fire around 500 years later. Even with the infliction of this tragedy, some of the major aspects of the castle’s architecture was intact. This is what helps the visitors witness the beauty of the place around. The deep well found engraved with the stone walls further add to the beauty of the place. If legends are to be believed, it is said that this is the place a dragon was born. Visit the castle on Good Friday if possible.

Location: 4 Rue de Medernach, Larochette, Luxembourg

9. Walferdange Castle

Walferdange Castle

The penultimate one on the list of castles in Luxembourg is the Walferdange Castle. It is a new castle in comparison to the prior ones. It was built and completely constructed in the year 1824. The majestic and grand approach of the castle was what attracted the attention of the royals following which they made it into a royal residence. The castle was also renovated by the Prince Henry of Luxembourg and also does host a varying amount of Literary Disciplines.

Location: Walferdange, Luxembourg

10. Château De Septfontaines

Château De Septfontaines

The last but not the least on the list of castles around Luxembourg is the Château de Septfontaines. It was built in 1783 by popular designers Jean-François and Pierre-Joseph Boch. The castle was used as a family base for these designers who made their own factory a few minutes away from there. The castle was later occupied by the French troops and was later sold out. The castle is not open for public visiting but does host a few conferences and meetings too.

Location: 326 rue de Rollingergrund, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

The rich history and heritage of Luxembourg simple add to the grandeur of the country. If you are planning to visit to Europe and heading to Luxembourg any time soon, ensure that the Luxembourg Castles tour definitely make a part of your itinerary.

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