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9 Waterfalls In Munich That Will Take You Closer To Nature

Waterfalls offer one of the best sights and scenes of natural beauty with water cascading down hilly terrain. Waterfalls offer a scenic view which is perfect for a picnic, nature trail, hikes, and camping with friends and families. Visitors have a wide array of options to witness and experience the beauty of the Bavarian and waterfalls in munich when visiting Munich.

The Bavarian region is home to some of the most magnificent waterfalls in Europe and they are ming bogglingly gorgeous. Here are some of the must-visit waterfalls during your travels to Munich, Germany.

1. Schossrinn Wasserfall

Schossrinn Wasserfall

The Schissrinn Wasserfall is considered as one of the most magnificent waterfalls in Munich Germany and is situated near the Austrian border. The Schissrinn Wasserfall has a total height of about 90 meters, and its single largest drop is 50 meters high.
The Schissrinn Wasserfall offers a spectacular view while driving through the small roads which cross the Prien River. The base of the waterfall is an idle spot for nature trails and walks, picnics, and hiking.

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2. Scheidegger Wasserfalle

Scheidegger Wasserfalle

The Scheidegger Wasserfalle is also popularly known as the Rickenbacher wasserfalle by the locals and offers one of the best waterfalls in Munich experience. A part of the Rickenbach River, the Scheidegger Wasserfalle has a two-stage drop which offers a spectacular view, especially post a heavy downpour. The Scheidegger Wasserfalle is about 40 meters high with a drop height of 18 meters and 22 meters. The Scheidegger Wasserfalle has a low volume of water flow most of the year, and visitors need to pay an entry fee to visit the Scheidegger Wasserfalle.

3. Stuibenfall (Oytal)

Stuibenfall (Oytal)

The Stuibenfall is considered as one of the most beautiful and marvelous waterfalls in waterfalls in Munich Germany. The Stuibenfall is around 25 meters, and the water from the Steinbach River plunges down with tremendous force, creating a visual treat for visitors. The Stuibenfall offers a great site for hiking and nature trails as visitors need to walk along the Maybach River for an hour to reach the Stuibenfall.

The best time to visit the Stuibenfall is Spring when the volume of the Stuibenfall is high and offers its most majestic form.

4. Wieslaufschlucht-Edenbachschlucht


The Wielaufschlucht-Edenbachschlucht are two different waterfalls fall off a gorge located West of Welzheim. The Wielaufschlucht-Edenbachschlucht offer a spectacular for visitors with many smaller waterfalls nearby. It is also considered one of the best waterfalls near Munich and the Bavarian region. The Wielaufschlucht-Edenbachschlucht along with its neighbouring waterfalls make an ideal site for sightseeing for nature lovers, especially after heavy rainfall, when the volume of water and force of the water increases, creating a mesmerising view.

5. Rottach Wasserfall

Rottach Wasserfall

The Rottach waterfall, also known as the Rottachfall, is a small, yet beautiful offering some of the best sights and scenes nature has to offer. The total height of the Rottach wasserfall is about 30 meters and comprises a series of smaller cascades, which can offer a mesmerizing view for visitors.

Visitors need to cross a toll road towards Enterrottach, but it is highly recommended to walk to the Rottach wasserfall as it is a 15-minute hike offering some of the most magnificent sights and sounds nature has to offer. The Rottach wasserfall is a perfect site for a short hike, a nature trail, and a family picnic.

6. Kleinst-Wasserkraftwerk


The Kleinst-Wasserkraftwerk is one of the famous waterfalls in munich, offering a drop of about 160 meters. The Kleinst-Wasserkraftwerk is situated in the south of Oberstdorf, near Gerstrubental. The Dietersbach wasserfall is situated just a few miles downstream on the Dieter River. The drive to Bachfall is a unique experience in itself with the road following the Stillach River, offers travelers some of the best natural sights and scenes Munich has to offer.

The Kleinst-Wasserkraftwerk is an amazing site for a road trip, picnic, enjoying and experiencing natural beauty and visitors can also visit Dietersbach wasserfall and many other waterfalls within the region.

7. Dietersbach Wasserfall

Dietersbach Wasserfall

The Dietersbach Wasserfall also referred to as the Holltobel, is among one of the tallest waterfalls in Munich. The Dietersbach Wasserfall is around 145-150 meters in height and is located exactly on the Dietersbach River. The Dietersbach Wasserfall forms when the Dietersbach River passes through a narrow gorge is known as Breitachklamm. The Dietersbach Wasserfall is a powerful and a high volume waterfall, and the best time to visit the Dietersbach Wasserfall is early summer or late spring when the Dietersbach Wasserfall is at its maximum volume and magnificence.

Visitors can reach the Dietersbach Wasserfall by simply following the Stillach River and taking the road which follows the river. The Dietersbach Wasserfall is an amazing site for a road trip, picnic, enjoying and experiencing natural beauty and visitors can also visit Bachfall and many other waterfalls within the region.

8. Starzlachklamm Wasserfall

Starzlachklamm Wasserfall

The Staralachklamm Wasserfall also referred to as Schleierfalle by the locals, is a semi-seasonal waterfall which transforms into a magnificent waterfall post a heavy spell of rainfall. Located on the Starzlach River, the Staralachklamm Wasserfall is formed when the Staralach River passes through the magnificent Staralachklamm gorge and creates a 12-meter drop at the end of the gorge.

Although the Staralachklamm Wasserfall is seasonal and remains dry most of the year, it still can offer a beautiful view for the visitors of the Staralachklamm Wasserfall. Visitors can drive to the Staralachklamm Wasserfall, which is a short drive from Sonthofen Village and the site has adequate parking space, which is situated at a short distance from the Staralachklamm Wasserfall.

9. Sulzer Wasserfall

Sulzer Wasserfall

The Sulzer Wasserfall is a part of the Almabachklamm Wasserfall, which is approximately 200 meters high but is made up of multiple small drops and cascades. The based of the waterfall has many small emerald pools with many small waterfalls, offers visitors a gorgeous view of the natural landscape.

The Sulzer Wasserfall has a height of 118 meters, and it falls into the Almbachklamm. Visitors are required to pay for parking and an entry fee to enter and visit the Sulzer Wasserfall, which is also a great site of picnics and enjoying the natural landscape of the region.

Munich and its nearby regions offer some of the best sights and scenes nature has to offer and is the home of some of the most beautiful rivers, gorges, waterfalls, and valleys. Visitors and nature lovers traveling to Germany should visit one of these waterfalls in Munich during their travels and embrace the incredible experience.

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These Greece Travel Tips Are All You Need To Turn Your Vacation Into A Delight

Greece may be going through economic crisis, but that is still not stopping tourists from visiting the country. If you follow these Greece travel tips, you can steer clear of the crisis tourists commonly face in the country. The country offers you with picturesque beaches, mind-boggling mountain scenery, delicious food, and a warm Hellenic welcome. How else can you deprive yourself of such an amazing experience?

While it is a beautiful country, it is also different from the rest of the world in terms of culture and lifestyle. Travelers may find them in a dilemma due to such differences. Therefore, to have a hassle-free and comfortable vacation, one must heed to travel advice. Even if you are visiting Athen, Greece travel tips will come in handy there too.

Here are some of the Greece travel tips that will help you through any tight spot in Greece, or more like ensuring that you do not get into them.

1. Carry Ample Cash

Carry Ample Cash

Despite all economic turmoil that has taken place, the flow of cash is pretty smooth in the country. It is best that you keep a good amount of money in your pockets while touring the country. The number of stores accepting cards has been on the increase but there are still those antique shops that are still antique in the ways of monetary transaction. You do have a number of ATMs around the center and near tourist attractions and sites which will help you withdraw cash.

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2. Choose Accommodations Wisely

Choose Accommodations Wisely

The most important Greece travel tip 2018 would be to get accommodations at the independent hotels and villas. Resort packages, especially all-inclusive ones, can be very cheap but little of the money you spend stays in Greece, so being a good person it is better to spend that money in helping the economy of the country. Another important fact is that the quality of the hotel is not reflected in the pricing of the hotel. You must be very careful while booking a hotel as the clause “Not too far” written in the online description could mean climbing a hundred steps to reach your hotel.

3. Try Local Food In Greece


If you are hunting for traditional flavors, then get to the central part of the city. The ones most frequented by the locals are found at the base of the Acropolis. These are the traditional mom and pop restaurants. Some of the traditional dishes that you must not miss out here are moussaka, souvlaki, and baklava. These dishes are extremely popular and served in some of the traditional restaurants found here like Lithos, Oineas, and Psaras Traditional Restaurant which is the oldest restaurant in Palka.

4. Avoid The Peak Season

Avoid the Peak Season

The best time to visit Greece is early summer from April to June and autumn that prevails from September to October. It is sunny from May till October. Plan your trip during the months of March, April, May, October, and November if you want to save money on your trip. This is the time when the prices of hotels and other activities drop. So, you will get good saving deals. the days in September and October are beautifully golden and the sea still holds its summer heat. Ensure that you are booking your plane tickets early as that will ensure that you get generous discounts. You can enjoy the warmth of the sea much better and also get to avoid the crowd.

5. Visiting The Mainland Is A Must


Greece is not just a collection of islands and it is best not to forget that. The mainland also boasts of many spectacular archaeological sites that one can finish visiting in just one trip to the country. Here you have the beautiful city of Peloponnese which is the source of so many Greek legends. It is also a very important archaeological site. You must not miss out on Epirus located between the Ionian sea and the Pindos Mountains. This is the center of various sports like mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking, kayak, rafting, canoeing, and such other activities. Among other cities that you can visit are Macedonia, Thessaly, Thrace, Attica, and such others.

6. Use the KTEL Bus Network

Use the KTEL bus network for travelling

If you are looking for one of the most convenient and popular modes of transport, it is the public bus service. KTEL in Greece is an easy and comprehensive bus network. So this bus helps you cover long distances. Another important travel tip for Greece 2018 would be trying the railway to visit some of the key sites. This is a very useful means of getting to these places.

7. Visit All Islands


Just because you are advised to visit the mainland, don’t forget about the islands. Though most tourists prefer going to one island at a time, you can always opt for more than one at a time. There are a number of ferry services that are plentiful and extremely reliable throughout the better months of the year. This gives you the golden opportunity to choose a group of islands like the Ionians, the Dodecanese or the postcard-pretty Cyclades and see as many as you can. Among other islands, you must make a point to visit the Santorini.

8. Appropriate Choice Of Clothes


Nudity is extremely frowned upon except at certain designated beaches. You need to be careful about the clothes you wear. It is better not to visit churches or monasteries in short skimpy shorts or tops. You will have to cover yourself up a little more when you are here. This is the result of the ingrained conservatism of the older generation that is still followed at a lot of places. However, there are certain beaches and areas where you can dress as you desire.

9. Try Learning The Language


Greeks don’t expect a tourist to speak their Greek language. Then again, they cherish it when the tourists go an extra mile to learn a few phrases. Any exertion will be remunerated by your status being raised from a customary traveler to a respected “Xenos”, which implies both “non-native” and “visitor”. You are sure to have a lot more fun with this improvement in your status. Be sure that you will be treated more like a local and will have access to all those discounts that are exclusive only for locals.

10. Get Your Bookings On Time

Get Your Bookings On Time

Amid high season, the prior you book your tickets or your lodging, the less you’ll pay. On the off chance that you are going amid the bustling season (mid-July as far as possible of August), take note of that islands and ships are swarmed since Greeks and travelers alike are on siestas. In contrast to numerous other European capitals, the metro framework in Greece is very basic and simple to explore. Cabs are very modest in Greece, even after dull. You can hail one in the city or discover one at a taxi station close.

Best Time To Visit In Greece

The best time for visiting the country is either between March and May or from September to November. The summer is when Greece gets a large footfall. But if you are not much of a hot sun loving person, then it is preferable to come in spring that is September. You might miss out a festival or two that takes place in some of the important cities here, but the spring beauty will more than make up for it. If you want to plan a completely different time of the year then go for the winters of Greece that is between December and February. The winters here are mild given the Mediterranean location.

Hope you have etched these Greece travel tips deep in mind. They are going to be a great help to you when you take a trip to Greece. It is one of the most beautiful places you will ever visit on earth. So, make sure you have a wonderful experience on your vacation on this archipelago.

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Gris Gris Beach: A Guide To Have An Extraordinary Trip With Your Loved Ones!

Beaches are the best way to escape the routine life and hit the blue waves with sun-kissed sand. Life just takes a beautiful turn when we see the waves hit the shores and then turn back to meet the ocean. Beaches are fun either you are with your family, friends or partner. If you are planning to holiday at a beach, don’t forget the very beautiful Gris Gris Beach! The Gris Gris Beach is a perfect beach for enjoying breathtaking views and romantic walks with your partner.


Gris Gris beach is one the most beaches in South Mauritius. Situated in the extreme south of the island, Gris Gris Beach offers a spectacular view to the visitors. However, the beach does not advise swimming due to huge waves and currants. This beach is more for viewing rather than swimming or performing any water sport. Well, there is no particular month which is suited to visit this scenic beach; its beauty can be admired all year around. The temperature of the beach remains mild in all the months of the year. The immaculate view is just stunning. The Gris-Gris public beach is not a calm beach to play around; it’s a beach to be viewed from a distance and adored for its beauty!

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As Mark Twain quoted, “Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and heaven was copied after Mauritius”. And, this quote was certainly for the amazingly beautiful beaches it possesses. The beaches make Mauritius a perfect beach holiday destination. Just land in Mauritius and visit the beaches. Every beach has its own specialty; like the Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius which is known for its breathtaking beauty and a small story of its origin, formation, and how it got the name Gris Gris.

The beach has amazing shapes which have been formed as a result of the absence of a coral barrier. The powerful waves and the basaltic rocks have formed amazing shapes which make this beach worth visiting. There are many stories associated with the beach which shall be heard when you visit the island. Also, the other beaches in South Mauritius are calm as compared to the Gris Gris Beach Mauritius with golden sand and blue sea. The way the water rushes into the rocks gives the impression that the cliff is crying.

You just cannot visit the beach on your holidays and come back. So, if you have planned a visit to Mauritius’s Gris Gris Beach, there are a lot of things to do and a lot of places to visit near the beach.

1. La Vanille Nature Park

 La Vanille Nature Park

Covering an area of 3.5 hectares, this park is a serene place possessing lush tropical vegetation. The entire walk around the park will take around three hours and will give you an unforgettable experience of watching Aldabra tortoises; their number is more than 1000. Plus, there are 2000 Nile Crocodiles along with a host of other animals like iguanas, monkeys, deer, eels, bats and much more. There is much more to watch and experience.

2. Quad Biking Activities

Quad Biking Activities

There is nothing like biking around near the beaches. There are various companies that offer quad biking activities to the visitors for an enhanced outdoor experience in southern Mauritius. You can take a tour of entire south Mauritius while quad biking. Make sure you don’t miss out on this exhilarating experience of biking on the golden sands during your vacation!

3. Horse Riding

Horse Riding

Well, certainly there can’t be anything more fun-loving and unique than enjoying a horse ride. There are horse riding agencies that cater to both beginners as well as experienced horse riders. It will take around one to two hours to enjoy a horse ride near and around Gris Gris beach in southern Mauritius. But we can guarantee that the memories of this unique experience will remain with you forever!

4. Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

Well, well, well! There lies a fun of another level exploring the area by you rather than on public transports or even private cabs. You can explore authentic southern Mauritius. What can be better than riding electric bikes and go on a journey exploring the region, the art, the locals, and the cuisine! The panoramic views can be well enjoyed on these electrically assisted bicycles.

5. Heritage Nature Reserve

Landscape Tree Beautiful River Mauritius Sky

The mountainous landscape of Heritage Nature Reserve is so beautiful that you will cherish the memories years after. The waterfalls, the scenic beauty is so overwhelming that you can discover its beauty through activities like quad biking, trekking, or even a safari. The idea is to explore the place and its captivating beauty. However, before planning your tour to this overwhelming place, it is always advisable to check the timings.

6. Tonton Diving Tour

Tonton Diving Tour

If you want to take good memories of a tropical holiday, include Tonton Driving Tour in your itinerary. It will surely be an unforgettable memory where the amalgamation of the beautifully formed rocks and the warm water is just perfect and too good to resist. There are good accommodations near Tonton diving tour, so you can even plan a night or two here and visit other attractions nearby.

7. Bois Cheri Tea Factory

Bois Cheri Tea Factory

You just need to cover a distance of 11 km from Gris Gris Beach Mauritius, and you will reach Bois Cheri Tea Factory to have a look at the oldest tea plantations. You can book a tour here in advance to visit the plants and the museums, and enjoy tasting their signature flavors of tea amidst the panoramic view! However, make sure of the opening and closing time of the tea factory.

So, if you happen to visit Gris Gris Beach in Mauritius, just do not confine yourself to the beach. The beach in south Mauritius is undoubtedly beautiful, like other beaches. In fact, there are so many ways to explore the beaches and region of southern Mauritius. The place has it all. You can explore the vegetation, the natural beauty, enjoy water sports, and go on dolphin tours along with BBQ lunches, and what not.

There are hiking trips, different treks amidst the breathtaking views of the mountainous topography. Not only the activities, but South Mauritius also has an array of mind-blowing accommodations near the Gris Gris Beach. From resorts to villas, the properties are as beautiful as Mauritius! So, book your trip to Mauritius for a soul-soothing experience like never before!

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9 Theme Parks In Denmark That Will Bring Out The Adrenaline Junkie In You

Denmark’s charming attractions have lent it the eyes of a global audience that flocks to its stunning beaches, castles and forests each year. Each element of this country makes it a tourist delight, ranging from the ever-pleasant weather to the best of Scandinavian cuisine. However, one attraction that is not spoken about enough are theme parks in Denmark. There is no dearth of variety of amusement parks in Denmark and you will find an amusement, water or some other park at every nook and corner here (well, almost!). We have curated a list of the most popular Denmark theme parks for you to scroll through:

Some of the most recommended rides in these theme parks are bumper boats and canoes, or riding a flume down the length of these intriguing theme parks in Denmark.

1. Tivoli Gardens

Lake view

Fun and games aside, the fact that it is the second-oldest amusement park in the world lends it a sense of credibility that lures in many to book tickets to this park during their time in Denmark. It was built way back in 1843 and is located in the heart of Copenhagen and is one of the most celebrated theme parks in copenhagen denmark. Apart from mainstream offerings of amusement rides and carnival games, some interesting features about this place are the pretty flower gardens, food pavilions, and open-air shows. It is the most-visited amusement park in Scandinavia and for legitimate reasons! Plan your visit here such that you can spend some time after the sun sets, because this is when the stage becomes lit for a host of cultural activities! Book tickets in advance to avoid the long lines.

Location: Vesterbrogade 3, 1630 København V, Denmark
Opening hours: 11 am – 12 am
Entry Fee: starting at INR 1200

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2. Legoland Billund

Legoland Billund

You can never be old enough for Legoland, and Sheldon Cooper just proved that right by visiting it for his honeymoon in the popular sitcom The Big Bang Theory. If he can, so can you! If you want to being alive your inner child at Legoland Billund, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Denmark; you should definitely include this one in your trip itinerary. It is situated right next to the factory where the famous toy brick in 1949 was born and it attracts approximately 2 million visitors each year. (that says a lot, doesn’t it?) It has been demarcated into lands on the basis of different themes with the aid of 60 million plastic bricks, and this park offers various roller coaster as well as water rides. Other interesting offerings are mini train journeys, live shows, and arcade games.

Location: Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund, Denmark
Entry Fee: Starting from 3400 INR

3. Dyrehavsbakken

Dyrehavsbakken in denmark

One of the best theme parks in copenhagen denmark. , it is also popularly known as Bakken and is located near Klampenborg located approximately 10 kilometres from central Copenhagen. It was established centuries ago in 1582 and is the oldest amusement park in Denmark. With a tourist footfall of approximately 2.5-2.7 million visitors annually, it is the second most popular attraction in Denmark, only after Tivoli Gardens. The most recommended activity here is to just stroll in the open air and buy an ice cream or a cotton candy from a booth and take in the exciting atmosphere that surrounds you! Interestingly, this park is also well known for hosting a troupe of cabaret dancers that have been singing and dancing at Bakkens Hvile for some years now.

Location: Dyrehavevej 62 | Klampenborg, Copenhagen 2930, Denmark

4. Farup Sommerland

Farup Sommerland in denmark

It is not right to talk about Denmark amusement parks and miss this one! Faarup Sommerland is a well-known tourist attraction in Denmark for offering a wide variety of exciting attractions such as roller coasters, themed rides, and a water park across the lake. Often referred to as one of the best theme parks in Europe, this theme park is a gem in the very-heavy crown of Denmark and definitely deserves a visit during your time in the city. The history of this place is a particularly interesting one and it was established by popular businessman Anders Kragelund who sold his family business to establish the park in 1975. We love how this park is located in proximity to the beach, but is still inside the woods!

Location: Pirupvejen 147, 9492 Blokhus, Denmark
Opening hours: 10 Am – 6 PM
Entry Fee: 2500 INR

5. Djurs Sommerland

Djurs Sommerland

This wonderland has been divided into 8 different themes and each one is more interesting than the other. Some of these themes are Pirateland, Sommerland, Mexicoland, Cowboy and Indian Land, Lilliputland, Africaland, Vikingeland, and the waterpark Vandland. There is an exciting variety of things to be done with each theme such as going on a river journey through the African jungle. You could also visit Pirateland if you want to hop on to some of the most exciting rides here: Piraten, Skattøen and the Piranha. If your kids or you were a Tarzan fan, head to Tarzanland where the kids can swing like their favourite character and all that is missing in the ambience is the loincloth!

Location: Randersvej 17, 8581 Nimtofte, Denmark

6. Tivoli Friheden

Giant roller view

We understand how the similar sounding names in this list can be very confounding but if you read between the lines, it won’t be as hard. There are 40 attractions here in this fairly old amusement park and the most popular ones include the haunted house, illusion factory and 5-D cinema. Tivoli Friheden has rides for every degree of adventure enthusiasts,from fairly easy ones to intense counterparts. One of the most loved attractions here is the mini golf on a 12-hole course and a ride on the pirate ship in the “apparently” rough seas. You could also get on the swings for a bird’s eye view of one of the most beautiful theme parks in Denmark. Don’t forget to head to the restaurant after all the activity from the day leaves you famished and try their Danish dishes that are known for their authentic taste.

Location: Skovbrynet 5, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark

7. Lalandia Aquadome

Lalandia Aquadome view

For all the water babies reading this post, pay extra attention since this is one of the biggest (and perhaps the best) theme parks in copenhagen denmark. Known for a plenty of things such as the ever-Tropical atmosphere, fun, frolic and more; this is an experience that you would not want to miss during your time in Denmark. You could also stay at the Aquadome for a night, especially during the holidays because of the festive cheer all around!

Entry Fee: INR 2500 for Adults, INR 1800 for children

8. BonBon Land

Adventure game

This one is located a short drive from the most popular tourist attraction in Denmark, i.e. Copenhagen and hence, planning a visit to it will not be hard for anybody visiting Denmark. BonBon shares many features with other parks that we have mentioned above, especially their family-friendly ambience and activities. Even if there are not too many rides for adults, nothing makes them happier than looking at a smile on their children’s faces and hence, it is all worth it!

9. Sommerland Sjælland

Pool view

This one is located in the countryside and if you want to get away from the town on a break and yet do something exciting, this might just be the best option for you! For a day of trampoline-bouncing, artificial rock and bridge climbing and canoe-racing, brace yourselves! There are more than 70 rides here, so there is no chance that you will get bored. Make sure you pack a swimming costume with you since there is also a crazy water park in this complex! All these activities and the unmatched ambience make it one of the best water & Amusement Parks in Denmark.

Location: Gl Nykøbingvej 169, 4572 Nørre Asmindrup, Denmark

Tivoli was the inspiration for Disneyland and if this fact does not lure you into booking your tickets for Denmark, we don’t know what will! Book travel packages from TravelTriangle that includes visits to castles, beaches and theme parks in Denmark for an experience that you will not regret. In fact, who knows, what great memories you can bring back home?

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Bengaluru Just Got Its Own Logo & It’s An Art Worth Showing Off On Your Instagram

If you’ve had love for Bengaluru for being the pretty city with pleasant weather that it is, here’s a good news for you. It has also become the first Indian city to have its own logo, and has joined the league of the popular cities like New York and Singapore across the world.  And believe us, the logo reflects every bit of beauty that will make you go wow.

The cute rolling font of the Bengaluru logo was devised by the bankers-turned-designers Rushi Patel and M Venkateswara Rao, who are also the founders of Nammur, a creative design start-up. Reflecting part English, and part Kannada, the new logo was finally chosen by a panel of experts from a crowdsourcing contest organized by the city’s Department of Tourism.

place where the new log was unveiled in bangalore

The contest received 1,350 entries and was unveiled by Priyank Kharge, who is the Minister for Information Technology and Biotechnology, and Karnataka State Tourism Minister at the Namma Bengaluru Habba, an open street festival held at the Vidhana Soudha.

Facing criticism for its potholes on roads, rising pollution issue, and frothing lakes, the Karnataka government decided to launch a logo for the city with an aim to rectify its image, and promote it as a major tourist destination across the world. So, the final logo that was chosen is red and white in colour, in sans serif, and with a typography that conveys a sense of fluidity, boldness, and vitality.

Apart from the two languages, the logo also has ‘Be’ and ‘U’ highlighted in the red colour, which reflects the cosmopolitan nature of the city, and how the Silicon Valley of India is both globally and locally rich when it comes to its culture and lifestyle. And since the creators of the logo believe Bengaluru to be a city that allows you to be you, they chose to highlight the welcoming spirit of the city through the red letters. While the logo is already out, Nammur has also launched new merchandise that will represent the city.

logo of new york

While Bengaluru is the first Indian city to have its own logo, there are already a few others around the world that have had their own logos for quite some time now. Though the most popular ones are Berlin, London, Venice, Prague, Montreal, Singapore, Amsterdam, and New York City.

And while, it is a moment of pride for everyone, here’s also to hoping that the city retains its charm till eternity!

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Greenland Travel Guide: Here Is Everything About The Land Of Eskimos

Greenland, a huge island country situated in the northernmost point of the Arctic Ocean is most renowned for the naturally occurring phenomenon; the Northern Lights. Contrary to its given name, the Danish country is covered by ice for most of its land mass. With a limited population mostly comprising in its capital city, Greenland is an adventurous choice for most of the world travelers. One shouldn’t get flustered by its far off position on the world map or the weather pattern as Greenland has a lot to offer to tourists. All one needs to do is hold onto this Greenland travel guide and enjoy the most magical country in the world which also doubles as a basket of rare natural phenomena.

Best Time To Visit Greenland

It is hard to point out the best time to visit the country as Greenland is open for various activities at varied climatic conditions and seasons. Since the country is mostly covered in ice throughout the year, the temperature always stays on the lower end of the thermometer. However, the summer season from May to August is filled with sunlight and one can even experience the Midnight Sun during these months. It is the best time to indulge in some hiking activities.

The winters are biting cold with little to no sun for most of the days. The days are short and dark but fill the sky with the magnificent Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). The best time to witness the Northern Lights are during the short autumn season from September to October when the maximum temperature is 1℃ and there is still some sunshine to count on. The spring season is also rather short but it is the ideal time to go dog sledding and to spot the wildlife.

How To Reach Greenland

The most ideal way to reach Greenland is by Air. Greenland has 2 major airports that can be reached either from Denmark or Iceland. The best way to travel to the country is to take a flight to Copenhagen and hop on to a connecting Air Greenland or Air Iceland flight to Greenland. Most of the major airlines have a direct flight to the capital of Denmark from India. The next option is to get on a cruise to Greenland from Iceland, Canada or Europe.

Apart from the obvious choice of witnessing the unique phenomenon of the Northern Lights appearing in the dark skies of Greenland, here are some of the activities one can indulge in when visiting the country.

1. Kayaking along the Blue River

Kayaking along the Blue River

A popular activity in Greenland is to explore the dreamy ice blue waters of the Petermann Glacier. During the summer months, the Petermann Glacier is subjected to some thawing by the sunshine which has led to the formation of the crystal blue waters of the river. Undoubtedly, one of the best places to visit in Greenland is the Blue River that forms a valley in the Northern Hemisphere. A unique feature about the river is that it is susceptible to the change in the flow of its course every year. There are many kayaking tours available in the months of August and September in the Blue River that allows one to explore the icebergs and to revel in the serenity of the untouched surroundings.

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2. Hiking


The most favorable activity in the summer season is hiking the Arctic Circle. Greenland constitutes of many rocky mountains and valleys that are a pleasure to climb when not covered in snow. The mountainside is filled with varied flora, rocky surfaces, and glaciers that are every adventurer’s dream to capture. With a limited population around, food and medicine need special attention when planning to go on a hike in Greenland.

3. Enjoy the hot springs

Enjoy the hot springs

Wondering what to do in Greenland for a relaxing day? One might be surprised to know that Greenland has a few hot springs that are open for tourists to take a dip in. One such popular hot spring is the Uunartoq. The easiest way to reach the hot spring is to take a boat from Ilulissat. The temperature of the water is around 37℃ that makes it a perfect date to have with a loved one on a lovely day of summer.

4. Explore Qaqortoq

Explore Qaqortoq

Apart from its capital Nuuk, Greenland has another quaint town called Qaqortoq in its lap that is worth exploring. It is a perfect town to have a stroll in, taking in the beauty of the architectural wonders, museums and the only existing fountain in Greenland. The town is very colorful and is famous for its local cuisine. It is one of the best places to visit in Greenland to try the local dish called Suaasat filled with seafood or a steaming cup of Greenlandic coffee.

There are some good hotels in Greenland where you can crash at. Here are a couple of famous ones. They provide all the facilities and amenities required for a comfortable stay in Greenland:

1. Hotel Arctic Ilulissat

Hotel Arctic Ilulissat

Situated at a prime location, Hotel Arctic is one of the best accommodations one can consider. With most of its rooms facing the UNESCO site- Ice Fjord, the hotel wins the race with the most number of tourists choosing it for their stay in Greenland. It offers delectable food and a comfortable stay. It also provides transport to various sightseeing places including a ferry ride to the hot springs.

Location: Mittar Mmmut, Aqqutaa, Ilulissat DK-3952, Greenland.
Cost: INR 21000 per night
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5/5

2. Hotel Nuuk Seamen’s Home

Hotel Nuuk Seamen's Home

Located in the capital city of Nuuk, Hotel Seamen’s Home is a bed and breakfast facility that offers comfortable rooms and incredible food. Off late, the hotel has reportedly expanded their facility with more rooms and a full day meal hotel. It is closer to most of the sightseeing places in the city and is helpful when it comes to arranging transport to see the Northern Lights.

Location: Marinevej 3, Nuuk-3900, Greenland.
Cost: INR 10000 per night
TripAdvisor Rating: 4/5

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Things To Know Before Visiting Greenland

  • Although Greenland is a part of the Denmark Kingdom, it holds an autonomous rule in the country.
  • It is the largest island in the world that is also believed to be the first land to be inhabited by Homo Sapiens and yet the least populated in the present times.
  • The language barrier is hardly a problem in the country as English is extensively understood although their official languages are Danish and Greenlandic.
  • Though Greenland is a Scandinavian country, one cannot enter the country with a Denmark visa. An individual visa system exists in the country.
  • Danish krone is the currency of Greenland like Denmark.
  • Greenland has its own time zone that one should consider before planning their itinerary.

One of the most magical lands in the world is the Greenland that is unique in its composition, time zone, and lifestyle. Visiting Greenland must be on every traveler’s bucket list and this Greenland travel guide covers up all one needs to plan a trip to this icy land. With all the basics covered, book your tickets to Greenland with TravelTriangle and explore Greenland.

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Have You Heard Of Boston’s New Rooftop Igloo Bar? Here’s Why You Must Visit Right Away!

Boston is the largest city and capital of Massachusetts which is popular for its nightlife. There are many restaurants and bars in this city which are bustling with locals and tourists who are looking to have a good time. It houses some of the most elegant restaurants which are perfect for fine dining. Out of all the restaurants and bars, the one which stands out is Lookout Igloo Bar, Boston’s new rooftop igloo bar which is the best place to head to for having a good time with family and friends. It offers amazing views of the city which can be enjoyed in a unique dining setting. This article speaks more about this newly opened bar in Boston which has caught everyone’s attention.

Details About Boston's

Address: 70 Sleeper Street, The Envoy Hotel, Autograph Collection, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Timings: 4 PM to 11 PM from Wednesdays to Saturday; Closed from Sunday to Monday
Reservations required: Yes
Average Cost per person: INR 4,000
Dress code: Contemporary or casual but classy
Valet parking: Available at a charge of INR 1,400
Pets: Only service animals allowed when proper paperwork is provided
Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in the hotel premises
Age limitations: Guests of age 21 and above are permitted

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Best Time To Dine At Boston's

Lookout Bar in Boston generally closes during the winter season and opens again in the spring season. From the month on December till the month of March, Boston experiences extreme winter season during which this bar remains closed as there is drastic weather condition like strong breezes and snowfall especially during the months of December and January. After March, Boston experiences good weather conditions with warm mornings and afternoons and cool evenings which are a perfect time to dine and party at Lookout Igloo Bar in Boston.

The Speciality of Lookout Igloo Bar

The Envoy Hotel proudly houses the most amazing restaurant and bar in its premises which are the Outlook Restaurant and the Lookout Bar. Both these places offer impeccable ambiance which makes every visitor who comes here come back again for more. On all days of the week, both the restaurant and the Lookout rooftop and bar are bustling with tourists and locals as it is the most famous place to dine and party in Boston. Due to this, it is necessary to make a reservation before one plans a visit here.

Lookout Igloo Rooftop Bar in Boston stands out tall in the central city with exquisite classy settings offering astonishing picturesque sky view of the entire city. The extraordinary hotel is beautifully crowned by the shining igloos at the Lookout Bar. This is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Boston and the panoramic views of the Boston’s Harbor and Skyline from this restaurant cannot be matched by any other restaurant in the region. Each igloo placed here is equipped with a cozy seating arrangement with glowing fire pits. These artificial igloos also have a built-in heater in the ceiling for a comfortable experience during the cold evenings.


The snacks and food served here are handcrafted carefully by the highly acclaimed chef of the hotel, Chef Tatiana Pairot Rosana who is highly talented and aims to deliver the best tasting delicacies to all the guests of the hotel.

The delicious beverages served at this seaport Boston bar never fails to impress the visitors. The beverages served here include some of the finest wines, freshly brewed beer and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Some of the must-try cocktails here include Cider Sangria, Teeling Frisky and Brian’s Barrel Aged. There are some large format cocktails also included in the menu which can be shared by four or more people, these include Fish Bowl, 1950 and Upper West Side. Apart from these, the interesting menu of Lookout Rooftop Igloo Bar also features a variety of beer, vodka, rum, brandy, cognac, tequila, whiskey, bourbon, scotch, single malts, Irish whiskey, gin, cordials and much more.


There are many events organized by the hotel on this rooftop bar like gala nights, dance parties etc, which are worth visiting at least once. The guests who are staying at the Envoy Hotel get immediate access to the Lookout Igloo Bar, for other, it is always better to make the reservations much in advance. May it be a birthday celebration, official party or a family get together, Lookout Igloo Bar at the rooftop of Envoy Hotel is the place to be to enjoy and experience a unique way of celebration.

Apart from the well-known and hugely famous Lookout Igloo Rooftop Bar, Boston is known to house several other interesting rooftop restaurants and bars as well. Some of the best rooftop bars in Boston are given below.

1. Legal Harborside

Legal Harborside

This is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Boston for all the seafood lovers. This restaurant cum bar comprises of three floors which offer mesmerizing views of the city. The topmost floor of this restaurant has a retractable glass roof and walls which makes it accessible during any weather. The sushi platter is the best out of all the delicacies served here and must be tried by every visitor. The must-try dishes here is the Harborside Tempura Lobster Roll and Legal Harborside Sangria.

Address: 270 North Ave, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Timings: 11 AM – 12 AM
Cost per person: INR 4,500

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2. Coppersmith


This is one of the famous rooftop bars among the locals in the South Boston region to enjoy drinks and food in the USA . It is actually a warehouse converted into a bar and restaurants and the interiors still feature several food trucks which serve delicious snacks which go very well with the variety of drinks served here. The must-try delicacies here include South Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and Korean Short Ribs.

Address: 40 W, 3rd Street, South Boston, MA 02127, USA
Timings: 7 AM – 1 AM
Cost per person: INR 2,500

3. Yotel Boston’s Sky Lounge

Yotel Boston's Sky Lounge

This is the highest rooftop lounge in the seaport and is well-known for being open for visitors throughout the year. It stands tall and accommodates over 12 floors with the topmost floor being the famous rooftop lounge. From this rooftop lounge, the visitors get to enjoy the panoramic views of Boston Harbor and the city’s skyline while dining on the lip-smacking dishes and refreshing drinks. The lounge’s menu features interesting inclusions like a variety of cocktails, wine, local beer, small bites, BBQ pork sliders, cheesesteak spring rolls, herb ricotta flatbread and butternut squash.

Address: 65 Seaport Blvd, Boston, MA 02210, USA
Timings: 7 PM – 2 AM
Cost per person: INR 3,000

4. Pier 6

Pier 6

This magnificent rooftop bar and restaurant are located in Charlestown along the waterfront. Due to its perfect location, the visitors can enjoy amazing city views while enjoying the mouth-watering dishes served here. This restaurant is known for the delicious seafood and brunch buffet. The roof deck space of this restaurant is the best spot to enjoy a wholesome dining experience. The must-try delicacies for dinner include Lobster Roll and Pier 6 Bolognese.

Address: 1 8th Street, Charlestown, Boston, MA 02129, USA
Timings: 11 AM – 10 PM
Cost per person: INR 2,000

5. Rooftop@Revere

Rooftop Revere

This is an outdoor rooftop bar and restaurant which is one of the trendiest get-together spots during the summer season. From here, the visitors can enjoy the view of Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood while relishing the delicious savory and beverages served here. During the daytime, guests can lounge in the indoor swimming pools which are heated or they have the luxury to relax in the cabanas and couches. The lobster roll served here is the favorite dish among the regular visitors here. This rooftop restaurant is open only during the warm months and remains closed during the winter season.

Address: Stuart Street, Revere Hotel, Boston, MA 02116, USA
Timings: 11 AM – 12 AM
Cost per person: INR 5,000

Dining and partying with your friends or better half in Boston’s new rooftop igloo bar is a unique experience which must be tried by all. The Lookout Rooftop and Bar will surely be the perfect addition to your itinerary if wish to enjoy the glitz and glam nightlife of Boston. Plan a trip to the USA right now through TravelTriangle for the most memorable holiday experience in this country.

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8 Day Trips From Monaco To Make The Most Out Of A Trip To Europe

The ever-sparkling and the impressive, Monaco is a small royal territory that exists on the French Riviera. In size, it is hardly two square km and is possibly the world’s most beautiful stretch of land. Day trips from Monaco with elegant palm trees, vivid flowers, and deep blue sea is simply blissful.

Monaco is packed with charming and narrow lanes, and the town dates back to the thirteenth century when it was established. Monaco houses have the serene beauty and sublime natural sceneries with soothing climate and lush grasses of the Côte d’Azur. It is positioned at a train distance of about 30 minutes ride from Nice with the sensation of yet another world. Let’s have a look at a few of the best day trips from Monaco that are the best to experience.

Monaco is packed with charming and narrow lanes, and the town dates back to the thirteenth century when it was established. Let’s have a look at a few of the best day trips from Monaco that are the best to experience.

1. Nice, France

Nice, France

Facing the extrinsic cerulean pools of the Baie des Anges, Nice has perpetually been a motivation to the visitors and artisans since the nineteenth century. It is meriting having a day trip from Nice to Monaco to encounter the quivering serene environment, culture, ancient enchantment of the Mediterranean Sea. You will encompass the smooth, paved pathways of the Vielle Ville, its picturesque constructions, and cheerful ambience.

The palm-ornate Promenade des Anglais is though another must-view tourist spot where travelers can experience the French Riviera sunshine and its landscape. Nice also comprises numerous world-class museums of art, along with Musee Matisse, Musee Chagall, and Musée d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain. You can conveniently travel all the wonderful tourist attractions here with day trips from Nice to Monaco.

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2. Bordighera


The Italian day tour is as easy as a French day trip as Monaco is situated near to Italy. Bordighera is a small coastal town located in Italy. You can easily reach here by covering a traveling distance of about 80 minutes. It comes under the radar most of the time because of its location across major resorts and its area. It is the perfect address to experience exotic Italian cuisine. You can also move across the stunning harbor and savor one of your unforgettable day trips from Monaco to Italy.

If you are traveling here by car, make it sure to stay at Giardini Botanici Hanbury. It comes in between Menton and Bordighera. It is a must-see biological park on the University of Genoa campus, and it has a lot of amazing things to observe in a day trip.

3. Roquebrune-Cap-Martin


The station is positioned just at a distance of 4 minutes from Monaco, tuning it the most comfortable day trip around the world. Two components can adequately fit into your yacht tours from Monaco to Roquebrune-Cap-Martin.

The predominant portion of the trip introduces a famous hamlet rested at the top of the hills overlooking the Mediterranean from where you can commence your day trips to Monaco.

Cape Martin is the next section, a Mediterranean peninsula where you will locate turquoise waters as well as gravel beaches. Chemin des Douaniers is the seaside pathway which touches the sea around the peninsula to offer a striking appearance. Then after, from Gare de Carnoles leap on the train which is about 7 minutes drive to Monaco.

4. Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat


It is situated towards the Monaco west and adjacent to Nice. You can quickly locate this peaceful peninsula, which is a heaven for the trekkers. If you are an enthusiastic and passionate nature and its beauty, view the picturesque appearances of Cap-Ferrat subsequent to the Monaco humdrum.

Chemin des Douaniers is the walkway that crosses via the cape that drives you to various beach bars and cafes to end up with a perfect day off. A classic chick landmark – Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is unalterably excellent. You will experience fresh at the beginning of your journey before a trek if you move out here.

5. Mercantour National Park

Mercantour National Park

It is among the most exotic and beautiful landmarks of Monaco. It resides on the north side of Monaco. It is suggested to hire a car and left behind the glitz and glamour of the coastal Mediterranean and ride up the hills to catch the scenic view. Stay by the charming communities such as Sospel and Moulinet to get a hypothesis to another side of Monaco, in the south of rugged, real, and wholesome France. It is one of the highlights if you are on a visit to Monaco, or even in the whole of Europe. We assure you, the view will not disappoint.

6. Antibes


It is correctly considered to ought an old town expanded by its fortifications escorted behind to the sixteenth century with its snow-capped and comfortable Alps which assist as its backdrop.

The town holds the prosperous Europeans who have been encouraged by its serenity. It has fascinated Picasso who existed here for more than six months in the 1940s. It is quite easy to reach there. Antibes is situated on the similar coastline as Monaco though simply far away west. You can immediately reach there in less than one hour. Experience the early morning trip in the old town and wander via the Fort Carre & harbor.

7. Gourdon


Just reaching here is among the fabulous Monaco day trips in itself. If you have time, have a resting expiration on sultry summer time by staying at Saut du Loup waterfall. Or go for the tour from Gorges du Loup that is a 700-meter steep ridge mountain. Later on, you will ride by the hamlet of Pont du Loup, a settlement which takes excellent weather to grow orange trees, olive trees, and incense plants, in the Gourdon district.

You might solely step up to this town by getting a Chemin du Paradis mule track. It is a fact that you require to climb about 500-meters, though the journey is like heaven by the terminal. If you are not a much courageous Tourister, you can stay in your car only and ride up to the unique alliance which pulls more tourists than locals on Riviera.

Lying as an eagle’s aerie at the summit of a steep spur, Gourdon is an embodiment of a landed rural town which has a breathtaking illustration of about 80 kilometers of coastline starting from Nice to Theoule-Sur-Mer.

8. Grasse, France

Grasse, France

Grasse is recognized to have inspiring and stunning views of Cannes and Antibes coasts, and it also possesses magnificent appearances above. It has some villages adjacent to which are equally beautiful, and the type of gratification in which locals welcome travelers.
Grasse is among the best day trips from Monaco for experiencing the joy hiking and outdoor fun. It can be the most preferred option to go for mountain riding, to play golf & tennis, and horse riding. The best way to reach here is the 4-lane N2285 pathway through A8 exit 42. There is no requirement to move far to trip some of the perfume factories are its primary point of attractions.

We have discussed most of the day trips from Monaco here. Monaco is recognized for having the greatest per capita income in Europe and has many popular hotels, boutiques, yachts, and opulent eateries. Also, the annual Grand Prix motor race is something that you should not miss. This tiny independent state can make you experience every unthought-of luxury in the world. So, go ahead and a plan a trip to Monaco soon!

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12 British Railway Journeys You Shouldn’t Miss Experiencing On Your UK Tour

Beautiful coastal scenes, awe-inspiring viaducts, and adventures at every turn, these breathtaking UK train journeys will give innumerable memories for you to cherish. From the lofty Scottish Highlands to the sun-baked Cornwall cliffs, you can get yourself absorbed in the British scenery while simply sitting on the comfortable upholstery of a railway carriage. Journey through the historic sites and scenes of Britain and keep your camera always ready.

Whether you are traveling solo or with friends and family, having a knowledge about the routes is always important. This is why we have created a list of 12 great British railway journeys tours for you to enjoy without any hassle.

1. West Highland Line, Scotland

Train on bridge

Journey over the Glenfinnan viaduct, which is an iconic bridge as it has been featured in the Harry Potter movies. The Potterheads are sure to get extremely excited when traveling over this route. Sit back in the carriage and soak in one of the most dramatic sceneries in the United Kingdom. Feast your eyes on the rolling hills, lofty mountain peaks that seem to kiss the sky, and the lakes that glisten at their feet. The 67 km journey from Fort William to Mallaig will ensure a mesmerizing experience.

Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

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2. London-Scotland


The Caledonian Sleeper train allows you to access several renowned Scottish locales from London. Departing six nights per week from London Euston station, the Sleeper takes an overnight journey with the passengers waking up to the Scottish greenery in the morning.

The Sleeper is so popular that new cars will be added to the existing ones in 2019, with updated facilities like comfort feasts, stylish cabins with double beds and attached bathrooms among others. No other train offers you a chance of making friends over drinks at the train’s bar or savoring the delicacies served aboard the Caledonian.

Starts from London Euston and goes to Edinburgh (8 hours 10 minutes), Aberdeen (10 hours 5 minutes), Glasgow (7 hours 30 minutes), Inverness (11 hours 5 minutes), Fort William (12 hours)

3. The Riviera Line

Railway Track

Curving along the spine of the coast and the Exe Estuary, the Riviera Line departs from the Exeter city center. The Riviera offers unbelievable sights and scenes of the sea and the coastal towns especially Teignmouth and Dawlish.

This train is for people who love the sea and cannot bear to take their eyes off it. You would be stunned at the beauty of the English Riviera as the train snakes its way along the beautiful British Coast. As an added incentive, the train allows your furry buddies aboard.

Starts from Exeter and ends at Paignton

Duration: One hour 15 minutes

4. Settle to Carlisle

Settle to Carlisle

If you want to click Instagram-worthy pictures of verdant valleys, rolling downs and medieval looking barns around the moors, then this is the route for you. More than half the journey between Settle to Carlisle runs through the beautiful environs of the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

Expect getting floored by the Ribblehead viaduct that has 24 huge arches. The viaduct is 31 m high and 400 m long. With Pen-y-Ghent mountain, which is one of the scenic Three Yorkshire Peaks, in its background, the viaduct is a sight to be seen. And don’t worry if it gets cloudy or starts raining, the route will live up to its expectation of affording some of the best views from a railway carriage in the UK.

Starts from Settle and goes to Carlisle, England

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

5. London to Edinburgh

London to Edinburgh train

Passing several noteworthy landmarks along its way to Edinburgh, the Flying Scotsman starts its journey from central London. Its 630 km route passes through the charming countryside and offers myriad views of exceedingly beautiful scenery.

The almost four and a half hour journey also crosses the Northumberland coastline and is an overall relaxing and comfortable journey. Be sure to keep a lookout for Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North sculpture with its 54 m wide wings!

Starts from London King’s Cross and ends at Edinburgh Waverley

Duration: 4 hours 20 minutes

6. Snowdonia, North Wales

Snowdonia, North Wales

No need to trudge your way to the zenith of the highest mountain in Wales—Mount Snowdon. The Snowdonia will do it for you. This Circa 1896-train huffs and puffs its steady way to the peak of the mountain and gives you a 30-minute stopover to take in the view.

On a clear bright day, the whole vista of the lake and the mountain is spread out for your oohs and aahs! The café at the top takes care of your stomach and acts as a shelter if the weather changes for the worse (don’t worry, when in Wales, do as the Welsh do!)

Starts from the Base of Mount Snowdon and ends at the peak of Mount Snowdon, Wales

Duration: 1 hour

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7. London-Penzance

Railway track view

The erstwhile Penzance Sleeper was refurbished, renovated, and re-launched in 1983 with a swanky new name—Night Riviera. It runs six nights each week, starts from London Paddington and stops at various places including Exeter, Taunton and Reading before it reaches Cornwall. From here on, it pays a visit to many locations like Newquay, Plymouth before ending its journey at Penzance.

This is one of the famous routes, so be sure to confirm your bookings in advance for the best British railway journeys. You can book a seat or an entire cabin and allow the amazing food and services onboard the Night Riviera to take you on a memorable experience.

Starts from London Paddington and ends at Penzance

Duration: 8 hours 10 minutes

8. Chester-Shrewsbury


This one will remind you of the famous poem –”A view from a railway carriage”! Allow this journey with its impressive views of viaducts, emerald countryside and quaint little villages and towns, to keep you enchanted. Keep a lookout for the world heritage site—an aqueduct at Pontcysyllte, which takes on the mirage of a stream in the horizon.

Enjoy the Romanesque style of Chester and the rustic British sights from the luxury of your carriage.

Starts from Chester and ends at Shrewsbury

Duration: 55 minutes

9. Conwy Valley Line

Conwy Valley Line

If you haven’t seen the Welsh countryside then you have not really enjoyed the best views of Britain. Take the Conwy Valley line from the picturesque cove of Llandudno’s Queen of the Welsh Resorts and allow the Welsh magic to bewitch you. This 30-mile route moves through the valleys of Conwy and Lledr.

The scene is a veritable kaleidoscope of ever-changing vistas of rolling hills to golden pasture lands to craggy mountainsides and the grandeur of the Snowdonia National Park. The trains on this route snake their way 790 ft above the sea level and also take you through a single-bore tunnel which is the longest in Wales.
Starts from Llandudno and ends at Blaenau Ffestiniog

Duration: 1 hour 25 minutes

10. North Staffordshire Line

North Staffordshire Line

Take this line to introduce your eyes to the rich heritage, sprawling countryside, and world’s renowned museums of Britain. The journey will begin from one of the oldest railway stations of the world—Crewe.

As you relish the various sites along the route, let your eyes also soak in the view of the charming city—Stoke-on-Trent fondly called The Potteries, which boasts of prize-winning museums and the fashionable Staffordshire Hoard.

The line ends at Derby which has its own unique place in the cultural and historical scene of Britain. Don’t forget to explore the neighboring Peak District.

Starts from Crewe and ends at Derby

Duration: 1 hour 18 minutes

11. Highland Main Line

Highland Main Line

The moment you see the hills and rivers of Highland Perthshire, mountains adjacent to the Spey Valley and the Cairngorms National Park, you will understand the reason why the Highland Main Line has come to be regarded as one of the most beautiful railway lines in the world. There is a lot to explore along this route!

See Dunkeld & Birnam’s historic station along with its signal box, the beautifully maintained Pitlochry Victorian station and Dalwhinnie, a station known for its whiskey distillery.

Alight at Carrbridge and get lost in this historic village. Click photographs of the extraordinary Blair Castle, Old Pack Horse Bridge, Kincraig Wildlife Park, and the Ruthven Barracks.

Starts from Glasgow/Edinburgh and ends at Inverness

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes

12. Inverness – Kyle of Lochalsh

Inverness - Kyle of Lochalsh

What is the better way to enjoy the coastal towns of Britain than the Inverness-Kyle of Lochalsh line. You get the opportunity of traveling across the mighty highlands and sneaking under the shadows of the downy mountains next to the many glittering lochs and vast moors.

Next to Inverness is Dingwall, a quaint market town which is the best place for a stop-over. Connect to the Far North Line from here and let the train take you past the mountains of Torridon Peaks.

Starts from Inverness and ends at Kyle of Lochalsh

Duration: 2 hour 40 minutes

When you will be traveling in the picturesque lands of Britain, these railway tours will make your experience convenient and more exciting. Make your vacation to UK worthwhile by experiencing British railway journeys and witnessing the bridges in all their glory.

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Top 7 Wedding Venues In Monaco For An Extraordinary Celebratory Affair

All of us love to look the best on our wedding day and we take part in all kinds of shenanigans to make it happen. From the time you say ‘Yes’ to the proposal to the actual D-day, it is a roller-coaster of a ride with so many things on our mind. Choosing the right dress, selecting the best caterers, etc. But, the first and foremost job that we do is to book a venue. These days, destination weddings have become a fad and for those who love to indulge in luxury and royalty, there is no better place than Monaco. There are plenty of wedding venues in Monaco to choose from. Here are the best of the best.

From land to even bay-facing, there are so many choices and it will be rather difficult to decide which are the best wedding venues in Monaco to host your grand event.

1. Hotel de Paris

Hotel de Paris view

Nothing speaks more of grandeur than this venue, in the heart of Monte Carlo. This majestic 5-star hotel with its classical architecture, is the most romantic wedding venue to tie the knot. High ceilings, golden interiors, crystal chandeliers and the painted frescoes will make it the most royal wedding for you. This wedding venue will make for some great and grand Instagram-worthy pictures too. This magical place called Hotel de Paris serves some of the best food in the whole of Monaco too. If you are expecting a small crowd, the spectacular terrace of the hotel will be enough and if you are hosting a large bunch of people, then the truly exemplary La Salle Empire would be great. It is a beach-front property and there is a lot of accommodation to host the largest of guests. While you are at it, you could relax before the D-day by indulging in some water sports or heading out to the spa. This wedding venue is as grand as it gets.

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2. Hotel Hermitage

Hotel Hermitage in Monaco

This one is located right behind Hotel de Paris and has the best views of the port and the casinos. Hermitage Hotel is among one of the most Monaco wedding venues. The décor of the hotel holds the old-world Parisian charm and has a very luxurious look and feel. Just as grand as Hotel de Paris, with crystal chandeliers and huge hallways, this will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. This hotel is a perfect blend of the old and new and offers one of the best views of the city of Monaco. Here too, the terrace with its spectacular views, can accommodate a small crowd and then, there is Salon Eiffel, for larger parties. There are about 278 rooms available for lodging. The restaurant at the hotel serves one of the most amazing food and the venue is ‘Oh so romantic’!

3. Salle des Etoiles

Salle des Etoiles in Monaco

For one of those big, fat weddings with a huge number of guests, the grand Salle des Etoiles would be the best venue for your wedding. The place, which also hosts concerts and large sporting events. The view from the large windows of this huge hall opens up to the bay; it can’t get more spectacular than this! If you want to have a dance party or any other rituals, which needs a lot of space, this venue is your safest bet. The ceilings here come with a touch of modernity, where they have installed thousands of tiny LED lights, but yet the venue looks grand. The venue can hold up to 950 guests at a time. It’s unique architecture also allows for fireworks display. You can have a grand and a big wedding at this venue with the best views.

4. Le Meridien Beach Plaza

Le Meridien Beach Plaza

If you want to make the most of the views that the Monaco seaside has to offer, the Le Meridien Beach Plaza the best wedding venue to say ‘I do’. Tie the knot along the French Riviera, while the gentle breeze makes for the perfect setting for an ‘Out-of-the-movies’ kind of wedding. The views of the ocean are of course one of the best and the seating arrangements are nothing less than luxury. Your guests will definitely enjoy the setting with its private beach and the hotel is the only hotel in Monaco, Europe which boasts of one. If you are adventurous, you could also hire a yacht or a boat to bring in the guests, like most of the celebrities are doing these days. There is also place indoors, in case, you would want to host one of the rituals inside. With an amazing seating arrangement and an unique location, this would be one exclusive wedding, that you and your guests would remember for a long time.

5. Salon Bellevue

Beautiful flowers

When you think of Monaco, you think of the legendary Café de Paris. Well, the wedding venue we are talking about is located in the first floor of this café. It is a privilege and getting married at Salon Bellevue is the most ‘Monaco’ wedding you can ever have. Close to the Place du Casino, another legendary place to visit in Monaco, this is the best and the most beautiful venue for a simple yet elegant wedding. White marble floors blending so well with the pastel-coloured walls make for a simple, but a fairy-tale like wedding. The colours of the venue are so soothing and if you are one of those who like a little slow-paced wedding with simple interiors, this place would be the perfect wedding venue for you. The lengthy window, from the floor right up to the ceiling opens up to an amazing view of the famous casino. The terrace of the building also provides some great view. The place, while can hold up to 250 guests at a time, is an apt venue for those couples hosting a small group. What more…the place is of medium budget, so it will not even burn a hole in your pocket. The venue also gives you a choice to host the reception in a private club, housed in the basement of this café.

6. Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Beach

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Beach

If you love the ocean, then there is nothing more romantic than holding your wedding at this spectacular venue, which is located right at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, in the town of Roque Rune-Cap-Martin. Large crowds or small ones – this venue is the most beautiful setting for any kind of wedding. At Le Deck, the swimming pool is located right at the edge of the bay and is the most sought after venue for an outdoor wedding. The lighting and the setting is just perfect for a grand and spectacular evening reception. The place transports you to another world and with this venue, the wedding venue of your dreams would turn into a reality.

7. Villa in Cap d’Ail Port

Villa View

If you are the kind of person who loves a wedding outdoors, but yet elegant, nothing can be compared to a Villa as your wedding venue. Lush green lawns and spectacular interiors of a villa is such a charming place to host the wedding. Villa in Cap d’Ail Port located on the opposite side of Monaco is one of the city’s best kept secrets and is an amazing place to hold an exclusive wedding, just for close family and friends. The breeze from the ocean as you speak out your vows on the terrace or on the lawn of this gorgeous villa makes for one of the most emotional and sophisticated setting for a wedding. This private but beautiful wedding will make for a great album, that you can look back and enjoy after you settle down in your new phase of life.

Villas, seaside and royal interiors – wedding venues in Monaco has it all. There is no destination like Monaco to tie the knot and make the D-day as special as you can. It’s exclusive and it’s luxurious. If you want to create some forever moments of your wedding, head out to this royal principality. So, pack your bags and plan a trip to Europe and have a serene holiday experience with your loved ones!

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