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10 Awesome Places For Rock Climbing In Israel You Ought To Visit

With a plethora of dry canyons, green valleys and desert rocks spread across the regions of Israel, it is nothing but common to cultivate outdoor activities such as rock climbing and rappelling in the country. Rock climbing in Israel is best done in the areas of Jerusalem, Golan Heights and Negev Desert. Though some of the regions in Israel are strictly under the archaeological survey, it doesn’t hinder the adventurous spirit of those looking for a day out in the boulders.

Here is a quick guide to the cliffs and caves where one can go rock climbing during their trip to Israel with friends and family.

1. Shilat Cliff

Shilat Cliff

Shilat Cliff is situated in the central region of Israel just half an hour away from Tel Aviv. Located right in the middle of Ben Shemen Forest, this cliff provides a perfect spot to both beginners and seasoned climbers to go rock climbing, rappelling or zip lining in the area. The tour to this site lasts for 3-5 hours. A picnic venue is set up on top of the 30-meter high cliff to help the climbers rejuvenate. The site is safe for both children and adults alike. The best time to go rappelling or rock climbing in Shilat Cliff is during the spring and summer as one can experience the smell of the pine trees or catch a glimpse of the lake at the base of the Benyamin mountains.

Location: Central Israel near Tel Aviv

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2. Luzit Cave

Luzit Cave

Located in the central region of Jerusalem, Luzit Caves are the interconnected tunnels of limestone carved during the Bar Kochba revolt. This rock climbing in Jerusalem, Israel is highly recommended for children. One can either choose between rappelling down into the caves or enter the caves by foot and then opt for rock climbing. The duration of this activity for kids is 3-5 hours and the seasons of summer and autumn are recommended for it.

Location: Luzit, Jerusalem, Israel
Cost: INR 4000 per person
Timings: 9 AM – 6 PM

3. Black Canyon

Black Canyon

Black Canyon or Nakik Shachor as it is called in Hebrew is a canyon formed due to volcanic activity in the northern Golan Heights region of Israel. The canyon is abundant with greenery, wildlife and water sources which is why the maximum part of the hiking or canyoning happens near or in the waters. A cliff rising over a deep pool is a popular choice for rock climbing in the Black Canyon. The hike and climbing in the canyon are strenuous and thus takes about 6-8 hours. It is not recommended for children. Summers are the most recommended time to go rock climbing in the canyon.

Location: Golan Heights, Israel
Cost: INR 2300

4. Yonim Cliff

Yonim Cliff

Yonim Cliff stands majestically on a 25-meter vertical cave in Northern Israel. The vertical cave is called karstic cave and is made out of limestone. Its most distinctive feature is that the shape of the cave resembles a bell. There are lots of climbing routes near Yonim which makes it a popular choice amongst both beginners and advanced rock climbers. From the top of the cliff, one can look out for a panoramic view of the Haifa Bay and the Carmel Mountain. The hike and the climb to Yonim Cliff take anywhere between 3 to 6 hours and is best avoided in summers.

Location: Galilee, Israel

5. Ein Fara

Ein Fara

Ein Fara is situated in the Judean Desert in Central Israel. It is a naturally formed canyon and also has a number of freshwater springs in the region. Ein Fara climbing is a great recreational activity for kids and adults alike. The Ein Fara canyon has two popular Wadi Qelt cliffs( North and South) meant for rock climbing. It is most suitable for beginners and the cliffs also have an assembly of monks living in one of them. It is a 15-minute drive from Jerusalem and the day tour to Ein Fara takes about 6-8 hours.

Location: Dead Sea Region, Israel.

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6. Zanoach Cliff

Zanoach Cliff

Another spot for rock climbing in Israel is the Zanoach Cliff in the Judeau Mountain Range. The cliff is surrounded by the Yehuda mountains and lush greenery. The duration for the climb or rappelling over the cliff takes about 4 to 6 hours and is best suited for beginners and children. Private tours would have already pegged their spots onto the rocks which makes it easier for the climb. While the climb in itself is not so strenuous one has to hike for about 45 minutes to get to the base of the Zanoach cliff.

Location: Beit Shemesh, Jerusalem

7. Matzok Gitta

Matzok Gitta

The Gitta Cliff is the only spot in Israel that favors the Italian form of adventure climb called Via Ferrata. It offers the best climbing in Israel and is undoubtedly the biggest cliff used for rock climbing in Northern Israel. The rock climbing in Gitta Cliff is unique as it is done on a narrow iron ledge fixed to the rocks and has all the safety ropes and cables attached to it. It is perfectly safe for young kids and is a popular sport all year round in Israel. The climb up the hill and rappelling down takes about 3 to 6 hours depending upon the experience level of the climber.

Location: Galilee, Israel

8. Performance Rock

Performance Rock Climbing

Performance Rock is an indoor rock climbing site in Israel that mainly focuses on the bouldering method. It is one of the earliest indoor activity zones to be created in Israel. They offer more than a hundred climbing and bouldering routes in their gym that is suitable for both beginners and advanced climbers. Kids from age 5 can try their hand at rock climbing here. The gym also comes with a cafe where one can take a break from the laborious climb.

Location: Rivel 3, Tel Aviv, Israel
Timings: 7 AM – 11 PM
Entry Fee: INR 1800

9. Upper Galilee Canyon

Upper Galilee Canyon

The natural canyon in the Upper Galilee region of Israel is surrounded by lush greenery with oak trees and waterfalls every few kilometers. The rock climbing experience in this canyon is unique as it involves a series of hiking, rappelling and down climbing through three major waterfalls. The rock climbing finally starts from the base of the third waterfall and one has to climb opposite the limestone walls. The zone also serves a stunning view of the regions below the Galilee such as Mount Hermon, Hula Valley, and Golan Heights. The climb is not recommended in the rainy season while generally, the climb takes about 4-6 hours.

Location: Upper Galilee region, Israel

10. Haifa Boulder

Haifa Boulder

Another indoor rock climbing gym in Israel is located in Haifa Bay called Haifa Boulder. As the name suggests, this gym also specializes in the bouldering activity and is open for both children and adults alike. Other than offering kids the thrill of rock climbing without the accompanying danger, it also provides as a training platform for amateur climbers.

Location: Yokhanan Hasandlar street 18, Haifa, Israel
Timings: 8 AM – 7 PM
Entry Fee: INR 1000

Rock climbing is an extreme sport that not only gives one an increased physical strength but also helps in developing one’s cognitive skills and peace of mind. These places famous for rock climbing in Israel are sure to give one a boost to strap on their hiking shoes and get to the Holy Land at once. Plan your trip today to the land of extreme sports with TravelTriangle and satisfy the adventurous soul in you!

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10 Museums In Munich That Are A Treasure Trove Of German History

Munich is the hub of numerous museums, theatres, and universities and that’s the reason why it is ranked number 30 out of the list of 100 historic destinations around the world by National Geographic Traveller. The city has the mix of both modern and historic architecture as many sites were destroyed during World War II. These were later reconstructed. Museums in Munich are the most sought after stops for any traveler as they outshine in exhibiting the collection of artifacts and other objects of cultural, artistic or scientific importance.

Apart from the museums, the city attracts considerable tourism due to various exhibitions, sports events, and architectural sites. Here is the listing of top 10 Munich museums that you should visit during your trip.

1. Deutsches Museum


Deutsches Museum in Munich is a masterpiece of science and technology, exhibiting about 28,000 objects from 50 different fields of science and technology and gets nearly 1.5 million visitors every year. It is one of the largest museums in Munich, founded on 28 June 1903. The museum used to host pop and rock concerts at one point of time, involving big names like Jimi Hendrix, The Who, and Elton John.

Out of a variety of exhibitions, some of the current permanent exhibits are aerospace, amateur Radio, astronomy, music, paper, physics, printing, pharmacy etc.

Entry fee: INR 950 approx
Timings: 9 am–5 pm.

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2. Residenz museum

Residenz museum

Munich Residenz museum has been open to the public since 1920, and today, it is listed as one of the most important palace museums of Europe. The building complex has a display of 130 rooms and ten courtyards. The three main sites of the museum are the Festsaalbau (towards Hofgarten), the Königsbau (near to Max-Joseph-Platz) and the Alte Residenz (Old Residenz) where, the visitors get to see the evolving forms of princely self-representation in the ages of humanism the enlightenment, counter-reformation, constitutional monarchy and the divine right of kings. The Munich residence has exquisitely decorated rooms, paintings, tapestries, treasures, furniture, and devotional items, and all of it is still in the place it was created for.

Entry fee: INR 560 approx for Residenz Museum & Treasury, INR 280 approx for Cuvilliés-Theatre and INR 1000 approx for Combined ticket.
Timings: 20 April- October: 9 am-6 pm (last entry at 5 pm)
21 October-March: 10 am-5 pm (last entry at 4 pm).

3. Pinakothek der Moderne

Pinakothek der Moderne

Munich museums will undoubtedly leave you out of words when it comes to arts, and the Pinakothek der Moderne is the most visited Munich art museum that exhibits variations from the fields of graphics, design, and architecture. Interestingly, the distinct exhibitions are accompanied by an extensive and inspiring programme of art education and events. The Pinakothek der Moderne museum is a memory and repository of the design and art of the 20th and 21st centuries and simultaneously a forum for discussion on contemporary trends.

Timings: 10 am – 6 pm daily, on Thursdays 10 am – 8 pm and on Mondays, it remains closed.
Entry fee: Regular INR 800 approx, Reduced INR 560 and on Sundays INR 80 approx.

4. Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace was raised as a summer residence for the Wittelsbach in the year 1664. Thousands of visitors come to this baroque palace every year. It is one of the city’s top sights and one of the largest royal palaces in Europe. Visiting the palace gives a chance to blend with modern royalty. Nymphenburg Palace is still the home for the Duke of Bavaria. The “Castle of the Nymph” is a significant showpiece of German history and a not-to-miss attraction.

Some of the main attractions here are:

  • The Steinerner Saal or a Stone Hall, it is the three-story grand hall that features majestic ceiling frescoes.
  • Schönheitengalerie, a small dining room in the central Southern Pavilion.
  • Queen Caroline’s bedroom, where King Ludwig II was born, the room features original decor of mahogany furniture from 1815.
  • Palace Chapel, the tour finishes at Outer Northern Pavilion that houses the palace chapel. Here one can find large ceiling paintings based on the life of St. Mary Magdalene.

Entry fee: INR 925 approx in summers and INR 680 approx in winters.
Timings: April to mid-October 9 am to 6 pm, Mid-October to March 9 am to 4 pm and some buildings are accessible in summer only.

5. The Munich Stadtmuseum

The Munich Stadtmuseum

The Munich Stadtmuseum is the city museum of Munich, located in the former municipal arsenal. It was founded by Ernst von Destouches in 1888. The various displays at the Münchner Stadtmuseum exhibit an inspiring tapestry of the history and culture of Munich city. The exceptionally royal collections here not only feature the paintings, graphic arts, and furniture but also include fashion and toys. Some of the favorites among visitors are the world-famous Morris dancers from the sixteenth century that can be found in “Typically Munich”.

Entry fee: INR 560 approx and free for persons under 18.
Timings:10.00 am – 6.00 pm from Tuesday to Sunday, closed on Mondays and until 8 pm every second Wednesday of the month.

6. The Bavarian National Museum

The Bavarian National Museum

The Bavarian National Museum is prominently situated in the Prinzregentenstrasse near to Englischer Garten. This museum exhibits the real treasure chest of Bavarian art, culture, and history and offers everything related to art and cultural one could ever wish for. The building of the museum is a piece of art itself. The exhibitions include a wide array of epochs like Romanesque, Renaissance and Gothic. As well as materials and crafts like ivory, glass gold and silver.

Entry fee: from INR 320 to INR 640 (depending on what you want to visit) and free for children under 18.
Timings: 10.00 am to 5:00 pm (Tuesday to Sunday), Thursday 9:30 am to 8:00 pm and closed on Mondays.

7. Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

Munich is well known as the capital of beer – with six breweries, the Oktoberfest and the Hofbräuhaus. Beer and Oktoberfest Museum was opened on 7 September 2005 and is located in the old townhouse since the year 1327. The museum is accessed through a staircase, which is about 500-year-old with 43 steps which extend over four floors. The museum extensively displays the history of beer and the art of brewing paired with the exhibits based on the beer culture along with the history of the Oktoberfest.

Entry fee: INR 500 approx (museum entry only) and INR 760 approx (museum entry and beer tasting)
Timings: 1 pm to 6 pm (Tuesday to Saturday).

8. The Brandhorst Museum

The Brandhorst Museum

Brandhorst Museum was opened on 21 May 2009, which showcase about 200 exhibits from a collection of modern art of Anette Brandhorst and Udo Fritz-Hermann. The museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of more than 60 works of Cy Twombly and around 100 works of Andy Warhol, making it the largest Twombly collection holder outside the United States of America. One can also get to see some of the works of other modern artists like Joseph Beuys, Jannis Kounellis and Mario Merz.

Entry fee: Regular admission INR 560 approx, Reduced INR 400 approx and INR 80 approx on Sundays.

9. BMW Museum

BMW Museum

The BMW Museum is an automobile museum that displays the history of BMW motors. It is located near the Olympiapark. The museum was opened shortly after the Summer Olympics in 1973. The museum shows the possible variations of the engines, turbines, motorcycles, and aircraft etc. Besides, the actual models there is a display of futuristic and conceptual studies from the last 20 years.

Entry fee: INR 720 approx, children up to 18 years: INR 480 approx.
Timings: BMW Welt is free to visit, 9 am to 6 pm (Tuesday to Friday), 10 am to 8 pm on weekends and closed on Mondays.

10. Haus der Kunst

Haus der Kunst

Haus der Kunst is a contemporary non-collecting art museum. It houses a vast building known as the icon of ideological power. A museum was established as a monument of Nazi architecture, which is now the habitat of progressive contemporary art. The museum was proposed to keep alive the concept of inspired looking and thinking.

Entry fee: INR 1120 approx and free for children under 12.
Timings: 10 am to 8 pm( Monday to Sunday), and 10 am to 10 pm on Thursdays.

Germany is full of museums that can put you under a trance. Your trip to Germany will never be complete without a sightseeing tour of these historical places. Anyhow, this was the list of some of the best museums in Munich, and you can contact TravelTriangle to bag great deals and discounts to enjoy the exhibits here, along with the other things like sightseeing and activities. So, what are you waiting for?

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11 Restaurants In Malta Where You Cannot Eat For Just Once

An eclectic mix of Mediterranean cooking, the marriage of spices, and the Maltese cuisine is a result of a long term blending of the islands and the rich civilisations that lived and prospered in them. Whether it is the Lampuki pie (fish pie) or the Gbejna (sheep or goat cheese), the streets of Malta offer a wide range of delicacies, vibrant colours, warmth and is a general thrill for foodies. And therefore, exploring the restaurants in Malta is like a ritual you cannot afford to miss, if you are a true traveler.

If you are in Malta, Italy and wish to relish some of its culinary delights, we have curated a list to help you find the best places. Here are the top 11 places we recommend for you to treat yourself to!

1. Giannini Restaurant

Giannini Restaurant in Malta

Situated above the St Michaels bastions with views of Manoel Island, this is the perfect place for a great culinary experience. Casual and discreet atmosphere, with delightful ambience and food that is to die for! Fusions of flavours and colours with bewildering dishes whether it be the hot, saucy pastas or the freshly made fish that gives you the entire wow factor.

Location: 23 Windmill Street, Valletta City
Cuisines: Italian, Asian, Mediterranean
Contact: +356 21237121

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2. One Portomaso

One Portomaso in Malta

A complete state of art dining experience awaits you. It provides you with an exclusive feel, classy interiors and stylishly delicious food. With a wide range of recipes that will give you the full circle experience of flavours and aesthetics, this place has the unique concept of it being home to a ‘crudo’ and stir fry sections with live cooking. With a wonderful outdoor and indoor experience, wafting smells of freshly made hot straight out of the pan eatables and the feel of a perfect night is what awaits you here.

Location: Portomaso Business Tower, St Julian’s
Cuisines: Italian, Mediterranean
Contact: +356 2137 1238

3. Barracuda Restaurant

Barracuda Restaurant in Malta

one of the longest running consist top quality food provider, this place is full of character and light. The seafood will blow you away and pair it with their all time classic deserts and you’re ready to go. Located in a prime up market area on the popular St Julian’s sea front, housed in one of the most picturesque historic buildings, this place also gives you benevolent and top notch service with the tastiest menus around and a magnificent meal primarily involving the octopus carpaccio for appetizer, linguine tossed with sea urchins for starters and a whole fresh cooked lobster for mains.

Location: 194/5 Main Street St Julian’s
Cuisines: Mediterranean (Primarily Seafood)
Contact: +356 21331817

4. Zest Restaurant

Zest restaurant in Malta

A top eastern menu dining with wondrous twists in the menu. Splendid decor and the kindest service accompanied by extraordinary cooking styles and spices with a hint of culinary journeys through Thailand, Japan, Malaysia and the Mediterranean. From sushi to French lamb sous vide! From open wine cellars to a live cooking sushi bar followed by wonderful music and dim lighting, this place has it all in it to feed your stomachs and win your hearts.

Location: Hotel Juliani, 25 St George’s roads, St Julian’s
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Thai, Sushi
Contact: +356 2138760

5. Piccolo Padre

Piccolo Padreep in Malta

Casual and classy all at once, this eatery gives you a delightful combination of your favourite food. Right on the terrace perched over the picturesque bay, giving you the perfect summer breeze with the mild taste of sea salt, rustic and charming interiors and taste bud exploding grills, pastas and pizzas.

Location: 194/5 Main Street, St Julian’s
Cuisines: Italian, Mediterranean
Contact: +356 2134 4875

6. Da Marina Restaurant

Da Marina Restaurant in Malta

Dining al fresco on its large patio with a smoothing and refreshing evening sea breeze, casual and cheery atmosphere and wonderful recipes of dishes that only upon hearing will make your stomach crave cultures and flavours within no time. Part of the five star hotel Corinthia Hotel on St George’s bay, it has impeccable taste when it comes to ambience, service and the general vibe. One place you must try out. This is one of the best restaurants in Malta with a view.

Location: Corinthia Hotel, St George’s bay, St Julian’s
Cuisines: Italian, Asia, Mediterranean
Contact: +356 2370 2826

7. Ta`Cassia

Ta`Cassia in Malta

A tiny family-run restaurant offering a classic consistent good selection of meats and fresh fish. With a certain kind of homely appeal, this place will make you feel warm and cozy in no time, with service that will never make you want to leave and what better than an old style farmhouse with a lovely garden to dine in. Trust me, if you wish to treat your family and yourself to a splendid evening of feasting and feeling, this place is it.

Location: Triq-il-Kakatakombi, Salina, Malta
Cuisines: Seafood, Mediterranean
Contact: +356 21571435

8. La Stanza Bar & Restaurant

La Stanza Bar & Restaurant in Malta

This beautiful place is run by an amiable couple, Stephan and Melissa, who welcome people with open arms. It specializes in Mediterranean food with a heavy Italian influence. A well-rounded menu for all moods and exquisite dishes for all tastes is the specialty of this restaurant. Located within a centuries-old building which highly compliments the distinctive character and food of the extraordinaire that is this place! Its food is finger licking good and before you know it, you’ll be back. This is one of the best restaurants in Malta for lunch.

Location: 56, Triq I imghallem, Victoria- Rabat, Gozo-Ghawdex
Cuisines: Mediterranean, Italian
Contact: +356 2155 8047

9. Rampila

Rampila in Malta

Historical fortifications of the capital city as its foundation, a remarkable location and atmosphere and a mix of Maltese and Mediterranean cuisines served with a creative twist appealing to the eye and the appetite. Wonderful cooking, underground vaults, soulful music and soft lighting, just writing about this place makes me want to go there. And I’m sure once I’m in, I’m never leaving.

Location: 1, St Jones cavalier, Valletta City
Cuisines: Maltese, Mediterranean
Contacts: +356 21226625

10. Cuba-Bistro,Pizzeria & Cafe

Cuba-Bistro,Pizzeria & Cafe in Malta

Want a quick bite with an upbeat atmosphere? Craving some classic Cuban food capturing its contagious and energetic aura? Also want something soothing to the eye, catering to the aesthetics? If yes, you’ve come to the right place then. It is perfect for a first date, a family lunch or even a business meeting. Injecting high spirits and good vibes everywhere and anywhere, with its original Neapolitan pizza being one to die for! (Tip:Eat it!)

Location: The Strand, Sliema
Cuisines: Italian, Cuban, Mediterranean
Contact: +356 20101313

11. French Affaire

French Affaire in Malta

A stylish cafe that occupies a tight spot at Pjazza Tigne with its gorgeous and artistic ambiance associated with Paris of yesteryear. Whether it’s for a quick bite of a laid back drink with friends, whether you’re on a romantic spree or whether you just had a sudden craving for the sweet miracle of deserts. This cozy, dim light place and food that is impeccable looking with mouthwatering dishes. All you’ll take away from here is romance, happiness, a happy heart, a fully satisfied appetite and also your parcel (Yes they do offer takeaways)

Location: Pjazza, Tigne point, Silema
Cuisines: French, Italian
Contact: +356 79629262

Plan a trip to Europe and head to Malta, to step out for a grand dining experience with a universe of cultures, delicacies, hues and flavours imploding inside your mouth, blowing your mind. Beautiful locations, classy ambiences and a complete positive atmosphere, a journey through various time zones and time periods, only to present to you the best of the best. Bewildering and creative feasts await you so take you chance while you have it. So dig in and Dig deep. Happy feasting!

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Top 12 Bulgarian Restaurants That Will Leave You Spoilt For Choice

In the generation of globetrotters, a trip to any country is incomplete without experiencing its local culture and its cuisine. Sharing attributes with other Balkan cuisines, the heterogeneity in Bulgarian cuisine will leave you craving for even more. From street food to fine dining, Bulgaria will most definitely appeal to all your senses. Bulgarian restaurants give the dining spots of London and New York a tough fight. Here’s a compilation of some of the most prestigious restaurants in Bulgaria.

Having nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bulgaria draws the world’s attention to Thracian, Persian, Celtic, Macedonian and Roman influences on its cuisine. We’ve shortlisted 12 Bulgarian restaurants that you must dine at:

1. Ethno Restaurant

Ethno Restaurant

Ethno is one of the best dining spots that will satisfy not only your stomach but also your soul. Located in the sprightly Alexandrovska Boulevard, Ethno restaurant serves scrumptious Greek seafood delicacies. Fresh seafood is plentiful in Burgas, which makes this place worth a visit. Ethno’s centralised location, alluring decor and stimulating delicacies makes it one of the most visited Bulgarian restaurants. Shrimp sahamati, BBQ sea bass, and many other pocket friendly seafood options will leave you spoilt for choice.

Address: Aleksandrovska 49, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.2

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2. Rose Restaurant

Rose Restaurant

Situated inside a 200 years old renovated home on the main wayfarer street in Aleko Bogoridi, Rose Restaurant is one the best fusion restaurants in Bulgaria. It serves French-Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. The restaurant boasts of a majestic wine list. Rose, which started out as a splashy pizzeria, has now been transformed into one of the best fine dining restaurants. Along with the fine dining experience, the restaurant offers live music every night which gives a wholesome experience to its visitors.

Address: Aleko Bogoridi 19, 8000 Burgas Center, Burgas, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.4

3. Philippopolis Restaurant

Philippopolis Restaurant

Located in Plovdiv, Philippopolis is an old town restaurant attached to an art gallery which attracts food and wine connoisseurs from around the world. The extensive menu of this fancy restaurant offers a fusion of national flavours and international delicacies, apart from an assortment of chef’s daily specials. Don’t forget to visit the art gallery that features beautiful paintings by Bulgarian master painters. Philippopolis is a magical place for couples to experience a beautiful and romantic dining experience.

Address: Saborna 29, Plovdiv
Google rating: 4.3

4. Motto Restaurant

Motto Restaurant

Known as one of the best Bulgarian restaurant, Sofia Center’s motto has a laid back trendy atmosphere with retro furnishing and décor. It has a beautiful garden outside where you can soak up the sun while enjoying their signature lemonades. If you want to take a break from the traditional Bulgarian food, head here. Their wine list is unmatchable. Reservations are strongly recommended for the special Sunday brunch during winters. Motto is the perfect place to satisfy your appetite while enjoying live music on weekends.

Address: Aksakov 18, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia
Google rating: 3.9

5. Izbata Tavern and Winery

Izbata Tavern and Winery

The food served by this restaurant is a direct reflection of its country’s culture. Izbata Tavern and Winery offers an authentic and intimate dining experience that will leave your taste buds wanting for more. Tucked in Slavyanska away from the hustle and bustle of Bulgaria, this restaurant charms the wine lovers as it offers more than 100 wines. The place serves dishes that are not only a visual delight but also full of flavors. Their perfectly grilled meats are not be missed. Everything from salads to desserts is highly recommended and worth a try! With a pleasing outdoor garden seating and delectable Mediterranean-inspired menu, the restaurant inspires hundreds of foodies to visit this place.

Address: Slavyanska 18, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.3

6. Leventa Winery and Restaurant

Leventa Winery and Restaurant

Situated under the television tower, this restaurant cum winery is surely eye-catching. Formerly an Ottoman fortress, this restaurant is located at the highest vantage point in Ruse. Every dining hall has a different theme — each representing a different era in Bulgarian history, varying from Thracian to liberation. It serves not only scrumptious food but also richly flavoured wines.

Address: 7000 Ruse, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.6

7. Mehana Chiflika

Mehana Chiflika

For the best traditional and cultural experience in Ruse, you must visit Mehana Chiflika. It serves succulent Bulgarian food. If you’re looking forward to spend an evening full of entertainment with live music, this is the place to be at. In the peak season they’re overflowing with diners, thus you’re advised to reserve a table a day or two in advance. The rustic furnishings on the wall lend a glamorous appeal to the dining area. From salads to fish and lamb dishes, the menu has something that compliments everybody’s taste.

Address: Otetz Paisiy, Ruse Center, Ruse, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.3

8. Vodenitsata Restaurant


Situated in the woods of Vitosha mountain, Vodenitsata restaurant is one of the best Bulgarian restaurants in Portugal. It offers an authentic vibe. The place serves the best traditional Bulgarian cuisine. Pair their dishes with wine and you’re good to go. The service is amiable and fast. You will get a chance to enjoy live folklore music show and balkan dance while eating your food. You’re suggested to make prior reservations.

Google rating: 4.5

9. Megdana Restaurant

Megdana Restaurant

Situated in a lovely stone house with wooden verandahs and a large landscaped garden, Megdana is one of the best Bulgarian restaurants in Plovdiv. The place is adorned with plush cozy interiors. It offers a commingling of traditional Bulgarian and world cuisines. They have special arrangements of live music programs to entertain you while enjoying your supper. It is advisable to make a reservation if you want to grab a table in the outdoors.

Address: Odrin 11, 4000 Tsentar, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.3

10. Beso Restaurant

Beso Restaurant

Known for fine dining, Beso is a unique restaurant in Sofia that offers fusion cuisine without burning a hole in your pocket. It is an amazing place for sheesha lovers where you can smoke a narghilè among other flavours while waiting for your dinner. To keep the guests engrossed, Beso has live DJ performances every night. The place is beautifully furnished with stylish interiors and dim lighting to make your dining experience memorable. Not only this, they have special arrangements to keep your kids entertained as well. You can leave your kids at the children’s zone while enjoying a glass of chilled beer at the bar.

Address: Todor Kableshkov 1, 1618 Manastirski Livadi, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.2

11. Boom! Burgers N’ Steaks

Boom! Burgers N' Steaks

This place is a delightful break from formal dining. It is a casual dining area which provides great bread and meat quality. They serve juicy and well cooked burgers. The restaurant is spacious and the service is fast and prompt. The menu is not very extensive but the food is, nevertheless, delectable. Egg plant, goat cheese burger, rib eye steak and pear bacon salad are definitely worth a try. The restaurant is open from noon to 10 PM.

Address: Karnigradska 15, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria
Google rating: 4.2

12. Talents Restaurant

Talents Restaurant

As the name suggests, Talents is an innovative and creative restaurant in central Sofia. It is the best place to taste the finest of international cuisine along with some of the world’s best desserts. A real time view of the action in the kitchen provided on the screens is a visual delight for the guests while relishing their food and drinks. Talents is the perfect place in town to experience a unique culinary experience, including a novel concept in the culinary world which is ‘dining in the dark’.

Address: 9, Petar Beron Str, Sofia, Bulgaria, 1142 Sofia
Google rating: 4.7

Food is undoubtedly an integral part of your travelling experience. Some of the best restaurants in Bulgaria understand this feeling to the core and provide you the world’s best culinary experience. The restaurants in Bulgaria will leave you spoiled for choice when dining out with your friends and family. Right from its refreshing chopska salads to hearty clay pot stews, Bulgaria has a variety of dishes to offer and the chefs here do justice to each one of them. Make sure to visit the aforementioned Bulgarian restaurants on your trip to Portugal for an exquisite culinary experience.

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9 Indian Restaurants In Finland To Enjoy Indian Flavours In The Finnish Air

Finland, the Nordic country bordering the Baltic Sea on one side and the Gulf of Bothnia on the other, is regarded as the most exquisite place on earth. Being the home to various wondrous natural phenomenon, Finland is considered to be, what the Bible describes as, the Garden of Eden, the place where all things beautiful dwelled at the beginning. Regardless of how literally one might take the aforementioned statement, Finland is undoubtedly a safe haven for mother nature, where it tends to reside in its purest form.

Given the indescribable beauty that the place holds, Finland witnesses a number of cultures dwelling within its womb and it is owing to these varying cultures that Finland, in today’s era, has become the home to various art forms and cuisines that any tourist visiting the place can enjoy with the famous Indian cuisine being of one of them. Here is a list of the best Indian restaurants in Finland. Have a look.

To cut short your quest to find the best Indian delicacies while in Finland, we’ve compiled a list of top 9 Indian Restaurants in Finland.

1. Ravintola Tandoori Villa

Ravintola Tandoori Villa

Finland prides its cuisines from various cultures as an art form and hence, treats it the same by mastering the process to the point where it’s almost impossible to discern the authentic from the local. The Ravintola Tandoori Villa carries the tradition forwards by offering truly authentic Indian food with all its spicy glory. Within its sleek and minimal themed walls, Indian delicacies are served in the ‘All-you-can-eat’ format, allowing for customers to indulge themselves with the Indian culture to their heart’s content. Owing to the buffet style menu, the Ravintola Tandoori Villa is a restaurant where you can munch on irresistibly exotic Indian flavors without breaking the bank.

Address: Niittyläntie 2, 00620 Helsinki, Finland
Google Rating: 4.4/5

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2. Monal Indian Cuisine

Monal Indian Cuisine

Monal Indian Cuisine is a restaurant that doesn’t shy away from its true heritage. Within the walls of the place, one will find several representations of the Indian culture in the form of pictures that are lined meticulously along the entrance. As you walk through its doors, you’re overwhelmed by pride that the restaurant takes in being a representative of India in the foreign land. You’ll find that the same sense of pride is transitioned to the dishes they serve.

Monal Indian Cuisine is one of the most affordable restaurants in Finland where one can taste the flavors of India in its most unadulterated form. The restaurant offers a buffet style system with a balanced number of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies to please their customers, regardless of what their preferences might be. Added to that, the generous and friendly staff makes for an environment that can make you forget the fact that you’re dining in a foreign country.

Address: Annankatu 4, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
Google Rating: 4.3/5

3. India House

Indian House

India House is one of the few Indian restaurants in Finland that has succeeded in migrating truly authentic Indian flavors to the foreign land of Finland. With what is being vouched as the best dining experiences by locals, India House elevates the bar to a level that is sure to make other neighboring Indian restaurants shiver with anxiety. Coupled along with the traditional Indian delicacies is the ambiance that goes in parallel with the food that is being served.

Filled to the brim with books that expand through various genres, India House is not only the ideal place to experience Indian flavors but is also a reader’s paradise. Adding to the ambiance are the dining areas that make the most efficient use of the space they are provided with. The walls are lovingly sprinkled with nods to the Indian cultures through pictures and paintings, making for an environment that not only comforts you but also gets you curious about the culture.

Address: Simonkatu 8, 00100 Helsinki, Finland
Google Rating: 4.0/5

4. Spice Garden

Spice Garden

If you wish to escape into the coziest of environments, to avoid all the hustle that drags you to the depths of the mundane, then Spice Garden has you covered. The fact that they also serve some of the best iterations of Indian cuisines happens to be the icing on the most irresistible and delicious cakes. Spice Garden keeps it simple with the ambiance through its sleek and minimal theme complemented by the inviting shades of brown. Although, what the place leaves out on the ambiance, it covers it through its delicious food. Given the friendly staff of the said restaurant, Spice Garden is the perfect spot to have a good laugh with the people you adore while munching on authentic Indian flavors.

Address: Lintuvaarantie 28, 02650 Espoo, Finland
Google Rating: 4.4/5
Facebook Page

5. Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darbar

Delhi happens to be where most of the famous Indian tastes originate from and to take on the daunting task, to live up to the name of the city that is said to be the heart of the Indian country, is a move that deserves appreciation all on its own. Fortunately, Delhi Darbar is not only able to accomplish the said feat but also, shines new light upon the fame that Delhi holds as a city. The Delhi Darbar goes all in with the Indian culture, from its food to its ambiance, everything screams of the culture that it takes inspiration from.

Despite the heavy references to the Indian culture, the ambiance doesn’t make it overwhelming to dine in the place. In fact, it does the contradictory by offering a cozy and casual venue to dine in. Along with the inviting vibe of the place, the Delhi Darbar treats visiting customers with heart-warming authentic Indian flavors that are bound to make one visit the place again.

Address: Hämeenkatu 8, 20500 Turku, Finland
Google Rating: 4.4/5

6. Tony’s Corner

Tony's Corner

Tony’s corner is one of those restaurants that are as humble as it gets but then surprises their customers by going big on flavors and variety. The place goes with a minimal theme for the ambiance and offers a casual environment for the oncoming customers. Not only does the restaurant delight their customers with delicious Indian buffets but also offers several other delicacies that are not just limited to the Indian Cuisine. Tony’s corner is among the few restaurants that still believe in prioritizing customers over profits, and they justify their beliefs through affordable prices, allowing for a tourist to experience tastes from their homeland along with the local dishes without it being too hard on the pocket.

Address: Mäntyviita 6, 02110 Espoo, Finland
Google Rating: 4.2/5

7. Maharaja


Maharaja is a Hindi word that literally translates to ‘Great King’ and the restaurant that has taken up the mantle of justifying its namesake, is surely aware of what it means since they believe in treating their customers like royalty. Offering an Indian themed ambiance with the dining area paying homage to the Mughal era and the walls adorned with pictures tributing the Indian culture, Maharaja is the ideal place to dine in with your family or friends while experiencing the best that India has to offer which includes the irresistible flavors that come along with it. Given the authentic tastes and ambiance of the place, we won’t blame you if, for a moment, you forget that you are not dining in a local Indian restaurant.

Address: Mannerheimintie 21, 00250 Helsinki, Finland
Google Rating: 4.1/5

8. Ravintola Indian Cuisine

Ravintola Indian Cuisine

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the luxuries that come along with the Indian culture, Ravintola Indian Cuisine is a good place to start with. With its beautifully furnished walls married to several portraits depicting art forms and beliefs of India, the Ravintola Indian Cuisine oozes out quality through its ambiance. As intricately designed that the walls that surround it are, so are the dishes that are served here. The restaurant has been consistently serving Indian flavors that might make it difficult for you to differentiate between their dishes and the real thing. Couple that along with your preferred drink of choice from their bar that hosts an expansive variety of flavors and you have yourself an ideal Indian dining experience.

Address: Kajaaninkatu 38, 90100 Oulu, Finland
Google Rating: 4.6/5

9. Ravintola Shalimar

Ravintola Shalimar

When you combine the determination to serve your customers to the best of your ability with the skills to serve truly authentic Indian food, you end up with something like the Ravintola Shalimar. The place doesn’t shy away from flaunting the modernly crafted interior that the restaurant sports. Their entire Indian cuisine is overlooked by chefs hailing from India itself, so you can rest assured when the restaurant claims that you’ll be treated with truly authentic Indian flavors. The fact that they serve the said dishes in traditional thalis that you’ll find in a local Indian restaurant just adds to the ambiance and experience.

Address: Hannikaisenkatu 20, 40100 Jyväskylä, Finland
Google Rating: 4.4/5

Still wondering if you’d have difficulty finding Indian restaurants in Finland? We guess not! Have an amazing time relishing the Indian flavors in this beautiful European country. Plan your vacation to Europe with TravelTriangle soon. If you know of more Indian eating places in Finland, write to us below. Do not forget to share it with your friends!

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Looking To Book An International Holiday?

Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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Holi Parties In Bangalore 2019 – The Perfect Hotspots To Celebrate The Festival Of Colors!

The festival of colors not only brings celebrations, but a wave of joy, positivity, and enthusiasm all across India. Make the most of this fervor in 2019 by being at one these Holi parties in Bangalore that will take your Holi festival celebrations to the next level.

Ushering in the first big festival of 2019, are some fantastic Holi events in Bangalore that will be loaded with music, colors, artistic shows, and a bucket load of fun. Spring in India is always welcomed in the most colorful way imaginable. The festival of Holi is special in many ways to people as it brings a reason to celebrate, party, catch up with old friends, and forget old foes (an old Holi festival saying).

The festival of Holi gets a lot of artists, musicians, DJs, and performers onto the festival grounds that organize events for Holi in Bangalore 2019. Below are some of the most happening Holi parties in Bangalore you should definitely consider visiting.

1. Rang Rasiya

A woman playing Holi

A party inspired by the festival of colors, Rang Rasiya (Holi Hai) is set to be an incredible fusion of music, dance, food, colors, and celebration in the heart of Bangalore. The party goes to Rang Rasiya will have organic colors, live DJs, pool party, and snacks counter to help you enjoy the festivities. So take your friends and head to this amazing Holi party in Bangalore.

Where: The Park. I Bar , Central Bangalore
When: March, 2019
Ticket Price: INR 300 onwards
Timings: 10:30 am to 6:00 pm

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2. Gulaal 2019

Gulaal 2018

The celebration of colors, music, and performance welcome party goers to Gulaal 2019. Coming to the cluster of Holi parties in Bangalore, Gulaal 2019 has created quite a splash and turned many heads with its detailed plan that involves three days of adrenaline-fueled partying and celebration.

The three days of celebration at Gulaal 2019 are divided into Day 1- Nakshatra, Day 2- Rangeela, and Day 3- Rang De Bengaluru. The festival passes include unlimited organic colors, water guns, rain dance party stage, DJs, and Punjabi dhol performances. Don’t forget to protect your skin and hair by applying oil before heading to the venue.

Where: Pebble- The Jungle Lounge, Bangalore
When: March, 2019
Ticket Price: INR 499 onwards
Timings: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

3. Zone By The Park Holi Party

Holi Party At Zone

Celebrate the vivacious festival of colors at Zone by the Park this Holi. A stylish venue, known in the past for hosting the best Holi celebration in Bangalore. The organizers have made all necessary preparations for the big day that includes- a huge outdoor setup that will include empty ground space, DJ, organic colors, DJs, and live food and drinks counter. A highlight of this event is the 40 feet by 40 feet rain dance stage where you can groove to some Bollywood, remixes and dhol beats.

Where: Zone By The Park, Infantry Road, Central Bangalore
When: March, 2019
Ticket Price: INR 499 onwards
Timings: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

4. Aqua Holi

Aqua Holi

For those who like to keep their Holi scenes less messy, a weekend party plan at the Cowboy Resort in Bangalore is recommended. Aqua Holi is set to be an incredible confluence of colors, partying, music, and cultural performances. People can enjoy a fun-filled weekend with AC camp stay, evening music performances, and campfires at the venue.

Where: Cowboy Resort 211, Banandur village, Bidadi, Bengaluru
When: March, 2019
Ticket Price: INR 999 onwards
Timings: 12 noon to 11:00 pm

5. HOLIKA Zombie Holi Festival 2019

Holi Festival in Nepal

A festival like Holi would be incomplete without an out-of-the-box theme party. So if you are looking forward to a thrilling Holi celebration in Bangalore, this party is for you. Holika Zombie Holi Festival is celebrating the festival of colors with a spooky twist as it attempts to trump all Holi parties in Bangalore by being the most talked about party in town. How do they plan to do it? A zombie theme Holi celebration with lots of surprises, colors, musical performances, and ATV Moto stunts.

Where: TAG – The Adventure Grove 76/1, Jamia Masjid Road, Lakshmipura, Vidyaranyapura
When: March, 2019
Ticket Price: INR 999 onwards
Timings: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

6. Holi Ke Peeche Kya Hai

Holi Ke Peeche Kya Hai

Just like its Bollywood-inspired peppy name, the event is also very happening. With a lively mix of retro, international, and Punjabi DJs in their line up for their event, Holi Ke Peeche Kya Hai attempts to go one up on their first edition in 2017. With a location ideal for a rain dance party, the event grounds will also be equipped with a photo booth, dhol performers, unlimited organic colors, and food and drink stalls.

Where: Mangala Kalyana Mantapa, South Bangalore
When: March, 2019
Ticket Price: INR 300 onwards
Timings: 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

The preparations for the festival of colors is gathering pace as many exciting Holi parties in Bangalore are gaining traction and attracting more and more audience. And now that you know how to celebrate Holi in Bangalore, hurry up, and plan a trip to Bangalore. Make your bookings and be there to enjoy one of the most colorful festivals before all the tickets get sold out!

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8 Restaurants In Denmark To Satiate Your Taste Buds At The Nordic Land

What’s an enjoyment of a tour to any location if you haven’t indulged in the authentic food of that specific country or city? After all, calories don’t count when you are on a vacation mode. So, just like any other place, Denmark will also satisfy you with meals like Kartofler, Pølser, Æbleskiver, Wienerbrød, and more to name some of its specialties. With this blog post, we’re going to share some of the best restaurants in Denmark ranging from a belly-busting brunch to a fine dining experience, and sweet delights. These locations will be a hit with foodies on a trip to Denmark.

Here are the best restaurants in Denmark that one should definitely eat at while on their trip to this beautiful Nordic country. Go ahead and have a look.

1. Restaurant Sushi Nørregade

Restaurant Sushi Nørregade

Sushi lovers are very much aware that finding the convenient place where their cherished Japanese dish would be cooked in legitimate ways isn’t simple, particularly while voyaging. But Sushi Nørregade is one of those spots where every Sushi lover should head to. It is situated in the core of the downtown area, just a five-minute walk from Nørreport station.
The restaurant’s veneer might not be extravagant, yet the meal is flavorful and it is a real taste of Sushi that you’ll get in Denmark. Also, the servers continually are ready to assist you in choosing the right meal that will fill your heart with joy.

Must Try: Sushi
Location: Nørregade 34, 1165 København, Denmark
Cuisines: Japanese
Google Rating: 4.2/5

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2. Amass


Amass is set up by Matthew Orlando and offers the high grade of all, the food, style, and environment. It is a high-ceiling space with graffiti painted walls, and enormous windows facing the old docks. Amass, situated on the harbor front in Copenhagen presents its visitor with creative impromptu dishes, such as pollock with dark lime and burnt birch. Once in a while, the staff lights a bonfire before the eatery in the private garden so visitors can relax while relishing their supper. A spacious restaurant, it is out of the city and has a modern, and urban feel. Authenticity and prices of dishes are the central elements here, and the cooking style is modern Danish.

Must Try: Seafood, tomato bread
Location: Refshalevej 153, 1432 København, Denmark
Cuisines: Scandinavian, Danish
Google Rating: 4.6/5

3. Mortens Kro

Mortens Kro

Mortens Kro which means “Mortens Inn” in English as of now marked 21 years of the gastronomy picture of Denmark and is viewed as standout restaurants in Denmark situated in Aalborg. The restaurant is owned by Morten Nielsen since 1997. It’s a fine dining restaurant with a diverse range of menu consisting of Scandinavian cuisines and international food dishes, all cooked with ingredients of high-quality by Morten Nielsen who is the culinary master and proprietor of this chic eatery.
There is a wide range of menu packages ranging from starters and mains, right to tasting desserts. Guests shouldn’t pass up a great opportunity of checking this beautiful restaurant to enjoy the most delectable food and ambiance here.

Must Try: fish and shellfish
Location: Mølleå 4, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
Cuisines: Scandinavian, Danish, International
Google Rating: 4.6/5

4. Manfreds


This is an easygoing eatery that serves a seven-course family-style food at an exceptionally affordable cost. The menu is in every case loaded with basic and filling meals, yet the beef tartare is what will leave you drooling. Made with poached egg mayo, rye breadcrumbs, and longspun strands of spicy cress, it generally wins the show. It is offered independently from the vegetable-substantial tasting.
A meal at Manfred’s eatery will be a pleasant experience. This place is all about food, the recipes are superbly well cooked, and presented originally. However, the best part of the food is the flavors in every meal which gives a refreshing feel.

Must Try: Salads, vegetarian dishes
Location: Jægersborggade 40, 2200 København, Denmark
Cuisines: Danish, European, Scandinavian, Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan, Gluten Free Options
Google Rating: 4.2/5

5. Bæst


Relæ’s Christian Puglisi returns to his Italian legacy with this particular restaurant. The burrata and charcuterie are prepared in-house, and the pizza gets popped up in a Neapolitan oven. They make in-house mozzarella too to use in their pizzas. You won’t discover something like this in any other restaurants in Denmark, Copenhagen.
Additionally, the restaurant blends the best Danish, local, organic, and sustainable ingredients with the Italian mastery to offer an unusual dining experience. If you’re going to Denmark for Christmas holidays, then this restaurant also arranges Christmas and New Year events to enjoy with your family and friends.

Must Try: Pizzas
Location: Guldbergsgade 29, 2200 København, Denmark
Cuisines: Danish, Italian, European.
Google Rating: 4.2/5

6. Copenhagen Diner ‘n’ Steak

Copenhagen Diner 'n' Steak

Copenhagen Diner ‘n’ Steak is another eatery settled at Illum rooftop. This restaurant consists of a dining room, banqueting rooms, and lounge zones. The dinner division will be a Nordic interpretation of the vintage diner, with an entire day of eating of healthy servings of mixed greens, fresh sandwiches, and burgers. The restaurant also offers the takeaway option. At night the restaurant opens the steak arena for top-notch food with fresh meat in the middle.
Guests can book the table in both its sections, i.e. the steak arena and dinner arena. This cozy establishment is suitable for a perfect family time to enjoy a big dinner party while appreciating the spectacular landscape from its rooftop.

Must Try: Barbecue, steak
Location: Østergade 52, 1100 København, Denmark
Cuisines: American
Google Rating: 3/5

7. Pasfall


With its incredible menu and easing ambiance, the Pasfall restaurant in Denmark has genuinely earned a place in the local’s hearts. This restaurant has also secured a position in the Michelin Guide 2017. With such a large number of achievements in Thomas Pasfall profession, along with the title of “The Chef of The Year” in 2000, it does not shock anyone that the gourmet eatery serves classy and brilliant dishes. The chef who is also the owner of the restaurant is a true artisan as he positively considers details and matches it in his food ingredients. Rush here for authentic Scandinavian cuisine!

Must Try: foie gras, tasting menu
Location: 31 Brandts Passage, Odense, 5000, Denmark
Cuisines: French, European, Scandinavian
Google Rating: 4.6/5

8. The Oxford House Inn

The Oxford House Inn

From the minute you walk in, the environment will seem welcoming, and cozy for your evening meal. The staff here is super accommodating, and the food is on point, thus, making the place a perfect selection for this list. There are plenty of food options to choose from like steak, chicken, and fish. It also serves vegetarian food to satisfy its vegetarian guests, the best being its considerably filled roasted pepper.

Must Try: Steak frites, lobster carbonara
Location: Fryeburg, ME
Cuisines: American
Google Rating: 4.6/5

Hungry yet? Book your trip with TravelTriangle to this Nordic beauty and enjoy the culinary scenes of the country. The restaurants in Denmark would surely leave your taste buds content and happy! Know of more interesting places to eat at? Mention them below.

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Top 13 Cafes In Brazil For Some Catchup Time With Your Friends And Family

There is a solid jungle in the southeast of South America with a population of some 20 million. Picture Los Angeles on its most smoggy day, a New York density and San Francisco cityscape clumped up and tossed into Latin America. Embrace São Paolo, a city with strong ties in the coffee trade that has just awakened to an intriguing specialty coffee scene in the 21st century. There are many good cafes in Brazil that can prove to be a great hangout zone for you and your family or friends, during a vacation.

Spending some quality time with your family and friends, during a vacation is a great idea. And cafes are a good choice to do the same and also explore the food culture of that place. To enable you in fully exploring the Brazilian coffee culture, here are some of the cafes which will leave your taste buds tingling.

1. Coffee Lab

Coffee Lab cafe

For a deep-rooted coffee drinker, it is a disconcerting experience to switch your reference to the drink inside out. Isabela Raposeiras is perhaps the most prominent roaster in today ‘s independent Brazilian coffee scene. In her shop, you can experience new coffee brewing techniques such as Aero Press and Hario V60 in Brazil and relish small pairings of coffee and food as “rituals” on the menu.

Location: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1340, Vila Madalena, São Paulo
Contact: 011 33757400
Signature: Creamy Latte and Pressed Cheese Sandwich
Cuisine: Café, Brazilian
Cost for two: 40 to 45 dollars
Zomato rating: 4.6/5

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2. Sofá Café

Sofá Café

A comfortable and welcoming coffee shop with a lot of comfy sofas! This is the vibe that patrons want to offer here: a home away from home. After having to import some experts from Coffee Lab, Sofa started to roast and slowly expanded its own technique— they roast a trifle lighter in Sofá, taking a leaf out of the book of Scandinavian roasters.

Location: Rua Bianchi Bertoldi, 130, Pinheiros, São Paulo 10000
Contact: 011 30345830
Signature: Coffee made from lightly roasted beans
Cuisine: Café, Brazilian
Cost for two: 70 to 75 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.7/5

3. Beluga Café

Coffee view in cup

The aesthetically clean, vivid colors incorporate a contemporary air into an atmosphere that is otherwise grey and heavily urban. The duo developed peculiar roast contours with the producer-turned roaster, Hugo Wolff, with barista classes under their belts. Espresso is a lovely dark coffee from the farm of Wolff, Portal da Serra, in Minas Gerais.

Location: Rua Doutor Cesário Mota Junior, 379, Vila Buarque, República, São Paulo, SP
Contact: 011 32145322
Signature: lightly roasted coffee with big fruity overtones
Cuisine: Café
Cost for two: 30 to 35 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.6/5

4. The Little Coffee Shop

The Little Coffee Shop

In the São Paulo coffee scene, Flavia Pogliani creates great ripples in perhaps the smallest café in the nation. After four years in Australia as a barista, Flavia returned to Brazil to set up the São Paulo Coffee Week event. She decided to open her own small café after two years of developing the scene. At only two square meters in total, this minuscule café has a much larger presence than its small size.

Location: Rua Lisboa, 357A, Pinheiros, São Paulo
Contact: 011 23855430
Cuisine: Cafe
Signature drink: Chocolate Quente
Cost for two: 30 to 35 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.6/5

5. Urbe Café Bar

Urbe Café Bar

The best part of the Urbe Café Bar is the atmosphere. It’s modern, young and very enjoyable. It’s a lovely place especially for those who like a good cup of coffee without having to go to a chic spot. On the contrary, it is a rather informal and contemporary café that also serves good food and some fair drink options.

Location: Rua Antonio Carlos, 404, Consolação, São Paulo
Contact: 011 32623943
Cuisine: Café, contemporary
Signature dish: focaccia vegan, fresh out of the oven
Cost for two: 40 to 45 dollars
Zomato rating: 4.⅗

6. Cafe Girondins

Coffee cup

The conventional Café Girondino is a neat coffee, lunch, snack or early dinner stop in the city centre, with a graceful atmosphere and excellent service. prices are greater than the region’s average but reasonable enough to meet the Sao Paulo standards. This is one of the several restaurants in the region open on Sundays. Ultimately: worth the visit!

Location: Rua Boa Vista, 365, Sé, São Paulo
Contact: 011 32294574
Cuisine: Café, contemporary
Signature dish: Try the pão-de-queijo that comes with a parmesan topping
Cost for two: 120 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.8/5

7. KOF – King of the Fork

King of the Fork

This is a nice place to visit on an almost regular basis. It’s a bike-friendly place right next to one of São Paulo’s new “cliclovias.” They have a tiny and concentrated menu of finger food and drinks, particularly large coffees. Non – Meat options, such as the Vegan Brownie, must be emphasized as long as the same rare (in Sao Paulo) coffee options are available, such as cold Japanese coffee. Some appliances for making coffee at home or some equipment for cycling can also be bought.

Location: Rua Artur Azevedo, 1317, Pinheiros, São Paulo
Contact: 011 25339391
Cuisine: Café, contemporary
Must try: Cappuccino and chocolate brownie
Cost for two: 30 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.8/5

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8. Oscar Café

Oscar Café in brazil

It is a calm venue to savor good coffee and good food in a pleasant atmosphere. Oscar Cafe comprises of trained baristas and the espresso machine of La Marzocco! This café is probably not as overcrowded as many other places in São Paulo thanks to its small entrance. If you don’t like to wait and stand in lines, come here.

Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 727 A, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
Contact: 011 30819298
Cuisine: Café
Must try: the risotto and fish
Cost for two: 100 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.6/5

9. Pao de Queijo Haddock Lobo

Pao de Queijo Haddock Lobo

Imagine crispy and soft cheese bread, delicious when served hot from the oven directly to the counter. Although it is also sold for takeaway, it is strongly advised to try the pao de queijo in the shop. This small shop is conveniently located in a lovely neighborhood. It doesn’t look like a coffee shop or bakery, but it’s easy to find the by smell of bread just baked.

Location: Rua Haddock Lobo, 1408, Cerqueira César, JardimPaulista, São Paulo
Contact: 011 30883087
Cuisine: Brazilian, Fast Food
Must try: pao de queijo
Cost for two: 30 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.6/5

10. Santo Grao

Santo Grao in brazil

This is a gourmet café and restaurant. A good mix of global dishes, a wide range of drinks, gourmet coffee and a nice comfortable atmosphere (especially if you want to be romantic) makes this place a great choice for a nice lunch or dinner. if you see a Nutella crepe, go for it!

Location: Rua Oscar Freire, 413, Cerqueira César, JardimPaulista, São Paulo
Contact: 011 30629294
Cuisine: Brazilian, Cafe
Must try: Nutella crepe
Cost for two: 80 dollars
Zomato rating: 4.⅖

11. Isso e’Café

Isso e'Café view

This coffee shop serves delicious baked goods and great snacks of super high quality. It’s in cultural space, built on a busy road, but kind of a break from the bustle. There are areas to hang out and special events take place on the weekend. This café also serves delicious coffee in a wonderful environment that is accessible, welcoming and calming with a view of the city centre.

Location: Mirante 9 de Julho, Rua Carlos Comenale, s/n (baixo do Viaduto Bernardino Tranchesi), Bela Vista, Centro
Contact: 011 35545077
Cuisine: Cafe
Must try: Coffee with cream and chocolate frothing
Cost for two: 20 dollars
Zomato rating: 4.0/5

12. Cafe Sol

Cafe Sol in brazil

Cafe sol is ideally situated in the Liberdade district’s main corner. A wide range of Brazilian snacks, cafes, fresh juices, a few meals and desserts are served in the cafe. Great place to rest and get back to business as usual in the most eastern suburb of São Paulo.

Location: Rua GalvãoBueno, 5, Liberdade, São Paulo 10000
Contact: 011 32088688
Cuisine: Café, Brazillian
Signature drink: Chocolaté Quente
Cost for two: 80 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.⅖

13. Santo Pao

Santo Pao in brazil

In São Paulo, where food seems to be the star allure, it is difficult to find a place that offers nothing unusual, at least in one bracket. Santo Pão couldn’t be otherwise, it has a comfortable urbanized impression and delicious food. What distinguishes it from other places for breakfast is that it gives more than just your banal food; it offers gluten-free, lactose-free and other food options.

Location: Rua Padre João Manuel, 968, Jardim Paulista, São Paulo
Contact: 011 23095594
Cuisine: Café, Bakery
Must try: Pupunha spaghetti with organic chicken
Cost for two: 20 dollars
Zomato rating: 3.⅘

Cafés, bistros and little bakery shops are those slices of heaven tucked away in the crooks and alleyways of the city. Finding them can be a challenge, so we hope this list comes in handy when next you hop off to a new adventure for those roasted, aromatic coffee beans and the delicious pao de queijo! So, plan a trip to Brazil and make sure that you visit these cafes too.

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10 Riveting Resorts In Austria For The Perfect Getaway In The Alps!

Resorts are an amazing destination, not just for couples but families as well. If you are on the lookout for the perfect escape from this fast-paced life, visiting the resorts in Austria and swerving through the thick blankets of snow is everything you need. The skiing scene around Austria is quite laid back and chill unlike that of the other popular skiing destinations like Switzerland etc. The adjoining trail to the closely knit villages around along with the scenic beauty that encompasses the entire place is an absolute delight to be in.

In this article, we are going to help you go through the list of Austrian ski resorts that can definitely help you plan your trip ahead. Take a look!

1. Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg

Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg

The Falkensteiner Club Funimation Katschberg is one of the most family-friendly sports resort which is slathered around the picturesque Alpine landscape. It is located around 1600 meter above the sea level atop the Katschberg Mountain. Some of the modern day facilities that they offer include an indoor climbing wall, a fitness room, and even a spa area and a beauty zone. The Katschberg-Aineck Ski Area is located nearby and provides with a 70 km slope for you to freely swerve around. Even the restaurant in the area serves one of the most delectable dishes for you to gorge down.

Location: Katschberghöhe 20, 9863 Katschberghöhe, Austria
Price per night: $132
Rating: 4/5

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2. A-Rosa Kitzbühel

A-Rosa Kitzbühel

The A-ROSA Kitzbühel is situated surrounding the panoramic landscape of the Tyrolean Alps and was built back in the days in the style of the Tyrolean castle. This is one of those Austria resorts that is well equipped with so many of the extensive activities inside that you wouldn’t even want to step out of the place. The nearby mountain does provide with all the necessary outdoor skiing activities that you can delve into. The most striking thing about this place is the huge 3000 m2 spa area which you have complete access to. You have 7 saunas, treatment rooms and other kinds of activities that the spa offers. Even the restaurant does come with a wide range of choices. There are buffet options in the Streif Restaurant while you can also visit Steakhouse Kaps if you want some good old meat dishes. There is also a 9-hole golf course inside the resort itself.

Location: Ried Kaps 7, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria
Price per night: $157

3. Ferienhof Neusacher Moser

Ferienhof Neusacher Moser

The Ferienhof Neusacher Moser is located on the Alpine shores of Weißensee and is known for its warm welcoming nature the entire year around. This is one of the best summer resorts in Austria and lets you catch a break from the hustle of the regular life. The garden of the resort is one of those spots that let you catch a quick break and a breath of fresh air altogether. The resort does have its own beach area with a lakehouse where you can go fishing, swimming or even just chill around the place. The food is also locally sourced and the farmers around can help your kids milk the cow and provide them with an amazing experience. The rooms in the resort are all well equipped and come with wooden furniture. Some of the common winter season activities around include skiing, ice-skating, winter walking and so much more. The snow bath from their spa is also a much-recommended thing that comes with the resort.

Location: Neusach 9, 9762 Weissensee, Austria
Price per night: € 96
Rating: 4.5/5

4. Travel Charme Bergresort Werfenweng

Travel Charme Bergresort Werfenweng

The Travel Charme Bergresort Werfenweng is located on the feet of the Tennengebirge mountains which is just a kilometer away from the popular skiing spots around. It was constructed back in 2012 and much like every other Austria ski resorts map consists of a well-equipped spa area. Every single one of the individual rooms in the resort does have a balcony or a terrace. The one striking thing about the rooms is the fact that the interiors have been designed by one of the most popular Italian designer, Lorenzo Bellini. Apart from all this, the food, especially the seafood around in the resort is to die for. You can even crack open a bottle of wine and enjoy a laidback night in.

Location: Weng 195-198, 5453 Werfenweng, Austria
Price per night: $112
Rating: 4/5

5. Q! Resort Kitzbühel

Q! Resort Kitzbühel

The Q! Resort Kitzbühel is situated just a 10-minute walk along the riverside promenade of the Kitzbühel. The resort does come with a beautiful garden, a swimming pool and all the modern day amenities that one would need. The rooms are divided into two sections, some of it located in the main building and a few others in the historical building nearby. Every single room is well equipped with all the necessities. Apart from the amazing skiing options around in Kitzbühel, there are other activities you can indulge in as well. The food from around the restaurants is just as delectable and hearty.

Location: Bahnhofsplatz 1, 6370 Kitzbühel, Austria
Price per night: $137
Rating: 4/5

6. Hotel Oberhofer

Hotel Oberhofer

Next on the list of the luxury resorts in Austria is Hotel Oberhofer. It is located amidst the popular Telfer Wiesen Nature Reserve, this is predominantly a 4-star hotel which is situated just 15 km away from Innsbruck. The hotel has its private parking space with a sub-charge and if you want to avail public parking, the same is located just 5 minutes from the hotel. The spa is spread around an area of 700 m2 and hosts a Finnish sauna and various other kinds of relaxing therapies. They even indulge their guests in a wide spread of breakfast buffet till 11 AM. Take the A13 motorway to reach Innsbruck for an amazing skiing experience.

Location: Kapfers 23, 6165 Telfes im Stubai, Austria
Price per night: $85
Rating: 3.5/5

7. Sportresort Hohe Salve

Sportresort Hohe Salve

The Sportresort Hohe Salve is located beside the valley station of the Hohe Salve Cable Car in the Kitzbühel Alps. The closest activity spot that attracts the majority of the tourists the entire year around is the SkiWelt Wilder Kaiser-Brixental which has over 90 cable cars and ski slopes for you to indulge in. Apart from the outdoor activities, they even have a well-equipped sauna and other modern amenities to make your stay worthwhile. The restaurant in the area does serve delectable dishes which are made from locally sourced ingredients. There are cycling and hiking tracks nearby too.

Location: Meierhofgasse 26, 6361 Hopfgarten im Brixental, Austria

8. Forster’s Naturresort

Forster's Naturresort

Next on the list of the top 10 ski resorts in Austria is the idyllic and quaint family run Forster’s Naturresort. It is located in the heart of the Stubai Valley and comes with all the attractive amenities, ranging from an extensive spa treatment to the natural beauty of the well-groomed garden. The half board option in the resort includes your meal right from the breakfast till the dinnertime. If you want to experience some nightlife and pub crawl, Neustift is located just 1.5 km away from this place.

Location: Pinnisweg 2, 6167 Neustift im Stubaital, Austria
Price per night: $195
Rating: 4/5

9. Der Kirchheimerhof – Superior

Der Kirchheimerhof

The Der Kirchheimerhof – Superior is surrounded by the beautiful Nockberge Mountains and is considered as one of the most popular skiing resorts around in Austria. It is located adjoining the ski slopes of Bad Kleinkirchheim which makes it even more exciting to be in. From the delectable meals to the heated outdoor pool around the place, the options are definitely extensive. There are family spa options for you to look into.

Location: Mai Brunnenweg 37, 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim, Austria
Price per night: $169

10. Alpeiner – Nature Resort Tirol

Alpeiner - Nature Resort Tirol

Last but not the least is the Alpeiner – Nature Resort Tirol which is situated on the feet of the Stubai Valley and is situated just a few meters away from the Neustift village center and Elfer Ski Lift. Apart from the outdoor common activities, the resort itself has a lot of riveting options to look into. The spa area offers extensive services that can help relax you completely. The shuttle services to Innsbruck further makes this place worth the visit.

Location: Moos 15, 6167 Neustift im Stubaital, Austria
Price per night: $175
Rating: 4.5/5

When it comes to the best options for the resorts in Austria, the options are quite extensive. If you are on the lookout for the best, make sure that you book everything beforehand to avoid any kind of rush and price surge. So, plan a trip to Austria and stay in the alps for the most peaceful staycation!

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10 Glamorous Festivals In Slovenia For Mirth And Merriment!

Slovenia, as a country is a perfect mix of historic towns, gorgeous greenery and amazing people that keep the ambiance lively is what makes it worth a visit. And while you are there, there are tons of activities that you should actively involve in for the joy of your heart and soul. Slovenia is a hub for ongoing festivals that take place throughout the year. The various cities and beautiful towns here host some of the most amazing festivals, throughout the country. The country is known to host unique, both international and local festivals for everyone to remember the country by. You will find these festivals to suit every mood of yours. From contemporary art to folklore and from theatre to cinema, there is an eclectic mix of festivities that will keep your soul afloat throughout your stay.

If you have plans to visit the country or wish to suggest someone then do not worry, we have made a list of ten of the best for you to choose from. If you happen to drop by and do not have any plans whatsoever, you can surely take a stroll down to these following places to groove to the amazingness of the Slovenian festivals.

1. Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival

Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival

The Grossmann Fantastic Film & Wine Festival is a distinctive festival in the country. It takes place in the town of Ljutomer during the month of July. The genre or theme of this festival is fantasy and horror cum sci-fi movies that have been forgotten by the mainstream media. This festival came into existence back in 2005 and has been hosted every year since. It was named after Dr. Karol Grossman who is a pioneer of Slovenian cinematography. The film programs are accompanied by wine tastings, concerts, expeditions etc. the highlight being the traditional Zombie walks, making this one of the most intriguing Slovenia festivals.

Location: Ljutomer
Dates: 10th to 14th of July

2. International Carnival

Kurents, Carnival in Kranj, Slovenia 2009

A festival of spring and fertility, Kurentovanje is the famous Mardi gras celebration in the country. It began in the year 1961 and has been hosted every year since its inception. The festival takes place between Candle Mass and Ash Wednesday, in the oldest town of Ptuj. The theme or main focus of the festival is the folklore character Kurent.

Location: Ptuj
Dates: 23rd Feb to 5th March

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3. Lent


Festival of Lent or Lent Festival has been around the block for about 20 years now. Every year it changes the city of Maribor into a large outdoor venue. In the beginning, it started as a small festival on the banks of the Drava River. Whereas, in current day Europe it is among the largest open-air festivals in Europe, attracting over half a million festival-goers every year. Visitors can enjoy theatre performances, ballet, concerts, opera, and many other such recreational performances in over 23 venues sprawled over the city. Also, you can enjoy the fireworks over the Drava River.

Location: Maribor
Dates: 6th March to 18th April

4. Mladi Levi

Mladi Levi

At the end of summer, Ljubljana hosts the Mladi Levi since the year 1998. The Mladi Levi is an international festival of dance and contemporary theatre performances that take place in two primary venues, along with individual performances in the courtyards, streets and old buildings of the city. Taking place for over ten days, the festival offers attendees an outstanding section of Slovenian performances along with international performances, which is why it will be among the best Slovenia festivals 2019 to attend.

Location: Ljubljana
Dates: 24th August to 1st September

5. Ljubljana Festival

Ljubljana Festival

The Ljubljana Festival Is the main festival during the summer month. It takes place between June and September, in the Slovenian capital. There are about 80 festival events that take place during this period of time. Yes, you read it right, eight zero 80! The programs comprise of music, dance performances by leading international and Slovenian artists, theatre performances for everyone to enjoy. The origin of this festival dates back to 1952, making it one of the most music ancient celebrated festivals in Slovenia.

Location: Ljubljana
Dates: No fixed date.

6. Ana Desetnica International Street Theater Festival

Ana Desetnica International Street Theater Festival

At the beginning of summer, on the streets of Ljubljana, this festival comes into being. The festival began back in 1998 and has since maintained it’s stature as being one of the grandest Slovenia festivals 2019. Audiences enjoy a wide range of performances that include dance performances, magic shows, mimes and theatre groups that are commendable at their task. The festival is known to take place in 10 different cities.

Location: Ljubljana
Dates: June – August

7. International Festival Of Contemporary Arts

InternaInternational Festival Of Contemporary Artstional Festival Of Contemporary Arts

The City of Women is an annual festival that first took place in 1995. The primary aim of this festival was to draw attention to the relative lack of participation and presentation of women in the field of Arts. In a way, women were being celebrated by bringing them to light. The festival has ever since continued and progressed to betterment over the years. It is a 10-day festival that offers audiences with theatre, dance and music performances, exhibitions, workshops, debates by performers and scholars from both Slovenia and abroad.

Location: Ljubljana
Dates: last two week of October

8. Stand-Up Comedy festival

Stand-Up Comedy festival

If you love stand-up comedy then you should visit this festival at least once when visiting Slovenia. The primary goal of this festival was to present the art form of stand-up comedy to the Slovenian audiences and to the visitors as well. It started in 2007 and luckily was an instant hit. It has ever since had sold out events, even before the festival begins. Also, since 2010, the winter version of the Panc festival has been added to the list of events.

Location: Ljubljana
Dates: End of August

9. Days Of National Costumes And Clothing Heritage Festival

Days Of National Costumes And Clothing Heritage Festival

This particular festival witness over 30,000 visitors every year. It is the major ethnological festival to take place in Slovenia. For more than four decades now, in the month of September, the festival attracts visitors to the exquisite small town of Kamnik. The festival offers exhibitions of historical artifacts and attires, handmade art and crafts, programs for children and concerts. The Sunday parade showcases the national costumes over 2000 ones. It is popular in Europe as it attracts tourists from all around the world.

Location: Kamnik
Dates: 6th to 9th September

10. Islo Cinema Festival

Islo Cinema Festival

The Kino Otok festival takes place at the beginning of the month of June in the small town of Izola. The main attraction of this festival is the all about movies screening that are not available in mainstream cinemas. The festival came into being back in 2004 and has ever since had thousands of visitors every year. With international guests, speakers, the lectures and workshops are amazing along with the screening of exceptional movies.


  • Manzioli Square
  • Izola Cultural Centre
  • Art Kino Odeon Izola

Dates: between 1st to 20th June

Slovenia has a lot to offer in terms of theatre and dance performances along with amazing concerts. The best festival among all no doubt is the when people parade as Zombies. It is actually a fun event. That being said, the rest of the festivals are no less in terms of recreation and creativity. One must make sure to take a trip to Europe to get a first-hand experience of the flavours of art that the country proudly boasts of. Slovenia sure is a charmer!

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