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Top 10 Water Parks In Poland That Are Perfect For A Reviving Trip

Water Park is basically a theme park having play zones in water. Water parks in Poland are significant with its uniqueness in pulling numerous visitors every year. These water parks have fine class housing with choices of both inside and outside facilities. The economic development is far better in the present time in these waterparks. Water Parks in Poland can proudly show off its quality with unbelievable play zones in compared to others.

Poland being one of the big countries in Central Europe has many water parks in the country. The scenic view of the parks in the country invites people from many other places of the world.

While you may still be wondering what’s in store in this charming land of Poland for all water-babies, here’s a list of all the best water parks exclusively for you!

1. Reda Aquapark

Reda Aquapark

Reda Aquapark is one of the most famous theme parks in Poland. It is situated at a distance of fifteen minutes to the northern part of Gdynia. The park has facilities of five slides along with an esteemed island pirate’s substance with a unique affection of being a shark water park in Poland at which one could also proceed with a rubber circle. The park is frequently seen with an extended line at the end of weeks. Apart from these, this park is the best theme park in the country.

Location: Morska, Reda, Poland
Timings: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

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2. Termy Maltanskie


This theme park is a modern and up to date park and one of the biggest water dance area and amusement zone in Poland. It is situated at the edge of the lake of Malta in the center of Poznan. The park has facilities of 18 water dance areas and amusing bathing place, 14 distinct shower rooms, and executive health club and with 17 therapy rooms. There is also an uncommon facility of diving from the inner area to the outer area.

Location: Termalna, Poznań, Poland
Timings: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

3. Baths Chocholowskie

Baths Chocholowskie

This park is one the foremost theme park for children with an outside bathing area that usually attracts children. “Chocholowskie Hip Bath” is one of the places that invite people from all ages. The house has a bathing area of not less than thirty tanks of water with distinct quality, a healing zone with sulphide water, stable hurricane. The transposition of water in the bathing area is 32 to 36 degree Celsius. People can also take rest near the outside bathing area in winter. This place is a perfect place for family in vacations.

Location: Chochołów, Chochołów, Poland
Timings: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

4. Water Park Krakow

Water Park Krakow

Krakow is one of the best water parks in Krakow Poland. This theme park is very big in size occupying an area of 800 m of water sliding for all kind of ages. Some of them also hold effects of sound and water in it. The park has facilities of tarragon and raider play zone, therapy sprays, walls to climb, incentives, sways and many more. This is an unbelievable theme park that children will remember most on it.

Location: Dobrego Pasterza, Kraków, Poland
Timings: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

5. Wroclaw Water Park

Wroclaw Water Park

This water park was finished in the year 2008. This is one of the exceptional water parks in Wroclaw Poland. In Wroclaw, this is the single place children would say to have fun with friends. The principal affections of the park are the inside and the outside amusement bathing areas having its water slithering. It also has facilities like motivational machines, idle river, and other activities, gym, eating house and many more.

Location: Borowska, Wrocław, Poland
Timings: 5:40 AM to 11:00 PM

6. Aquapark Fala

Aquapark Fala

Aquapark Fala park is completely a new park situated near to the heart of the city to the horticultural gardens and next to the railway station of Lodz, Kaliska. Possessing four inside bathing areas with many sliding, and one bathing area with a swinging machine. It also has a bathing zone for children including three playing areas along with three outside bathing areas. It also has seven toilet rooms, one big hot tub, warm reclining chair, an inside water glide and to have fun on a fierce river.

Location: aleja Unii Lubelskiej, Łódź, Poland
Timings: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

7. Park Wodny

Park Wodny

This park covers an area covering meters of 800 of sliding that seems to be crushed up, gravel ascending walls, a hanging river, a rope walk of a floating bridge, a rowing bathing area for children, along with sweat room and water therapy with a motion. The park has eating facilities at the aqua bar in the house of the bathing area. The park also includes eating houses, a lodge, activity store, thrilling gallery, beauty parlor and a playground for kids.

Location: Dominika Merliniego, Warszawa, Poland
Timings: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

8. Dinolandia, Inwald


Dinolandia theme park is located in the Lesser province of Poland in Europe. The park opens from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This is a park full of dinosaurs in the real size of it and was manufactured in a very authentic way. The park is an amusement place for children. Parents can have a wonderful time with their kids out there on weekends as well as in vacations. The other attractive zones in the park are with fox flying. Facilities of food like eating houses and frozen yogurt are also available there. Entry fee is equitable. In fact, this theme park of Dinolandia is a better place for children to come and have fun.

Location: Wadowicka, Andrychów, Poland
Timings: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

9. Aquapark Kalisz

Aquapark Kalisz

This is a theme park in Kalisz in Poland. It has facilities like sliding, holiday bathing areas with an area of 25 meters. Other facilities for visitors are sweat rooms, gym practices, ice skates etc. The park also provides with different bath chairs for car resting, entry, lift, toilet etc. The park is good for children. It also provided eating houses for visitors. The park opens at 6 am from Monday to Friday and on Saturday and Sunday it opens at 6:30 am. Closing time is the same for all the days at 10 pm. Time spent by visitors here in the park is normally two hours every day.

Location: Sportowa, Kalisz, Poland
Timings: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

10. Aquapark Kutno

Aquapark Kutno

This is a theme park situated in Kutno in Poland. Facilities available are holiday bathing areas with fountain, sliding and streams, sweet room and restroom. The park also provides with different bath chairs for car resting, entry, lift, toilet etc. The park is good for children and is rated thoroughly. The park opens at 6 am from Monday to Sunday and closes at 10 pm every day. On every Christmas, the duration of the time changes on Monday and Tuesday.

Location: Tadeusza Kościuszki, Kutno, Poland
Timings: 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM

With attractiveness of these places and the amusing parks in the country signifies a refreshing zone for people and it especially invites children to have their best time out there with parents every year. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your next trip to Europe for a reviving holiday experience in this country!

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Cafes In Monaco: Get Ready To Sink Your Teeth Into Buttered Croissants!

The Principality of Monaco has a ‘royal’ outlook and a touch of majestic grandeur. The opera house, the luxurious hotels and boutiques and the nightclubs where the rich and famous vacation is a place for those travelers who like to indulge in a bit of ‘high-life’. Tucked away in the nooks and corners of this coastal state are also some of the best cafes. Cafes in Monaco exude the same splendor that the city is known for.

If you are going to Monaco, you better visit some of these amazing cafes in the country. For all your coffee related issues, these restaurants are at your service:

1. Café de Paris

Café de Paris

Elegance is the perfect word to describe this famous café. One of the best and the oldest cafes in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the time stands still here while you sit and sip on a cup of coffee and relish the exotic dishes that they serve. With the ‘front-row’ view of the legendary Place du Casino, the brasserie’s architecture reminds you of the old Paris-style cafes. The windows, the bright and big halls and also the way the waiters there serve you the dishes – just everything about this place gives you a Paris-like feel. This café, with its old-world charm, is open throughout the day and all through the year. The terrace bar of this café also whips up some mind-blowing cocktails towards the evening.

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2. Gerhard’s café

Gerhard's café in Monaco

One thing that you need to know about Monaco is that its cafes are not just about the coffee and snacks; they also serve drinks and that is what is unique about the cafes here. Gerhard’s café in Monaco is one such fine example. The casual café, complete with a maritime décor is situated right on the Fontvieille Port, with stunning views of the Italian and French Riviera. This café has a personal touch to it as the owner himself greets you and makes you feel right at home. On the menu are lots and lots of drinks, coffee and also a wide variety of food. The café is a favorite haunt for those who work at the harbor and the tourists alike. While the Formula One race happens in the city of Monaco, it is difficult to find a place at this café. The owner is also credited with getting the world-famous Oktoberfest to this princely city.

3. Valentin café

Valentin café

This charming little café is in heart of Monte Carlo and is located in an arcade, the Park Palace Gallery. The café brings the flavors and taste of Italy into this city with an amazing selection of coffee and the dishes. What makes the café unique and worthy of a visit is its pastries section. Also, the fact that they do not have a fixed menu; it keeps changing every day, keeping the food fresh and healthy for you to eat. This is also a café where you can chat up with total strangers and still have a good time, especially the very friendly owners of this café. The décor of the café is simple yet elegant, while you sip on a glass of wine and enjoy the specials of the day. The café also serves an amazing Tapas dinner, which is totally worth it.

4. Emilie’s Cookies

Coffee cup

The name speaks for itself. Started by two neighbors in 2007 in Nice, France, they have branches all across France and the first of it was opened in Monaco in 2013. Located on Promenade Honore, this chic café serves one of the best cookies you will ever taste. The décor is so Parisian with its pastel chairs and tables, that it makes the experience better. Also, thrown in are some soothing lighting and a cozy ambiance overall. Of course, the deliciously, melt-in-the-mouth cookies is why this is worthy of a visit here; you get them free even when you order a coffee! But, what is even more exciting is the range of hot chocolate combinations that the café boasts of. Bagels and the smoothies are also delicious at this café and worth a try. This is one of those cafes, where you take in the ambiance, while you sip on your coffee and take a bite of those cookies – all at a slow pace.

5. Gran Caffe

Gran Caffe

This café is all about the location. Amazing is the word to describe it. It is a lovely and big café located right next to Monaco’s train station. The décor is again Parisian, but with a twist of modernity in the furniture and the lighting. Serving Italian cuisine, their menu keeps changing every day and so, you can rest assured that the food that they serve to you is as fresh as it can get. It is a lounge bar and a café combined, so you have your usual coffee and food, but you also have the best of wines and cocktails. The café serves home-made cakes and even the famous Italian gelatos along with your cup of coffee and if you have a pet, they are welcome too, as it is a pet-friendly café.

6. Metcafe

Biscuits and coffee

The locals will vouch for the cappuccino here and they say it is the best; we could not agree more. Located in one of the busiest malls, the Metropole, this cute but chic café will take you by surprise. Chef Joël Robuchon knows his food and drinks quite well and all the dishes that they serve here are gourmet and fresh. It offers a wide variety of creative cakes and pastries, hot and cold dishes, salads, sandwiches and much more. They serve the likes of peppermint tea made with actual peppermints. Authentic and modern, this café pulls crowds throughout the day; so, when you get a place there, just go for it. You definitely do not want to miss the treats at this café.

7. Sweet Therapy

Sweet dish view

This place is a paradise for both adults and children; more so for the latter. The place is just magical with a wide variety of candies that they have to offer. For the adults, they also have champagne candies! What else does one need! The ‘flower’y is a great place to sit in and enjoy the view and also some sweet treats. Sweet and savory popcorn, milkshakes, fresh fruit smoothies – you name it and they have it. The staff there are very helpful and are more than glad to assist you in choosing the best candies to take home. There are so many kinds of candy combinations to choose from that you will be spoilt for choice. If you do not know what else to buy, how about a bouquet of marshmallows! This is a boutique for candies and it sure is going to be difficult to drag your kid out of this wonderland. This is a mini-candy town where there also options like sugar-free, gluten-free, animal gelatine or vegan!

The princely state-city of Monaco is dotted with many such cafes. Cafes in Monaco don’t just stick to the traditional coffee and snacks, they diversify and therein lies the charm of these cafes. Some are big and majestic carrying the old-world charm, while some are modern and chic and offer a cozy ambiance. There are cafes that serve gelatos as their specialty too! A trip to Monaco will be a perfect blend of food, drinks, beauty.

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10 Castles In Bruges Which Reflects The Heritage And Grand Architecture Of This European Country!

Belgium is a western European country that is known for its grand architecture. The country is home to some of the most stunning castles that can simply blow your mind. Bruges which is one of the most happening cities in Belgium can be considered as one of the best places to visit. If you are to visit Bruges then you need to make sure that you plan for a grand trip. For that, booking a castle hotel is the best thing that you can do. The city of Bruges has numerous castle hotels where you can spend your holidays. If you are confused which one to choose then give this article a read in order to find the best one.

Bruges, Belgium is a place that is filled with castle hotels. If you are planning for a grand holiday trip to Bruges then you have every need to spend your holidays in a luxury castle hotel. You can get a plenty of options out there. But for you, we have shortlisted 10 of the best and the luxurious castles in Bruges where you can enjoy your stay to the fullest.

1. Le Château de Strainchamps

Le Château de Strainchamps

This is one of the best castle hotels that you can avail in Bruges. With real hardwood floors and spacious rooms, this castle hotel can be an ideal place to spend your holidays in luxury. In order to enjoy your stay at this grand property, you can avail all the amenities that you need. Starting from free parking to Wi-Fi connection you can have it all at this place. Enjoy the delicious breakfast served to you every morning. Here at Le Château de Strainchamps, you can enjoy a pleasant stay with luxury service.

Location: Rue des Vennes 29, 6637 Fauvillers, Belgium

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2. Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel

Thermae Boetfort Spa and Hotel

This is yet another great option that you can go for. If you are planning for a luxury stay in Bruges then this can be an ideal place to stay for you. The best thing about this castle hotel is its rooms. The castle has got deluxe rooms that are furnished with all the facilities that you need. You can also enjoy their excellent service and relax in the sauna. The castle also has a restaurant where you can enjoy great food. Overall, this property is worth a chance and is also one of the best castles in Bruges, Belgium.

Location: Sellaerstraat 42, 1820 Steenokkerzeel, Belgium

3. Lodewijk Van Male

Lodewijk Van Male

This 3-star accommodation is known to provide you with a pleasant stay with celebrity-like treatment. Starting from free Wi-Fi connection to free parking you can enjoy all of it here. The castle also has a bar where you can spend your evenings and have a good time. The restaurant at the hotel is known to serve some lip-smacking food. The rooms are also furnished with all the required facilities that are required to make your stay enjoyable.

Location: Maalse Steenweg 488, 8310 Brugge, Belgium

4. Kasteel Gravenhof

Kasteel Gravenhof

This 3-star property is an excellent way of giving a great start to your holiday. The castle includes all the amenities that you need. The rooms are air-conditioned and are equipped with private luxury bathrooms. You can also avail a variety of services as well which include laundry service, banquet room, restaurant and bar/lounge. In short, this is a great place to stay in Bruges.

Location: Alsembergsesteenweg 676, 1653 Dworp, Belgium

5. Chateau Cortils

Chateau Cortils

If you want to have a wonderful experience in Bruges then staying here can be the best idea. With excellent services and comfortable rooms, you can have a pleasant stay at this property. You can also visit this property along with your pets. Well, this is something that not many accommodations will provide you with. Other than that you can also avail other needed facilities like free wi-fi connection, free parking, and banquet. Each of the rooms is equipped with a refrigerator and microwave for your personal need. You can also have a good time at the tennis court of the property. It can be said that this is a great property for families.

Location: Chemin de Cortils, 4670 Blégny, Belgium

6. Martin’s Chateau du Lac

Martin's Chateau du Lac

This wonderful property is located only half a mile from Brussels. The castle is actually located within a huge park that offers a lush escape into the lap of nature. You can witness the grand past of the castle in its rooms which offers panoramic views of the lake and four-poster beds. Other than that the castle also provides you with other luxuries which you can enjoy during your stay. This place is ideal for couples.

Location: Avenue du Lac 87, 1332 Genval, Belgium

7. Château de la Poste

Château de la Poste

The property is located in the glowing fields of the Belgian Condroz. The castle is known to have a glorious past which you can witness from the very ambiance of it. You can enjoy a lovely view of the 42-hectare park. It also has a treehouse and a loft cube in the adjacent forest. This is just perfect for the ones who would love to spend a night under nature. This is indeed one of the best castles in Bruges.

Location: Ronchinne 25, 5330 Maillen, Belgium

8. Chateau d’Hassonville

Chateau d'Hassonville

The best thing about the place is the castle’s resident Chef and his team who is known to serve delicious French cuisine to its guests. If you wish to spend a luxury holiday in Bruges then this could be the ideal place for you. The numerous salons with fireplaces and sunlit veranda are going to provide you with a pleasant feel. You can also avail all the required amenities that you want within the perimeters of the castle making it one of the best in the city.

Location: Route d’Hassonville, 6900 Marche-en-Famenne, Belgium

9. Manoir de Lebioles

Manoir de Lebioles

Located at one of the picturesque areas of Belgium this castle is one of the finest places you can find to spend your holidays in Bruges. This is in fact, is one of the resplendent castle, hotels in the whole of the country. From the castle you can enjoy a lovely view of nature. Not only that, but you can also avail everything that you need to spend your holidays pleasantly. One of the specialties of the castle is the gold tournaments and house concerts which you can enjoy if you visit during that time of the year. Overall, with all the facilities it is a great place to stay.

Location: Domaine de Lébioles 1/5, 4900 Spa, Belgium

10. Dukes Palace

Dukes Palace

If you want to get the feel of staying in a real castle then this is the place that you should stay in. After all, this is one of the best castles in Bruges that you can come across. The castle has a medieval touch in it which makes it even more attractive to its guests. Starting from the walls to the rooms of the castle, everything has a touch of the glorious past. Along with the medieval touch, you can also enjoy all the amenities that a hotel should provide.

So these are some of the best castle hotels that you can avail in Bruges, Belgium. By choosing to stay in any of these properties you can transform your whole holiday experience in Belgium. Now that you know the best castles in Bruges, Belgium it will be easier for you to choose the next place for the historical walk. And before that make sure to plan and customize your vacation to Europe with TravelTriangle.

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8 Affordable Homestays In Los Angeles: For A Comfortable Stay During Your Vacay

LA is among the most populous cities of US. It is the entertainment capital of the world – home to Hollywood. City of Angels as this city is also known as is among the top tourist destination globally. Located in between the mountain range and the Pacific ocean – LA provides varied landscapes and famous magnificent manmade structures. Homestays are a popular option among the tourists – as it provides more freedom and an inexpensive way to stay in the city where hotels can get very expensive. Read on to know about some great homestays in Los Angeles.

Here is the list of top homestays in Los Angeles to make your stay comfortable and vacation absolutely fun.

1. Apple Homestay

Apple Homestay

This homestay is situated at Atlantic Blvd – an extremely nice location and a very convenient one for sightseeing and getting around the city. The nearest bus stop – Hellman is very nearby, only at 1 minute walking distance. There is a swimming pool in house for the visitors. The accommodation also offers fully equipped and a well maintained kitchen. Facilities in the kitchen include an oven, stove, dishwasher and a coffee machine – will give you a feeling of a perfect home away from home. There is ample of free parking and wifi available at this homestay.

Address: 600 N Atlantic Blvd, Monterey Park, CA 91754, USA

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2. Audrey House

Audrey House

Wonderful homestay – a perfect place for a long and comfortable stay vacation. The apartments provide a scenic view of the pool outside. The rooms are well fitted with amenities. This homestay has its own gym, swimming pool and BBQ facilities in the house. What more can you ask for in a home stay ?

Address: 530s Berendo Street, Los Angeles

3. Downtown Luxurious Oasis

Downtown Luxurious Oasis

The facility is situated in central downtown area of Los Angeles. The location of this homestay enjoys good public transport connectivity. This is a well furnished home stay with a separate fully equipped kitchen. There is a small fitness center as well as an outdoor swimming pool to pamper its guests.

Address: S. Olive Street and W. 12th Street , Los Angeles

4. Dongyang Home

Dongyang Home

An amazingly neat place to stay near Westlake avenue. The best part of staying at this home is that one can enjoy the scrumptious homemade delicacies as the owner here serves freshly cooked breakfast and dinner to the guests, and it is all complimentary. Owners are a Korean couple – so you may expect some Korean touch in the dishes served here. Owner and the helps at this guest house are extremely friendly and helpful. Location is good and accessible to all the popular locations in LA. This is one of the best place if you are looking for a long stay.

Address: 1052 S Westlake Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006, USA | Phone: +1 213-216-8484

5. Sweet Dreams 2

Sweet Dreams 2

Beautiful homestay at the suburbs of Los Angeles. The home is equipped with all the amenities that you can ask for in a homestay. There is a private swimming pool and a small garden. Lounge area is beautifully decorated, has a flat screen TV and plenty of seating area – providing an opportunity to interact and know your co homestayers. Breakfast served here is large with options of multiple scrumptious cuisines. The bathrooms are fitted with Jacuzzi tub and all other amenities. Coffee and tea are served complimentary throughout the day. There is a beautiful backyard garden to spend your early mornings and evenings. A perfect home away from home for you to make your vacation in LA fantabulous. Stay price at this home is around $187 per night.

Address: Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles

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Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

6. Los Angeles Vacation Rooms

Los Angeles Vacation Rooms

situated in the heart of the city in the downtown. The home apartments are very near to LA’s Natural History museum and California Science Center. Apartment provides free parking and free WiFi to all its guests. This is an inexpensive stay considering the location with price starting from INR 6000 per night. You may find a shared bathroom here but then cleanliness is not an issue as the whole property is very clean and well maintained.

Address: 1469 W 37th St, Los Angeles, CA 90018, USA | Phone: +1 323-988-7119

7. Oceana Los Angeles

Oceana Los Angeles

This is a little cozy home stay situated right next to the main road in Venice Blvd. This home has two bed rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, a big flat TV screen, well maintained equipped bathrooms. A perfect place for a group of 4 or less. Booking price starts from INR 9000/- per night. The home is only 12-15 minutes drive far from the famous Universal studios.

Address: 5823 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90019, USA | Phone: +1 310-613-9606

8. Location For Vacation Hollywood Luxury Apartment

Location For Vacation Hollywood Luxury Apartment

This is a beautifully decorated luxurious homestay with alluring dazzling modern interiors. The bedroom is extremely huge and spacious, attached with a modern fully equipped bathroom. The apartment provides a fascinating view of LA Downtown and Griffith Observatory. Situated in the heart of LA – you will find wonderful restaurants, clubs and bars at walking distance from this homestay – to make your evenings fun. The homestay is very near to the sunset strip. Landlords of this homestay are very nice and generous people – you will have a good time conversing with them. Universal studios, Santa Monica and Downtown aren’t far from this facility.

Address: 5236 De Longpre Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, USA

You can find a variety of homestays in Los Angeles to suit your budget and comfort. The list above showcases some of the best options to make your stay comfortable with the best of hospitality, at great locations. Have a comfortable stay on your vacation to the city. Book a hassle free trip with TravelTriangle!

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Visit These 7 Churches In Greece To Marvel At Their Beautiful Architecture

Europe, with its dreamy architecture and lush green landscapes, is also known for its rich cultural history and tradition. Europe remains one of those few places on the planet which have refused to replace their roots. It believes and takes immense pride from where it comes from. Europe has its history replete with religious wars and strifes and this has the led to the construction of Protestant and Catholic churches all over the land. Further books and movies like Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons have increased the interest in children and the youth towards the Churches in Greece.

Each church has its own share of rich history and sacred atmosphere. Ancient churches of Greece are one of the major tourist attractions. These churches in Greece NY are one of its own kind. Buildings like this are not made anymore.

1. Church of Seven Martyrs

Church of Seven Martyrs

Located in the small isle of Sifnos in Kastro village this church is built according to old Cycladic architecture. Sitting on the top of an aisle in between the blue water, this church looks magnificent when hit by strong wild waves making a very beautiful picturesque sight. We might have seen this church in many movies, always pictured against a romantic setting. Sifnos is known as the land of 336 churches. This might be an urban legend or a myth. However, we find the land dotted with numerous small and large alike churches and cathedrals. All of the churches have their own history and splendid architecture. This church, in particular, is one of the most photographed places on the planet.

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2. Church of Megalochari

Church of Megalochari

Among the most important Greek churches in Greece, one is Church of Megalochari situated in Tinos island, a hill above Chora. It is known that this church is a place of origin of the icon of the Virgin Mary. It is the strong belief of people that this church is holy and the icon is miraculous. Many pilgrims come here to ask for help and they believe that their which are granted. Greece is an amalgamation of everything that is good and has its roots way back into the past. The perfect time to visit Greece is in spring and autumn.

3. Church of Ekatontapiliani

Church of Ekatontapiliani

The church from the time of Paleo-Christian era in the village Parikia located in Paros has a great architecture making it one of the famous monuments in Greece. It is dedicated to Virgin and Agios Nikolaos built around the 6th century. Greece’s temperature varies throughout its mainland. You can find mild winter showers and sunny summers. There are hardly any scenarios of extreme temperatures. So, visiting this church in northern Greece won’t be a big problem.

Timings: Open all day long

4. Church of Holy Cross

Church of Holy Cross

Greece particularly has its own share of beautiful churches and cathedrals. Greece is a land which has been made immortal by Iliad and Aeneid. One of the largest church in Santorini, this church is located at the main square of Perissa above the beach was built in the early 1830s. The structure of the church is huge with a blue dome and a large bell tower which looks beautiful in the evening as the sunsets by the beach. As a part of the country known for its contribution to the world of art, music, sculpture, music, literature, this church also reflects the aspects of this rich culture.

5. Panagia Karmiotissa

Panagia Karmiotissa

A church dedicated to the protector Saint of Chora island, Panagia Gremiotissa was built in 1797 AD. This hill is above the Aegean Sea and two more churches are situated on the same hill. This church comes in the list of top Athens churches of Greece. This is largely because of the fact that its architecture combined with the historical aspects appeal to the minds and souls. It attracts a lot of crowd everyday of the year, specially during spring and autumn.

6. Church Of Agios Dionysios

Church Of Agios Dionysios

Built during the early 1890s, this church was built with orthodox Greek art which is rare to find anywhere these days. Dedicated to the saint of Zakynthos island, Agios Dionysios made after his death is the landmark of the island. This church has its position high in the list of Greek Orthodox churches in Greece. As it is an old church, it feels like a ride back in time. The aura around the church is peaceful and serene enough that it can put worries out of your mind. At least while you’re there.

7. Agios Ioannis – Skopelos

Agios Ioannis - Skopelos

This church of Agios Ioannis is situated in a quiet and majestic place called Skopelos. Now, it is not one of those places which make it to the most visited tourist places, however, one should really go to find some peace and calm in this terrain. The movie Mamma Mia has brought forth this place in front of the whole world and the possibilities of adventure in this place seem endless. However, it is a small church which is really the main attraction. This church is located on the top of a hill. To reach the church is not really an easy task but it is really worth the effort. The view is splendid.

This list is not in any way enough to give you a picture of all the magnificent churches of Greece, nevertheless, this list gives you all the places one should not miss when in the country. Greece tops all the countries in Europe which are known for the rich cultural heritage of the past. Moreover, it is in Greece where all of the histories began. The crystal clear blue waters of Sifnos, reflect the bluest of the skies and that very sight is something one should travel to Greece for.

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Top 7 Wedding Venues In Monaco For An Extraordinary Celebratory Affair

All of us love to look the best on our wedding day and we take part in all kinds of shenanigans to make it happen. From the time you say ‘Yes’ to the proposal to the actual D-day, it is a roller-coaster of a ride with so many things on our mind. Choosing the right dress, selecting the best caterers, etc. But, the first and foremost job that we do is to book a venue. These days, destination weddings have become a fad and for those who love to indulge in luxury and royalty, there is no better place than Monaco. There are plenty of wedding venues in Monaco to choose from. Here are the best of the best.

From land to even bay-facing, there are so many choices and it will be rather difficult to decide which are the best wedding venues in Monaco to host your grand event.

1. Hotel de Paris

Hotel de Paris view

Nothing speaks more of grandeur than this venue, in the heart of Monte Carlo. This majestic 5-star hotel with its classical architecture, is the most romantic wedding venue to tie the knot. High ceilings, golden interiors, crystal chandeliers and the painted frescoes will make it the most royal wedding for you. This wedding venue will make for some great and grand Instagram-worthy pictures too. This magical place called Hotel de Paris serves some of the best food in the whole of Monaco too. If you are expecting a small crowd, the spectacular terrace of the hotel will be enough and if you are hosting a large bunch of people, then the truly exemplary La Salle Empire would be great. It is a beach-front property and there is a lot of accommodation to host the largest of guests. While you are at it, you could relax before the D-day by indulging in some water sports or heading out to the spa. This wedding venue is as grand as it gets.

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2. Hotel Hermitage

Hotel Hermitage in Monaco

This one is located right behind Hotel de Paris and has the best views of the port and the casinos. Hermitage Hotel is among one of the most Monaco wedding venues. The décor of the hotel holds the old-world Parisian charm and has a very luxurious look and feel. Just as grand as Hotel de Paris, with crystal chandeliers and huge hallways, this will be an unforgettable experience for you and your family. This hotel is a perfect blend of the old and new and offers one of the best views of the city of Monaco. Here too, the terrace with its spectacular views, can accommodate a small crowd and then, there is Salon Eiffel, for larger parties. There are about 278 rooms available for lodging. The restaurant at the hotel serves one of the most amazing food and the venue is ‘Oh so romantic’!

3. Salle des Etoiles

Salle des Etoiles in Monaco

For one of those big, fat weddings with a huge number of guests, the grand Salle des Etoiles would be the best venue for your wedding. The place, which also hosts concerts and large sporting events. The view from the large windows of this huge hall opens up to the bay; it can’t get more spectacular than this! If you want to have a dance party or any other rituals, which needs a lot of space, this venue is your safest bet. The ceilings here come with a touch of modernity, where they have installed thousands of tiny LED lights, but yet the venue looks grand. The venue can hold up to 950 guests at a time. It’s unique architecture also allows for fireworks display. You can have a grand and a big wedding at this venue with the best views.

4. Le Meridien Beach Plaza

Le Meridien Beach Plaza

If you want to make the most of the views that the Monaco seaside has to offer, the Le Meridien Beach Plaza the best wedding venue to say ‘I do’. Tie the knot along the French Riviera, while the gentle breeze makes for the perfect setting for an ‘Out-of-the-movies’ kind of wedding. The views of the ocean are of course one of the best and the seating arrangements are nothing less than luxury. Your guests will definitely enjoy the setting with its private beach and the hotel is the only hotel in Monaco, Europe which boasts of one. If you are adventurous, you could also hire a yacht or a boat to bring in the guests, like most of the celebrities are doing these days. There is also place indoors, in case, you would want to host one of the rituals inside. With an amazing seating arrangement and an unique location, this would be one exclusive wedding, that you and your guests would remember for a long time.

5. Salon Bellevue

Beautiful flowers

When you think of Monaco, you think of the legendary Café de Paris. Well, the wedding venue we are talking about is located in the first floor of this café. It is a privilege and getting married at Salon Bellevue is the most ‘Monaco’ wedding you can ever have. Close to the Place du Casino, another legendary place to visit in Monaco, this is the best and the most beautiful venue for a simple yet elegant wedding. White marble floors blending so well with the pastel-coloured walls make for a simple, but a fairy-tale like wedding. The colours of the venue are so soothing and if you are one of those who like a little slow-paced wedding with simple interiors, this place would be the perfect wedding venue for you. The lengthy window, from the floor right up to the ceiling opens up to an amazing view of the famous casino. The terrace of the building also provides some great view. The place, while can hold up to 250 guests at a time, is an apt venue for those couples hosting a small group. What more…the place is of medium budget, so it will not even burn a hole in your pocket. The venue also gives you a choice to host the reception in a private club, housed in the basement of this café.

6. Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Beach

Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Beach

If you love the ocean, then there is nothing more romantic than holding your wedding at this spectacular venue, which is located right at the edge of the Mediterranean Sea, in the town of Roque Rune-Cap-Martin. Large crowds or small ones – this venue is the most beautiful setting for any kind of wedding. At Le Deck, the swimming pool is located right at the edge of the bay and is the most sought after venue for an outdoor wedding. The lighting and the setting is just perfect for a grand and spectacular evening reception. The place transports you to another world and with this venue, the wedding venue of your dreams would turn into a reality.

7. Villa in Cap d’Ail Port

Villa View

If you are the kind of person who loves a wedding outdoors, but yet elegant, nothing can be compared to a Villa as your wedding venue. Lush green lawns and spectacular interiors of a villa is such a charming place to host the wedding. Villa in Cap d’Ail Port located on the opposite side of Monaco is one of the city’s best kept secrets and is an amazing place to hold an exclusive wedding, just for close family and friends. The breeze from the ocean as you speak out your vows on the terrace or on the lawn of this gorgeous villa makes for one of the most emotional and sophisticated setting for a wedding. This private but beautiful wedding will make for a great album, that you can look back and enjoy after you settle down in your new phase of life.

Villas, seaside and royal interiors – wedding venues in Monaco has it all. There is no destination like Monaco to tie the knot and make the D-day as special as you can. It’s exclusive and it’s luxurious. If you want to create some forever moments of your wedding, head out to this royal principality. So, pack your bags and plan a trip to Europe and have a serene holiday experience with your loved ones!

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11 Holiday Homes In Kerala Where Family And Friends Can Relax In Peace

Kerala is one of the most visited states in India with both domestic and foreign travel increasing 10 percent from 2016 to 2017. With so many visitors, it’s no surprise to see holiday homes in Kerala cropping up. If you love staying in a home away from home, you’ll definitely love these 11 picks that offer comfort and tranquility.

Comfort, luxury, space, and good times go hand in hand with these Kerala holiday homes. So choose the one that suits you best and enjoy a fun-filled vacay with your loved ones!

1. Nandanam Villa

Charming villa surrounded by greenery

Charming, secluded and surrounded by greenery, Nandanam Villa is a pretty Kerala holiday home located in Kaniyambetta, Wayanad. The interiors feature warm tones and wooden accents that lend it a cozy appeal. With four bedrooms, a fully functional kitchen, and a large garden with a children’s playground, it’s the perfect family getaway. It also offers free Wi-Fi, which is always a plus! The lush green surroundings will make you feel like living right in the lap of nature.

Tariff: INR 5,000 per night
Address: Kaniyambetta, Kerala 673122

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2. The Outrigger – By the Cove

one of the best holiday homes in Kerala

This beachfront property is one of the best holiday homes in Kerala and is ideal for travelers looking to bask in luxury. It’s set on two acres of lushness with the Arabian Sea stretching out to the horizon. The serviced two-bedroom villa features private balconies with views of the sea, plush bedding that pampers your skin and gorgeous marble flooring. It also offers free Wi-Fi and free parking. The beautiful sea-facing Villa will remind of the iconic Bandra villas in Mumbai.

Tariff: INR 10,000 per night
Address: Chettikulam, Elathur, Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala 673303

3. Rak Villa

Rak Villa is a lovely holiday home in Kochi

Rak Villa is a lovely holiday home in Kochi. It boasts spacious interiors and a huge kitchen fitted with modern appliances. The villa has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and can easily accommodate as many as 10 people. If you’re traveling with family, friends or colleagues, this is the perfect place to stay in. Rak Villa offers several services to make your stay more than comfortable such as car parking, airport pick-up and drop, housekeeping and free Wi-Fi.

Tariff: INR 6,700 per night
Address: 331, SH63, Kuzhuppilly, Kerala 682501

4. Green Garden Daisy Villa

an idyllic holiday home located in kerala

Green Garden Daisy Villa is an idyllic holiday home located in Chundale, Wayanad. Rolling hills and views of the lush green valleys of Chembra Peak invite you to unwind and let nature rejuvenate you. The two-bedroom villa is a great choice for a small family. The garden is the perfect playground for children while adults will enjoy taking a stroll with a cup of piping hot coffee in hand. While here, you can explore nearby tea estates and see how tea is made. You can bike your way around too by renting a cycle.

Tariff: INR 2,500
Address: Pakkali Pallam, Vayittiri 673123

5. Mayookham Serviced Villas

Mayookham Serviced Villas are a great getaway

Located on Munroe Island, Mayookham Serviced Villas are a great getaway for those looking to admire and explore Kerala’s backwaters. Friendly hosts make sure you feel welcome and settle in comfortably. A few of the villas feature kitchens in case you want to cook for yourself. There’s a bicycle rental service if you want to explore the nearby sights of Kollam.
The property is situated about 15 kilometers from Tangasseri Lighthouse. The popular tourist attraction has been in operation for over 100 years and is the tallest lighthouse on Kerala’s coast.

Tariff: INR 900
Address: Chittumala Road, Mayookham Villas Villimangalam, Munroe Island 691502

6. Arali Beach View Holiday Cottage

contemporary décor and views of the beach

Arali is a stylish one-bedroom cottage featuring contemporary décor and views of the beach. It’s located in Andhakaranazhi with the beach just a stone’s throw away. The cottage is just the place for solo travelers, creative souls and couples looking for peace and quiet with the option to laze by the beach whenever they want to. Arali boasts a kitchenette, a living room, ensuite bathroom and a garden dotted with palms and oleanders. It is a small yet comfortable cottage where you can spend some quality time with your family, during your Kerala holiday.

Tariff: INR 4,600
Address: Andhakaranazhy, Alappuzha

Planning your holiday in Kerala but confused about what to do? These Kerala travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

7. Travancore Holiday Home

ideal for corporate getaways

Fully furnished and with parking facility, Travancore Holiday Home has everything you need for a comfortable stay. It’s situated in a quiet neighborhood at Vayalikada and is designed for small families and large groups. It’s also ideal for corporate getaways. The building comprises two-, four- and eight-bedroom apartments as well as fully-equipped kitchens. What you’ll love, however, is the fruit garden and lotus pond. Not only are they absolutely charming but they offer some pretty great photo ops!

Tariff: INR 3,200
Address: Ambalamukku-Vayalikkada, Ramapuram Road, Trivandrum, Kerala 695043

8. The Colonial Quarters

a small garden where you can soak in the serenity

Image Courtesy: Tripoto

Old and full of character, The Colonial Quarters is a popular holiday home at Kerala that offers guests a chance to experience old Cochin. Each cottage is more than 60 years old so you can imagine just how much history is within the walls. They feature two bedrooms and a kitchenette, a lounge and verandah, and a small garden where you can soak in the serenity. It’s pet-friendly too. Although situated away from the bustle of town, The Colonial Quarters is close enough to attractions like the Chinese fishing nets.

Tariff: INR 2,000
Address: Amman Kovil Rd, Pandikudy, Chullickal, Kochi 682001

9. Green Leaf Homestay

offers basic facilities and all arrangements

Green Leaf Homestay is one of the best holiday homes in Kumily, Kerala. It’s close to the famed Periyar Tiger Reserve, which is one of the top attractions in the state. Guests are provided round-the-clock service while facilities include arrangements for outdoor activities like bamboo rafting, boat rides and nature walks. This homestay has been built and designed in an artistic way, with colours and pictures on the external walls. It is also built in the semi-traditional style.

Tariff: INR 2,500
Address: Bypass Kannaki Temple Rd, Thekkady, Kumily 685509

10. County Pep

the best hospitality you'll receive

County Pep is situated in Payyampally, Wayanad with emphasis on providing some of the best hospitality you’ll receive. The family-fun home offers spacious living areas, parking facilities, high speed internet, ayurvedic treatments and sightseeing arrangements to name a few. All this at a very affordable price. You can also undertake cooking classes to discover how to whip up amazing local dishes.

Tariff: INR 900
Address: Payyampally, Wayanad, Kerala 670646

11. Sea Hut Homestay

Sea Hut Homestay in Kerala

Just as the names suggests Sea Hut Homestay is accommodation close to the sea and away from the noises of the city. The place is designed in the traditional South Indian architectural style with wooden furnishing running throughout the home. The classic and earthy feel of the place is absolutely soothing. The hosts are friendly and helpful. Rooms are spacious and well maintained. This is a great place be with your partner or friends. The food they provide is fresh and prepared on demand. Also, you avail the complimentary vegetarian dinner.

Tariff: INR 300
Address: 15/2206, Moolumkuzhi Beach Road,, 682002 Cochin, India

Staying at a holiday home in Kerala is surely a beautiful experience and we recommend everyone to try it. So, if you’re planning a Kerala Holiday, just choose TravelTriangle and add everything you want to experience in your personal itinerary.

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8 Best Theme Parks In Poland Where You Can Jump In Joy & Chill For Hours!

Poland is considered to be one of the most beautiful countries located in Central Europe. There are various tourist attractions in Poland as well as in its capital, Warsaw. There are also various sandy beaches, beautiful mountains, amazing architecture, and wonderful theme parks in Poland. The theme parks in Poland’s Warsaw are also known to be some major tourist attractions. There are various kinds of outdoor activities that can be done in these places to add more fun and thrill to your Eurotrip. Take a look!

Here is a list of theme parks in Poland that have something for every type of traveler. Scroll through and take notes of what all fun awaits you there.

1. Energylandia Amusement Park

Energylandia Amusement Park

This park is considered to be one of the largest amusement parks in Poland. The tourists can opt for a private mode of transports for visiting this park and they do not have to wait in long queues for gaining access to the entrance as the entrance tickets can be organized by the driver. There are over 50 rides which are available in the park for people of all kinds of ages. There is also a water park within the vicinity of the Energylandia amusement park which includes various kinds of outdoor activities. This park is suitable for people of all ages, especially for those people who are with their families. The park is situated just 8 hours away from Krakow. There is also a free cancellation policy of the tickets to the park for the convenience of the tourists and other visitors.

Location: aleja 3 Maja 2, 32-640 Zator, Poland
Timings: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM

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2. Kolejkowo Park

Kolejkowo Park

This park is considered to be a wonderful amusement park in Poland. It is located in Wroclaw. It consists of the miniature of the largest railway model of Poland. This park consists of the miniatures of various amazing architectural buildings of Poland, lively cities, railway tracks, etc. This is a theme park where people can enjoy a wonderful afternoon in the vicinity of wonderful museums and miniature buildings. There are also various reservoirs, bridges, tunnels, etc. for the entertainment and recreational purposes of the tourists as well as other visitors.

Location: plac Orląt Lwowskich 20B, 53-605 Wrocław, Poland
Timings: 10 am to 6 pm
Entry fees: Rs. 150/- per person

3. Silesian Amusement Park

Silesian Amusement Park

This amusement park is located at the Provincial Park of Culture and Recreation. It is considered to be the largest theme park in entire Poland. Another park named Legendia is located within the vicinity of this park. There are a total of 58 sites located within this park including three wonderful roller coasters. Other than that there are also various other attractions such as water parks for the recreation as well as entertainment of the tourists and other visitors. The main attractions in this park include the tornado, lech coaster, scary toys factory, dream hunters society, and many other roller coaster rides.

Location: plac Atrakcji 1, 41-501 Chorzów, Poland
Timings: Tue-Fri 10am–8pm, Sat 10am–11:59pm Sun 10am–9pm
Entry fees: Rs. 151

4. New Plopsa Park

New Plopsa Park

This park is located in Kownaty, a city of Poland. The park is set over a land of over 10 hectares. It is also considered to be the first genuine park in the country of Poland. This New Plopsa Park consists of various recreational activities as well as fun-filled activities for both the adults and children. This park is also known as the Majaland Kownaty.

Location: in the town of Torzym
Timings: Saturday and Sunday 10:30 am – 5 pm

5. Aqua Park Wroclaw

Aqua Park Wroclaw

This park consists of various swimming pools as well as water slides including spa and massage services for the visitors too. There is also a competition pool as well as fitness centers within the vicinity of the park. There is a children’s zone as well as a wave pool inside the park for the recreational activities of the visitors. There is also a café, a restaurant and a bar for the purpose of refreshment of the visitors of the Aqua Park Wroclaw. The children can enjoy a ride at the pirate ship or the paddling pools in the water park. It is one of the best and most frequently visited parks in Poland since its opening in the year 2008. Those who are mad for some kind of fun in the waters should definitely visit this park at least for once in their lives.

Location: Borowska 99, 50-558 Wrocław, Poland
Timings: 5:40 am – 11 pm
Entry fees: Rs. 890

6. Aqua Park Zakopane

Aqua Park Zakopane

This aqua park provides its visitors with the view of some of the highest mountains in Poland including the Giewont Mountain. There is a sports pool, a recreational pool along with various water slides, paddling pools, etc. There are also diving classes available here for both the adults as well as the children. People can also enjoy hot massages and spas within the vicinity of this park. It is great to visit this park during the summer season. This park is ideal especially for families who have been traveling with their children. Other than providing the amazing views of the Polish mountains, this park also consists of two kinds of pools. These two pools are a recreational pool as well as a sports pool. There is also the facility for having the bath in an amazing Jacuzzi within the premises of this park. Families can spend their entire day in this amazing park and can have fun including taking part in various recreational facilities too. There are multiple rides available in this park which is especially being made by keeping the young children in mind.

Location: Jagiellońska 31, 34-500 Zakopane, Poland
Timings: 9 am – 10 pm
Entry fees: Rs. 510

7. Wodny Park

Wodny Park

The Wodny Park is located in Krakow. It consists of various rock climbing walls, twisting slides, paddling pool for the children, water massages for adults, etc. This park is considered to be the largest indoor park in Poland. There is also a swimming pool hall which is located within the vicinity of this park. There are also various other facilities available in the park such as the children’s play center, beauty studio, amusement arcade, sports store, etc. This park is one of the best fun-filled family attractions in the entire country of Poland. There is also a bar which is situated within the vicinity of this park which has been made for the purpose of refreshment of the tourists as well as the visitors. The wide variety of tubes, paddling pools, twisted water slides, etc. make this park worth visiting during the summer season especially. This park is also designed by keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the families who are having children too. It is suitable specifically for young children who can have fun inside the premises of the park the whole day.

Location: Dominika Merliniego 4, 02-511 Warszawa, Poland
Timings: 6 am – 10 pm
Entry fees: Rs. 180 during happy hours

8. Aqua Park Sopot

Aqua Park Sopot

This Park is located in Sopot and is another theme-based amusement park in Poland. This water park has various facilities such as playgrounds, swimming pools, slides, etc. There is also an indoor as well as outdoor water park located within the premises of this park. There are also facilities for obtaining hydro massages, playing in whirlpools, etc. in this park. This amazing park is a fantastic roaming ground not only for the children but for the teenagers as well as the grownups too.

Location: Zamkowa Góra 3, 81-713 Sopot, Poland
Timings: 8 am – 10 pm
Entry fees: Rs. 396 per hour

So, these are some of the top amusement and theme parks which are located in the country of Poland. Poland has a wonderful climate as well as geographical location. There are also various historical sites and architectural ruins located in various parts of this country that you can visit on your next Europe trip with TravelTriangle for a more magical vacation!

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This Comprehensive Sofia Travel Guide Will Make Your Trip Hassle Free!

Sofia, to various people, is merely a lovely name for girls. To us, Sofia is among the best-kept mysteries and most impressive jewels of Europe. It has a vested terrestrial location, resided in the middle of the Balkan Peninsula, on the crossings between Asia and Europe, which is revealed in the vibrant traditions and culture of the daily life of Bulgaria. We have explored the detailed Sofia travel guide that will make the tourists available with the places to visit and what to do there in practice to make it a memorable trip.

World-class gourmet eateries, Hotels, throbbing nightlife, and effective prices pull millions of visitors each year. Here are a few attractions worth visiting

1. Central Mineral Baths

Central Mineral Baths

With its picturesque ceramic potpourris on the frontage, is a monument in the hub of Sofia, a town is very well-known for the springs of minerals in the region. The mineral bath was initially formed in the year 1908 in the Neo-Byzantine trend; the building possesses a vast pool and two different sections for women and men with small mineral pools. Petko Momchilov was the architect; he is among the most acknowledged architects of the Bulgarian era.

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2. Boyana Church


It is an ancient Bulgarian Orthodox cathedral, among the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. “It comprises of three infrastructures. The church in the east was created in the tenth century, then expanded by Sebastocrator Kaloyan at the inception of the thirteenth century; he commanded a 2nd two-story construction to be constructed beside it. The frescoes in this 2nd cathedral, drafted in the year 1259, turn it among the most significant acquisitions of ancient portraits. The association is finished by a 3rd church, created at the opening of the nineteenth century. This place is among the most exhaustive and supremely protected masterpieces of east European ancient art. If you are confused about what to see in Sofia and where to visit so that a maximum level of travelling satisfaction can be delivered, then it is the perfect destination to visit while you are in the town.

3. Vitosha Mountain

Vitosha Mountain

It is a high mountain topping Sofia and the pristine scenery park on the Peninsula of Balkan. The place is house to lots of 30 species of Tulips, Balkan endemics, and numerous birds, mammals, insects, amphibians, and reptiles. All over the year, this park draws thousands of bird-lovers just because of its more than 200 diverse species of birds, out of which 120 species nest within the territory of the park. It appears distant from the city center but it is hardly a car ride apart from the inclines and it is just at a walking distance of 10 minutes to make you reach the center of its greenery. Trekkers and also groups resembling for a perfect weekend stroll visit to Vitosha range to rest and move apart from the bustle of city life. If you look at any of the Sofia tourist guide, then you will come to know what importance does this place holds in the natural beauty of the capital city.

4. Royal Palace

Royal Palace

It was incipiently served as the home of the Prince and then after – of the Emperor, was one of Sofia’s first symbols, following its promulgation capital of the 3rd Bulgarian Kingdom. In the year 1816, the infrastructure was throbbed and deserted for various years, but in the year 1873 it was reconstructed as a government building, and during the battle of Liberation, the place even employed as a hospital. After announcing Sofia as the capital city of Bulgaria, it turns the royal family palace. Now these days, it houses the Ethnographic Museum and the National Art Gallery.

5. Banya Bashi Mosque

Banya Bashi Mosque

It was created by Mimar Sinan – a great architect of his era. Its construction work was finished in the year 1576, through the years the Ottomans had authorized the town. This is the only working mosque in the capital city Sofia, and it is not authoritatively open to visitors but demurely clothed tourists may tour outside of prayer rooms.

6. Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Alexander Nevski Cathedral

Created in the year 1912, this Cathedral is a Neo-Byzantine vogue Bulgarian Orthodox church; it was formulated in respect of The Liberator Alexander II and also to honor the Russian soldiers who had sacrificed their lives while fighting in the War of 1877-1878 between Russo-Turkish when Bulgaria was freed from the rule of Ottoman. The Cathedral is the country’s most prominent church, and among the Sofian symbols, it provides the cultural and spiritual viewpoint to the town.

7. Central Sofia Synagogue

Central Sofia Synagogue

It has rightly been expressed as the delight of the Jewry of Bulgaria. It has signified the Jewish alliance of Bulgaria for about a century. It is the 2nd most prominent Sephardic temple in Europe. It is the only Jewish home of prayer in Sofia. After filtering a huge assortment of what to see in Sofia, we have included this place in the hot list, so that the tourists can experience the delight of the Bulgarian Jewry that is resided here at this historical place.

8. Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

Sveta Nedelya Cathedral

Being among the biggest synagogues in Sofia and on striking appearance from beside the whole length of the stroller Vitosha Boulevard. The cathedral was constructed in the mid-nineteenth century in the spot of an ancient temple. Its purpose was to assist as Sofia’s main spot of prayer and a place for formal spiritual celebrations. It was throughout such a ceremony in the year 1925 that a bomb dropped in the dome of church erupted and destroyed about 200 people. This deed of terrorism was continued till now, the ferocious in the history of Europe. The cathedral was instantly remodeled and restored to its earlier glory.

9. Slaveikov Square

Slaveikov Square

Around the indicative Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, you can get the handicrafts store with all varieties of Bulgarian memorial things: jewelry, gilded table clothes, lace, handmade toys, Russian dolls, ceramics, imitation icons, wooden items, artifacts as well as paintings. Some suggested relics to purchase are Bulgarian Rakia and wines – schnapps packed in ceramic amphorae.

Also, explore the open book fair Slaveikov. Here you can check a broad variety of Bulgarian as well as foreign books out-of-doors. A few other open stores to have a glance at are the Zhenski Pazar, an open bazaar dealing with cheap clothes, flowers, broomsticks, and even parts of machines you never even think survived, and Graf Ignatiev Street, which is an excellent market for food.

Established in the underground Balkans region, Bulgaria is among the most affordable spots in Europe with lots of history, panoramic landscapes, and various cuisines to strive. By following the Sofia travel guide that we have discussed above will let you travel in Bulgaria with ease, acknowledging the regional currency, Bulgarian LEV, is meriting only insignificantly half the cost of the USD or the EUR. If you wish to celebrate on the best benevolence, there is, you can get through these activities and places to visit in Europe.

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Restaurants In Greenland: 10 Mouth Watering Places To Sink Your Forks In

A country of which 80% part is covered with snow and with only a small part of agrarian land, the Greenlanders are still known as some of the most creative population when it comes to their cuisine. The gastronomical delights are all about fresh and organic meat which is available in plenty from the natural resources. The topography of the place allows farming for fresh vegetables and fruits only at some places. This is the reason why the restaurants in Greenland mostly offer various fish species such as halibut, cod, redfish, rockfish and Arctic char, livestock like reindeer, lamb and muskox. For the more adventurous ones, don’t miss out on tasting the delicacies made from seal meat and the skin of smaller whales.

There are many restaurants in Greenland where you will find the traditional and authentic food of the country and also some of the popular International cuisines too. Let’s have a look at some of them.

1. Restaurant Mamartut, Ilulissat

Restaurant Mamartut, Ilulissat

Among the many Greenland restaurants, this one is a must visit because of the home cooked style of Greenlandic food available here with the freshest of ingredients. The fishes are from the local fish factory and the sea mammals come almost daily from the ice fjord located closeby. Apart from this, they also have a small vegetables and herbs garden. In summers, you can enjoy your meals at the outdoor seating area overlooking the garden. The restaurant is most popular for its lunch buffet which they serve every Tuesday and Wednesday in between the months of June till September. Their Greenlandic Tapas and Whale Carpaccio are absolutely a must try from the menu.

Location: Sermermiut Aqq., Ilulissat 3952
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

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2. H8 Oqaatsut, Diskobay

H8 Oqaatsut, Diskobay

For a cosy and authentic experience of the Arctic country, head to this quaint and homely Greenland restaurant which is accessible only by boats and prior reservation, this will certainly be one unique experience. The restaurant is a part of a youth hostel where you can spend a night or two. The place is run by a couple from Ilulissat and they serve only freshly cooked meals prepared as the locals would do. This is one of the best places get up close and personal with the natives and their cooking style and also maybe learning a new recipe too.

Location: 3952 Oqaatsut
Cost for two: INR 1500 for breakfast
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

3. Charoen Porn Restaurant

Charoen Porn Restaurant

This authentic place famous for Asian cuisine tops the list among Chinese restaurants in Greenland. The name means “the road to happiness” and a meal at this diner will surely leave you happy and satiated. The restaurant also serves some of the best Oriental preparations from Thai and Malaysian cuisines. You will also find here vegetarian curry dishes and an exclusive children’s menu apart from the local delicacies. Excellent service and mouth watering food makes this a must visit place in the capital city of Greenland.

Location: Aqqusinersuaq 5, Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 2000
TripAdvisor Rating: 5
TripAdvisor Reviews

4. Restaurant Roklubben

Restaurant Roklubben

Nestled on the shores of Ferguson Lake, this place is a haven for tourists both for its culinary delights and the splendid location making it popular as one of the most talked about Greenland restaurants. The restaurant is situated at a distance of about 5 km from the town of Kangerlussuaq. There are free bus services from the centre of the town to this place at regular intervals. To ensure authenticity and freshness, the owners keep changing the menu according to season. Their Greenlandic buffet consists of local delicacies prepared from the freshest of raw ingredients and is available on every Sunday from February to November.

Location: Lake Ferguson, Kangerlussuaq
Cost for two: INR 7000 for Buffet
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

5. Sarfalik, Nuuk

Sarfalik, Nuuk

This is by far one of the best vegan restaurants in Greenland which is a part of the upclass hotel Hans Egede. Although there are not many options available in either vegetarian or vegan food but the staff and chef are friendly enough to rustle up something from the fresh green ingredients they have. They also have a seperate lunch restaurant which is a recent addition. Their selection of wine, champagne and beers is something to relish and enjoy in the cold weather. If you are looking for some fine dining experience with an excellent view, then head to their brand new addition which is named A Hereford Beefstouw. Located on the 5th floor of the hotel, this diner specialises in perfectly cooked steaks just the way you like it.

Location: Aqqusinersuaq, Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 3500
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

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6. Restaurant Icefiord

Restaurant Icefiord

Located at one of the most stunning spots at Ilulissat, this restaurant is a part of Hotel Icefiord. From the big glass windows of the diner, you can watch the breathtaking view of the ever changing confluence of icebergs. Apart from the traditional Greenland cuisine, this place also has a Thai take away menu. This is also one of the vegan restaurants in Greenland which cater to the needs of their customers by allowing some variations in the menu. They will customize their Thai rice noodles with some salads and curry instead of the usual serving of chicken and shrimps. The attached bar is also worth visiting for spending some serene moments sitting in the balcony with a drink in hand and enjoying the gorgeous sight in front.

Location: J. Sverdrup Aqq. 10, Ilulissat
Cost for two: INR 2250
TripAdvisor Rating: 4.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

7. Nanoq, Aasiaat

Nanoq, Aasiaat

Nanoq restaurant in Aasiaat is famous for International and Asian cuisines apart from the Greenlandic local food delicacies. Overlooking the harbour and located at the centre of the town, this place offers a relaxed ambience to relish the delicious food that is prepared with much love and attention towards every detail. They also cater to any special needs and dietary restrictions and are more than willing to make changes in the menu accordingly.

Location: Sannerut 7-9, Aasiaat

8. Inuit Cafe

Inuit Cafe

A very simple interior but still this place can be termed as one of the best restaurant in Greenland in terms of food quality, choices and prices too. Located in the centre of the town of Ilulissat, this cafe serves a variety of tasty dishes from European, Asian, Oriental, American cuisine and then some more too. You can get pizzas and burgers too and their selection of desserts which includes different varieties in cakes is not to be missed. They also serve very good coffee and other drinks. Although there are not many Indian restaurants in Greenland, this comes close to the best option available when you are travelling there.

Location: Kussagajaannguaq 22, Ilulissat
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

9. Cafetuaq


Located at the Katuaq Cultural Centre in Nuuk, this is one of the best restaurants in Greenland where you will find a variety of tasty dishes from all over the globe. If you are not in a mood for a full fledged meal, then there are also plenty of options as snacks. Their hot and cold beverage menu is also something to note about. The best part is that they also serve some good vegetarian fare and the veggie burger and the salads are absolutely must try. It offers the perfect ambience with some lip smacking food and customer friendly staff for you to have a relaxing time here.

Location: Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 3200
TripAdvisor Rating: 4
TripAdvisor Reviews

10. Farmer’s Grill and Takeaway

Farmer's Grill and Takeaway

Located at Imaneq in Nuuk, this is not really one of those Indian restaurants in Greenland but with such limited choices available, the menu options here is sure to give you a happy satisfying smile. They have a variety of choices in burgers, sandwiches, salads, fries, hotdogs, coffees and shakes. The takeaway also has a kid friendly menu. The prices are quite pocket friendly and the food is absolutely delectable. What else does one need on a holiday!

Location: Imaneq 30, Nuuk
Cost for two: INR 1200
TripAdvisor Rating: 3.5
TripAdvisor Reviews

A trip to the largest island in the world will not be complete if you do not try the offbeat food options in Greenlandic cuisine which are available across the country in various restaurants in Greenland. To make the most of your vacation to Greenland, get in touch with TravelTriangle today and we will plan out the perfect itinerary for you for a fun and adventure filled holiday.

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